I broke SCUM’s graphics

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Do you remember how this game was announced
on E3? …their supermax survival sim: SCUM. You should buy it, it is going to make us huge numbers It is probably pretty great but I would not know because I do not play this garbage Is this… an early access survival game that
is missing a ton of feature and that people are buying in spades? What year is it? For any reason or another, you won’t get early
on this fun but while I am sure Gamepires will optimize the game more as time comes
the current minimum requirements… high. And that is why are here because you want
to see what else you can do to improve performance on this game… or you just to know what happens
when I turn it all the way down. Up to you. Let´s get started: If there is one thing that I really like about
SCUM is its settings screen. This scene is rendered in real time and changes
with your settings so you can get an immediate idea of what the settings do. I can´t tell you how much time this saved
me. 10/10 why doesn´t every game do this. After you lower all the settings, which disables
all the shadows and drops the game a fair bit there are still some things you can do. The location of the configuration file is
in the description, as well with a copy of the two files I will modify, but most of the
work will happen in the GameUserSettings file. SCUM is a pretty standard Unreal Engine 4
game and lucky for us most of the useful variables are readily available in the user file. 10/10 why don´t all Unreal Games do this? Two immediate things that you might want to
do is set sg.AntiAliasingQuality to 0 to disable anti-aliasing, which seems to be permanently
on, and set DepthOfFieldQuality to 0 to disable
blurring of distant elements, which you can immediately notice on the settings screen. You can also add r.ViewDistanceScale to that
group and set it to 0.1 to reduce the draw distance of certain items like vegetation. The game still draws certain high priority
elements like buildings far into the distance. Also, I want to mention that if you want to
drop the resolution you can play around with the internal resolution scaler which is already
unlocked in the game to the point that you can do this. 10/10, Why isn´t every internal resolution
scaler unlocked? There are some other bells and whistles that
you can reduce that you will see in my file but leave ScalabilityGroups alone since some
variables here are higher when the settings are lower and you get much better results
just changing the direct variables from before. Finally, if you hate yourself you can open
up the scalability file and copy this set of texture commands also in the description
to… well, sacrifice your texture quality to the point of absurdity. The good news is that all these things pile
up. When I was streaming my test run of this game
on twitch I was using my typical first generation i5 and a small GT 640 on a 50% resolution
scale from 1080 was barely scratching 20 fps on this scene. Apply all the tweaks and we are scratching
40. Not a bad change and you do not have to go
to these extremes if you are almost there. While far from perfect I am *sure* the game’s
performance will become better with time so you can have your own epic fights Did you see that? Aren’t my skills at throwing amazing? Oh yeah, now I am screwed. Is it normal for the zombies to be all radioactive
looking? Did I kill him? Ups. WOA. WHAT THE… No. That is not, you are not supposed to be able
to vault on top of other players. Eat Stone! To throw the spear do I have to… WA. Hahaha! And then cut your enemies to pieces… and eat them… and hold their heads in your hands? You know what? No wonder this video has no sponsor, jesh
this is kinda too much, I am surprised this video is not demone…. Oh. Amm… Well, never mind. Thankfully I can always count on this lovely
folk in Patreon. Your help is always important.


100 Replies to “I broke SCUM’s graphics”

  1. Gasoline says:

    Activate Windows

  2. SN&AL Gaming says:

    3:25 minecraft 2.0 trailer

  3. Bell Wellheim says:

    i finaly upgraded :*)
    thanks for having me for so long

    i hope i never come back xd

  4. EmDs says:

    Low spec the My Summer Car 🙂

  5. Jonathan says:

    Looks like 1990s game tho 😀

  6. Apollo Actual says:

    The new runescape looks great.

  7. Yuck Foutube says:

    FX 6300 is too high? GTX 960 is too high? MAYBE YOU ARE USING A POTATO TO GAME ON?

  8. kpkn says:

    scum to runescape

  9. Rico Lacayo says:

    Turned it into RuneScape 😂

  10. edgyartproject says:

    The editing LEVELED UP. Woah.

  11. Uplink X64 says:

    Why don't all Unreal games do this? Because you can now create your own wallhack via the ini file using basic Unreal settings. Seriously flaw of the game and I hope it will get patched out sooner than later.

  12. Nascent Space says:

    No more hiding in bushes

  13. Timske says:

    looks like runescape lol

  14. Sađbøy says:

    Nem assim roda no meu pc…

  15. Lauchܓ says:

    Unturned 2?

  16. Magnus Thanger says:

    I had 9 fps when playing on lowest in-game setings without changing resolution, now i get much better FPS, Thanks dude!!!

  17. Lucas Castro says:

    I really lol'd on this video, really, why can't all games do those things.

  18. sudn says:

    It looks exactly like runescape

  19. Macaron Moon says:

    unturned 2.0

  20. AveCzaM says:

    you may also just put everything on a lower spec, by unplugging your fucking computer…….

  21. Mubin JR says:


  22. Djomla911 says:

    You think pubg is bad look at this piece of crap 😂 work 10 minutes fine then I must restart the game…

  23. Asleepen says:

    with all of the settings you can easily classified this as cheating

  24. Sonodietrodithe4 iltuoincubopeggiore says:


  25. Athallah Iqbar says:

    I like you

  26. Edwin says:

    2:45 is not a bad idea to see other players easily from almost anywhere. On top of that very high FPS.

  27. Assassino says:

    Make a Low End with Assassin's Creed Unity PLEASE!!!

