Huion H610 Graphics Tablet Review (draw Donald Duck at Sai)

July 25, 2019 posted by


33 Replies to “Huion H610 Graphics Tablet Review (draw Donald Duck at Sai)”

  1. Isaac Ezekiel The color blind guy says:

    Meh I thought it was a screen tablet not a pad tablet

  2. Beth Fraunget says:

    I was lookin for a good alternative to wacom tablet. I checked many other products but i guess huion is the best alternative. Also prices are unbelievable

  3. Christella LUYINDULA says:

    its all fun and games… until you drop the stylus(!). Huion can't even help you with this extremely common problem, if you wanted their official maintenance, they only give replacements with expenses or how to reinstall drivers/ replace nibs and nothing more. the stylus is more a volatile product if you ask me, stops working when you drop it once and not even fatally

  4. Mighty Baloo says:

    …where's the review?

  5. yuuki hinamori says:

    does this work on paint tool sai?

  6. Kallen Nats says:

    The cursor wont move everytime i use sai or photoshop. Any suggestion?

  7. GhostDoggo says:

    yes thank god you tried it on paint tool sai 😀

  8. yezzzsir says:

    Really wanted to know if the tablet was compatible with Sai. Thanks for the demo.

  9. naruto amv says:

    how mutch is this???)

  10. Sean Jr says:

    I don't get it, there's no screen on the tablet itself so you basically have to accurately guess where the pen is according to the screen? That sounds like a real pain.

  11. Google User78 says:

    can the button features on the left side work well on paintool sai

  12. Lucio says:

    Sai doesnt work with my pressure test and i have the huion pro h610

  13. Pandaa says:

    What software is she using?

  14. Yoongi is my spirit animal says:

    I know this is a stupid question but how do you know where you draw without the drawing on your tablet??

  15. Mike McClure says:

    nice work but one question what graphic art program are you using

  16. Tome Of Cartoons says:

    Will this work with OpenToonz?

  17. RiaVA says:

    My stabilizer on Trial version of Sai doesn't work, and I'm using this. I'm using the same tablet, and nothing. I've been at this for more than 3 hours trying to figure this out.

  18. Vahnik says:

    How would i hook this up to Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator? I take Graphical Communication classes with a bit of Multi Media[Animation ect] mixed in. We are focusing on those 2 right now[I prefer SAI but they are teaching us these 2.]

  19. Karla Rose says:

    Does it work on windows 7? o.o please answer ASAP!

  20. Weety Trent says:

    Does it work with a laptop

  21. Purushottam Kumar says:

    Does it work with flash??????

  22. Noodle Hair says:

    Does this work with Manga Studio?

  23. Shippuu-san says:

    I installed the driver from the disk and a few days later I plugged in the tablet and it didn't ask me to install anything but it worked.
    The only problem is how do I get the buttons on the left to work?
    They do nothing when I click them.

  24. reginald hainsworth says:

    do i need a monitor or can i use my regular computer?

  25. Rubie Roo says:

    Dose the tablet work on photoshop? I tryed it and it lags and dont work on photoshop

  26. TheBowz says:

    The active aera is the actual part you can draw on correct?

  27. VIIflegias says:

    ehm……and the review?

  28. John Smith says:

    I think I screwed up everything, I was so excited as soon as I got my
    tablet out of the box I plugged in the cables connected to the computer
    and the tablet itself… then I installed the drivers from the website,
    because I can't install anything from CD-ROM, later on I read an
    important notice on the guide saying that the tablet should be unplugged
    completely from the computer before installing the drivers… now I
    have uninstalled the drivers a couple of times, and reinstalled and
    still not working… the tablet itself blinks a couple of times, and
    then stays off for the rest of the time, this is normal but what's not
    normal is that when I hover the pen the LED should blink slowly, as I
    read in the guide… and I'm not getting that… and the pen is not
    moving at all across the screen nor anything is happening .. Help me

  29. Bun Studio says:

    Does it work with Illustrator?…………….

  30. Chell says:

    what is the drawing app you're using? is a app ?

  31. Near Sky says:

    Does is work with Manga Studio 5?

  32. Poké Man says:

    what is the name of the first song?

  33. Sarys says:

    Does the tablet to monitor ratio really matter? I have read some people stating that for larger screens you need a larger tablet. I ask because I normally just write music or play games so I use a huge 32 or 34 inch TV as a screen. I could just get the 610 but desk space is a little bit of an issue not too bad but still and issue. Also do you know if this tablet works with Sketch Book pro 6 and 2011 as well as Manga Studio 5?

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