I Built A PC Only Using WISH!

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  1. TrapsAin'tGay says:

    that moment when your audio isnt balanced

  2. mykel snipe says:

    Love that u did this absolutly a fun and creative video lol everyone knew wat would happen but someone had to do 😂😂🤣 hope ur views pay for this

  3. Scynthe says:

    Watch your music levels. They are drowning out your voice and makes it hard to hear you.

  4. SuperWolfkin says:

    i don't understand why everyone hates red and yellow cables. long as they work who cares what color they are. I actually don't understand the constant push to see the internals of the computer. It's something that owuld be fun for a few months and then I'd stick it under my table and get on with my life.

  5. MichalPlays says:

    It would be better to order stuff from AliExpress or Gearbest but I personally won't ever buy anything from Wish

  6. Marc Mckenrick says:

    you are crashing because of thermals on the cpu most likely that cooler isnt good enough 8 pounds or not. if its throttling to hard to fast it will blue screen

  7. WEBUX says:

    Alot of trash on wish but homebrewing nintendo consoles off of tools from wish actually is usefull

  8. TheGuy says:

    Crashing was from gpu I think

  9. Bahamuht Games says:

    Bought ram from wish. 32gb ddr4 cost me $20 and it worked pretty well

  10. AP AMVs says:

    AliExpress is better. It has its problems but there are better ways to know what is real

  11. Dionysus_699 says:

    when I first built my pc it would bluescreen, it was caused by low voltage so you might want to check that

  12. Reia says:

    I've paid for about 100 pounds a whole PC bundle on eBay from a UK retailer that sells recycled PCs, 15" monitor, Pentium G630, 4GB DDR3 mouse and keyboard. Then later on, I've bought a new PSU, a GT1030, a mobo and an i5-3570S, so my whole PC is cheaper than pc you've just bought on Wish but is 10x better (final price being 270 €)

  13. Roger A. says:

    You could get a refund from wish because of the warp
    Just send pictures to wish

  14. making in China says:

    that shitty heat sink sells for less than 7 yuan (1 dollar) in China

  15. Damian9303 says:

    Yes, you can. Would you want to? No, of course not.

  16. YoutubeCancerCure says:

    Keep in mind though not everything from Wish is a scam. I am aware I bought some things from it that didn't live up to expectations but some did. I bought jean shorts from them 2 years ago and those shorts still look like new today and lasted longer than the jean shorts I bought from ASOS. I also bought a Space Jam Taz Jersey from them and it lasted longer and survived a violent grab from someone from a foul than my Adidas jersey that was actually made for basketball.

  17. Steaky x says:

    Me: Started Watching Video

    *Wish Ad*

  18. Kirolos Makram says:

    9:57 its gta 4 not 3

  19. PatrickYTI says:

    Great vid

  20. Durk Kush says:

    never heard of wish, probably for a reason.

  21. Duffimus Prime says:

    I've have better luck finding better PCs/parts at a yard sale😂

  22. Rejectful says:

    There was this guy that bought s ps4, a switch and a xbox one x from wish and they worked fine

  23. RoachdogJr says:

    I got a wish ad

  24. Swift's Tech Talks says:

    9:34 so randomgaminginhd says it too
    but what does he say? Nought point 1 percent lows?

    after looking it up… somehow I spelled "nought" right lmao

  25. Shane Dacich says:

    Once upon a time we used a pc primarily for worksheets and internet surfing. Now kids use them for gaming? A thought a ps4 did that job?

  26. C Dubs says:

    As long as RuneScape works

  27. draco751 says:

    Did you record this on a camera from Wish as well? XD

  28. Haffer_ says:

    Someone actually did this, nice job my guy.

  29. DLZ Media says:

    It's quite dangerous to order a PSU from Wish because they aren't regulated by UK standards. They could even blow up because they don't have the components the UK use inside it.

    I would have used a UK one just for that part.

  30. zsetrydtyguklvhi says:

    what caused the blue screens

    you should dig into the error codes maybe you can work around the issue

  31. William Jones says:

    First of all, DO NOT try to run Windows 10 on a machine with parts that dates from the mid 2000's. Windows 7 most likely would have been a better choice to install on this pc.

  32. RAW TOPSHOT says:

    Do you film these vids on your phone?
    If you don't or actually even if you do, I'd suggest a £20 lavalier microphone clipped to your T shirt. ( check out what Matt of techmoan fame uses )
    You can record the audio directly onto your pc using audacity; or if your camera has a mic input use that.
    Failing all that, if it's out of the question, then turn down the background music!
    Your narration and the music volume are too similarly set, making the distant acoustics of your voice even harder to follow.

    Other than this issue, it's clear you have put a lot of work into the script and editing.


  33. Siana Gearz says:

    Depends what the BSOD were down to – but if it's stability, it's prudent to overvolt and underclock until the issue goes away, underclock radically if need be, at least you can zero in on the faulty part that way.

    If it's the firmware fuckery on the GPU, well… puh, i'm sure you've heard of the CH341 clamp – granted i never had to restore a botched GPU with that and trying to find the actual corresponding firmware that doesn't spaz out. but i do have some experience with the actual clamp that i use for other programming projects, and it's not entirely pleasant trying to get it to contact – needs a very gentle touch and please degrease the IC first.

  34. kumbandit says:

    Starting to build a PC on wish.com: First you pray to your deity if you have one… xD

  35. Joe Yocom says:

    just now heard of wish, won't ever go there.
    Bonanza sucks too, beware.

  36. xXIproUnhackableDontMessWithMeXx says:

    I saw a wish ad wow

  37. Daluna13 says:

    I literally was thinking how amazing it would be for someone to make a video about doing this

  38. Akhtar Hashmi says:

    Skip to 5:33 for the actual building

  39. jase12354 says:

    Ali express is not recmmended iver not just weird shipped parts frm wish china yeah remind me of shenzen china international shipping via ebay

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