  28. Charlie Shakur says:

    we need a high spec gamer to lol

  29. Julius Lam says:

    👍great advantage for low specs for having a clear visual on enemies hidden from bushes & other obstacles 😉

  30. iCrazyBlaze says:

    Ripoff Rust. MORE LIKE CUM AMIRITE! (jk)

  31. Wolfy.RET says:

    I can now run this game on my TI-89 titanium calculator.

  32. Spider Jerusalem says:


  33. BurnMassive says:

    Seems like Runescape to me…

  34. Burak Kırtak says:

    I have a great graphics card and dont own this game what am i doing here

  35. Seth Hall says:

    you should buy a copy of windows…

    then never use it

  36. NJOverclocked says:

    I'm super curious what the mechs look like in that :O

  37. Miicro says:

    Universim pls.!!!

  38. ZMS HCKRS says:

    Please make THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 1 PLEASE?!!!!

  39. jakesweet1000 says:

    3:23 this looks like a better version of runescape

  40. BU𐍂AGØ says:

    This game makes the unoptimized PUBG look good asf…not only is this game not impressive graphically at all, but it runs worse than the heavy unoptimized PUBG..

  41. doommeter says:

    Hardware change or pirated windows?

  42. MultiKillerjoe says:

    Not a bad game from personal experience just needs major optimizing that's my only dislike but game is flipping amazing

  43. Goldoscrap says:

    Oh back at it again with a runescape video

  44. ZiMRA says:

    scum made into runescape kek

  45. Dead Mark says:

    Gotta loooove Croteam 🙂

  46. Dutch Twat says:

    But does it run the game at 60 FPS…?

  47. Evaisa says:

    Is this runescape

  48. zerou24 says:

    Looks like runescape

  49. David Gummo says:

    Why does it look like a better 3d runescape

  50. adrian says:

    you cannot be ban for this right ?

  51. even442 says:

    Kinda looks like runescape

  52. Dar Kek says:

    Runescape lul

  53. Robin Tissot says:

    H1Z1 2

  54. Niyah Kitchen says:

    It's quite fun

  55. tank4 PL says:

    Can you make video on insurgency sandstorm

  56. DBA says:

    looks like runescape

  57. Cynep says:

    Attention: Your patron was demonetized

  58. Metal Face says:

    you're possibly the breathiest narrator I've ever had the displeasure of listening to

  59. Uzair Ahmad says:

    turn scum into unturned. Yes. Now I finally can buy this game!! awesome!

  60. michael patterson says:

    in 2018 a 960 as minimum requirements is laughable

  61. SombraD says:

    Runescape update is looking great

  62. I’mnotdeadyet says:

    i think it doesnt work after the patch….

  63. Robert99 says:

    Is globgogabgalab in the thumbnail

  64. ThePhantomWolf says:

    suddenly it looks like unturned.

  65. aho o says:

    Unturned 2

  66. Roni Albz says:

    And u still play at 20fps

  67. Games For Cykits says:

    XD didn’t see this game at e3 but I did try it 5 days ago and my God I couldn’t run over 17 fps

  68. Luka Hrup says:

    Croatia best

  69. Tymiline says:

    HEY LowSpecGamer, can you make a video of creative destruction for a low end pc

  70. Isaiahmag says:

    RuneScape the survival game.

  71. Richard Goed says:

    Now ur mom looks gayer than mine

  72. plakofgold says:

    it looks like a third person version of rune scape

  73. Aliefian Damarizky says:

    Can you do Hearts of Iron IV please?

  74. General__KaKtuS says:

    Looks like runescpe 😂

  75. MeoXu 1105 says:

    How to make hitman low end pc

  76. Marco Garza says:

    This new runescape update is awesome

  77. Colby Hunsucker says:

    is it just me… or do all the games tweaks this guy does make the games look like old school Runescape?

  78. ZENO Z says:

    Black squad plsssssss 😭😭
    FPS 20

  79. wolfie boi says:

    can you pls do my summer car

  80. BillyBrickWall says:

    Once i change my graphics on scum in the game user settings it automatically changes them all back when i launch the game

  81. idwltb says:

    Thank You. You're FUCKIN AWESOME!

  82. Hydra nT says:

    The Roblox Video

  83. ySlow says:

    LowSpecGamer Deixa o Realm Royale no ultra lowwwwwwwwww deixa no minimo mais que der pra joga na placa GeForce2010

  84. Crafter the gamer says:

    My dads laptop is more powerful than mine, so i need too much this video .10/10(if there are many errors is because my mother language isnt english)

  85. Just Another Youtube Channel says:

    Oh man, I can’t run this. Christ. This game doesn’t even look that good, but even if I wanted too, I couldn’t run it. Man my PC needs updating…

  86. Eddie_The_Best_Guy says:

    Runescape 4 leaked footage

  87. yan nara says:

    man, that's so funny!

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    "The roblox video"

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    pls do ((RE : revelations 2 )) for intel gpu

  90. Zero Gravity Gaming says:

    Runescape in 3rd person.

  91. Blazey! says:

    Vergil disapproves this video

  92. Avinash Ramjassingh says:

    i cant find the files man just show us next time plz . made this hole video useless

  93. monn says:

    why it not working for me it always reset video setting

  94. Dong Martin says:

    Runescape remake

  95. CortlyYT says:

    3:45 Active Windows .

  96. Dontkillme says:

    Please Help everytime i put those setting in the ini files. it just rests. And nothing changes

  97. Zacho Vich says:

    1:17 the Roblox video?

  98. Gregor Clegane says:

    Finally i can run this game in online mode

  99. ZurdoFTW says:

    Mis dieses

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