Huge Bloody Tumor (GRAPHIC)

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welcome to bat ranch I'm dr. Matt this girl as you can see has a big issue her name is Joanne she's a boxer and she has this terrible tumor she was actually scheduled to be euthanized and she was just a few hours away from it from what I understand and dr. Dave and I both said we would take her I ended up with her and luckily someone was able to get her before she was euthanized and bring her to me so we this thing stinks and it is bleeding like crazy they usually stink they outgrow that blood supply it and then they start rotting and so she's got this big rotten growth on her no clue what it is but we need to take it off and it has a pretty nasty thing I have a feeling it's gonna be a bad tumor but what's in it off so we'll have to figure out what it is but first things first we just need to take it off of her and just she's just a wreck and hopefully we get off make it feel a whole lot better and quit that bleeding and we also need to spay her she's got a list of problems but this is Joanne wish her well we're gonna get her surgery pretty quickly I'm giving her a little gas anesthesia to get her to fall asleep now this thing is come look at it now it's just kind of holding still a little bit that is a wreck that's so yucky you are a mess that is a nasty looking tumor so this is a white boxer usually these are not strays someone probably pay money for this dog at one point and then she started growing a tumor and they did nothing about it for a very long time as you can see and then she ended up at the pound on death row so bad sequence of events we're gonna try to make the next sequence of events a lot better for her and while she's under we'll probably go ahead and pull this tooth because that is not gonna do her any good in there yep just about to get started and there are some there some tumors you look at them and you just know it is not gonna be any fun at all it's just gonna be it terrible and this is one of those it's just terrible so we're gonna try to plan my my approach here and just go in there and take out everything that I know is tumor and still hopefully have enough skin to close because it is that is a big big tumor if you're squeamish look away this is gonna be a little bit graphic I'm basically just peeling this thing off and going really slow and you can see all these attachments here it's all just subcutaneous tissue in vessels it's not the tumor so I'm just going with this little electric artery and just going slowly through here because I keep hitting big vessels there's giant arteries and veins feeding this thing and I'm just trying to not accidentally get into one because then you'll have blood squirting it worse so going slow and steady through this thing and it is very tedious making some decent progress here we are probably about 75% of the way through here just like I said before slowly but surely found this little vessel here and that's why we move nice and slow I tied it off in there I would clamped up on this side so I can cut right through now without having to worry about blood going everywhere so this continue to work our way through here we have everything taken off now now I just have to figure out how to close this thing just finish surgery and I don't know about y'all but if I was this dog I would be glad that this tumor is right here and not right here anymore but you're gonna wake her up she's not been spayed yet but she's been under for a long time so I don't want to do that spay today we'll wait till she gets a little healthier or covers a few days probably I do spayed next week or something and in the meantime we'll send this thing off the lab so they can tell us what the heck that is it has been 2 days since Joey in surgery good girl she's doing really well not much swelling or anything not anymore than we did anticipate so everything's looking really good on her and she's starting to kind of warm up and seem a little more a little more lively now so I think she's feeling a whole lot better plus we've had some good nutrition in her for the last couple of days coming around well we couldn't ask for much more you're a happy dog it has been ten days since surgery and Joanne is doing really good we got the histopath report back on that lump we took off it is a soft tissue sarcoma which is a tumor cancer intermediate grade and it says it has a low metastatic rate meaning a low chance of spreading to other parts of the body which is really good but it does have a decent chance of coming back in the same location so they say just watch that incision and if there's any other bumps popping up they need to be removed quickly and she does have one other bump right here that we did not take off the other day I will go ahead and take that off today because it's likely the same thing we're also gonna take one more thing as you guys know boxers are supposed to have short tails so we're just kidding we're not gonna dock her tail I'm gonna spay her today so we're gonna take her uterus and ovaries out I'll show you something about Joanne she's completely deaf watch she doesn't see me Joanne hey hey Joanne hey she can't hear me at all Joanne Joanne we have a deaf boxer under anesthesia now all of our patients are always on a monitor she's rocking right along after shaving her belly this lump is now apparent – that's not a nipple so I'll probably take that thing out – just in case it's another little tumor so this one and this one but I'm gonna spay her first we are now ready to begin I will see you on the other side although now there's that span incision there's the lump off to the side here's the other lump on her other side there's the old incision poor girls look like Frankenstein there's our girl are you waking up do you have a rough day it's been a few weeks and Joanne's incisions have all healed up I really like this dog but I'm kind of biased toward boxer this dog is just like my boxer she just wants to lick me in the face non-stop which is exactly what those are wants to do also I can't they're right there right a hysto path reports showed that that tumor was possibly an aggressive tumor so worst case scenario is the tumor comes back but we bought her another year or two of good quality happy healthy life best-case scenario is the tumor never comes back and she lives out the rest of her life like a normal happy doll which is what we're hoping for so now Joanne needs a forever home if you're interested in adopting Joanne check the description below I'll put an email down there for someone to contact if you want to adopt this good girl and if there's not an email there it means she's already been adopted which would be awesome and what you pick you guys been asking for them for forever and finally today we're gonna deliver we are launching our t-shirts it's been a long time coming this one has our logo on it here's our other t-shirt and we have them in a few different colors also has our logo on the back there we teamed up with Magpul to make this happen which is super cool and Magpul is selling them on their website I'll put a link to it right here if you've been wanting a veteran t-shirt go get you one right now and a percentage of the proceeds go to help more dogs like Joann who are homeless and just need a little time at the vet clinic thanks for watching bye ranch I'll see you next time you

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