How-To Video Tutorial: Creating Graphics for Button Making Using Open Office Free Graphics Software

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00:00:5,000 ( 00:00:12,000 Hi, this is American Button Machines with
an open office tutorial on making a 2.25 inch button.
2 00:00:13,000 ( 00:00:23,000
First you’ll need to go to our website at and download our
open office template for 2.25 inch button round.
3 00:00:24,000 ( 00:00:32,000
Once you download the file you are going to open it and open office and you’ll see a
file that looks very similar to this; you’ll have two circles.
4 00:00:33,000 –>00:00:40,000
The inner circle is where all of the graphics should be held that you are actually wanting
to view after the pen is pressed. 5
00:00: 41,000 ( 00:00:46,000 Anything that lays outside the circle around
this edge is going to be clipped and will you not be able to view it after the button
is pressed. 6
00:00:47,000 ( 00:00:53,000 So while we are making our button we need
to keep in mind to keep our important graphics and texts inside this inner circle
7 00:00: 54,000 ( 00:01:02
We are going to make a football themed button today so we are going to use a football image
and text over laying that image for our team name.
8 00:01:03,000 ( 00:01:14,000
To insert an image you’re going to go up top click on insert picture, from file, and
it’s on our desktop already so you’re going to go find your file on your computer.
9 00:01:17,000 ( 00:01:29,000
This is your image. Click on the image and press open. Drag the image to wear it overlays
the edges of the button and drop it there 10
00:01:30,000 ( 00:01:37,000 Right click and click on send back; so you
can see the inner circle again. 11
00:01:38,000 ( 00:01:49,000 You’ll see some of the picture is laying
on the outside of the inner circle and the edge and that’s fine as long as the most
important part of the picture and the part of the picture you want to see are within
the inner circle. 12
00:01:49,000 ( 00:01:57,000 We are good to go on that so let’s unclick
that. Now we are going to add some text for our team name.
13 00:01:58,000 ( 00:02:9,000 Go down to the text tool down at the bottom
left hand corner; click on it and then click and drag on the page to make a text box. We
are going to do the team name which is “the Vikings”.
14 00:02:11,000 ( 00:02:24,000
And if you want to change the font style or the size, highlight it and go up to the top
left hand corner. We are going to keep Arial since it’s nice and simple and easy to read
but you can pick any font that you would like. 15
00:02:25,000 ( 00:02:41,000 We are going to stick with size 16. We are
going to make it bold and we are also going to change the color to pale yellow so that
we can see it over the area that we are going to put it in which is right at the bottom.
16 00:02:43,000 ( 00:02:47,000
You can use your arrow keys to nudge where you would like the font.
17 00:02:50,000 ( 00:03:07,000
So we’re going to unclick and lets zoom in a little bit so that we can make sure everything
is good and lined inside the grid lines. 18
00:03:08,000 ( 00:03:14,000 As we look closer we can see that everything
is in the right spot and everything important is inside the inner circle
19 00:03:15,000 ( 00:03:24,000
We are now ready to go and since we are happy and ready to go we can delete the gridline
because we do not want it to print. 20
00:03:24,000 ( 00:03:38,000 Right click on the grid line and make sure
that the inner circle is selected. Go up to edit and click cut.
21 00:03:40,000 ( 00:03:49,000
Now we have the pendant ready to print so we go up to file and press print

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