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today I have a super easy but a super
cool Illustrator abstract shape tutorial you guys to recreate yourself what is up people welcome back to satori graphics home of a graphic design content right here on YouTube today I
have an illustrator abstract shape tutorial a major inspiration problem for
fellow designer on Instagram so you can go ahead and visit Danny void on the
gram and check out these super cool work if you do end up enjoying this tutorial
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also excuse my cold I’ve got a pretty bad cold at the moment but I’m still
making videos for you guys for this abstract shape tutorial in illustrator
today you first need to make a triangle so grab the polygon tool it will click
the eye board and then type in three sides when you generate the triangular shape
it may not be level if so you can press command or control R to equal out the
rulers and then drag down a guide so you can live with the triangle that way besides the triangle to a decent size
for your work and then stretch you on the top one here direct selection tool
using guides if you need to you you can control click or right click on
the mouse over the outboard to hide the guides we then need to retake the
triangle shape by 180 degrees or abstract tutorial today the next steps
to flick the fill over twist Road and increase the stroke weight when you have the right size of stroke
and wait for your abstract shape in Illustrator we then need to outline the
stroke it’s an ensure that the shape is now a
shape I’m not a stroke claim you can then add a gradient to our shape and
we’re going to need to use in greyscale hues today so basically a
black-and-white abstract shape design we want three color spots so add one in the
middle of your gradient slider at the save time I’m just going to show you my
gradient slider here I have set it to 30 degrees middle color is basically white
and the other two colors are an off-white kind of gray color it’s very
subtle gradient for the abstract shape love me today next in today’s Illustrator
abstract shape tutorial we’re going to block the triangle shape and then add a
3d element into where so grab the pen tool and then choose a stroke here and
add a color that you’re going to be able to see on the outer wall canvas into the
tray there I’m going to draw a shape here that’s going to act like the
ceiling or the inside part of the triangle you can hold down shift and
drag your mouse across to create a perfect straight line once you’ve made
the shape send it to the back so it should look something like this here to really create a 3d effect for our
abstract shape another segment here on the right again sending it to the very
back for the top section you can change it to
a block fill color where the gradient like I have chosen to do the gradient gives a slight shadow in
the corner which I think works really well with direct selection tool being able to
move the anchor points the top section so it joins perfectly with the other
section take your time to move the point around until you end up with something
like my design here you can hold on share to select multiple
anchor points at once yeah one last one attached add to
abstract shape to make it look really D so let’s a darker shade of gray and the
one on the right intersection here and then drew in a shape that will represent
a shadow you may want to zoom in really really close to make sure your anchor
points perfectly match up for your illustrator abstract shape next unlock all layers and select
everything and resize it to a perfect size for your work then everything’s
still selected hit command G or ctrl G to group it all together or you can head
up objects in group at the very top for background you can either have a
block color or you can add a gradient remember to send it to the very back of
the design I would suggest to keep the grayscale
colors for your background so it ties into the shape design perfectly well and
me personally I’ve decided to use a gradient background you can choose
whatever you want you can lock a background layer once you’ve finished it
so that doesn’t get in the way which can be quite annoying finally I want to add some text to
abstract shape design insulated iterator tutorial give us a typeface I’ve used for mine
and also taken it with Mike earnings being 1100 make sure you typography is
in place perfectly and there you have it one illustrator abstract shape super easy
and super cool let me know what you thought of today’s tutorial and of
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else and until next time design your future today is



  1. Satori Graphics says:

    Change of plan, tomorrow (Thursday) I will have an upload based around pantone colours in Illustrator.
    Check out Danny Void on Instagram here >>

  2. Munna Karn says:

    Hi Tom. While you drag the triangle shape upward the dot appears in white circle at all corner, how did you bring that dot to change the shape? Would you please describe. I am your regular viewer subscriber.

  3. Sabir Ali says:

    Hay Tom one more super cool Tutorial lets play with triangle to achieve this effect . love to see you daily with new tutorial keep it up.

  4. CallMeZarkN says:

    Hey Tom!
    Really cool as always and looks great. Will try this too soon 😀

  5. Abd Elrahman says:

    so simple so good

  6. Ale Noura says:

    Oooooh!!! Is that a new mascot? Just noticed it. He's soooooo cute. Almost as cute as me. Hahahaha!

    Btw, sorry for making you entertained me when you were sick but I'm so glad that you're all better. 🙂

  7. Gulam Mustafa says:

    You are the best graphic designer

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