How to Use Google Reverse Image Search to Fact Check Images

November 18, 2019 posted by

So they say a picture’s
worth a thousand words, but when you’re searching
for an image online, how do you know that every one
of those words is true? We’re going to show
you a simple trick, you can do it with Google,
and it’s called a reverse-image search. Okay, so there are a couple of
different ways you can do this. The first one is to go to And you can go over there. This looks like a
normal Google search page, but we have the
Google Images icon, and you’ll see
the little camera, search by image icon,
right here. That’s key. Now, one of the first ways,
or one of the first of the few options we’ll show you today to
do this is a drag and drop. So let’s say you have
an image saved on your desktop, here it is. I’m just going to drag it right
over here into the search bar, it will upload the file,
and I get a whole list of hits where that image is in the page. And so I can then go
and investigate all of these different sources where
that image shows up. One of the second options you
can do is to click the little search by image icon and
you can paste a URL in there. And let’s say I found
a URL where this image I want to search is,
and then I can paste it in there and search. Once again, I will get
a big list of hits of different sites
where this image shows up. Let’s talk about a
third way that is even a little bit easier to do,
and this is probably the simplest way,
and one that I highly recommend. Only if you’re using Chrome,
though. Let’s say you’re on a webpage
and you find an image and you want to know more about
that image, you can right click, or control click on the image,
and then scroll down here to “Search Google for Image,”
and automatically a new tab will open up in
your Chrome browser, giving you the same results. So, the last step you want to
do, and the most important one, is probably to ask some critical
questions about the results that you just found. You want to ask questions like
on what kinds of websites does this image show up? Are there any clues about where
the image originated? Has the image been
altered in any way, any place that you’ve seen it? And that’s just the tip
of the iceberg. For more information about
asking critical questions with the reverse-image search,
or just about fact checking in general, head on over to


72 Replies to “How to Use Google Reverse Image Search to Fact Check Images”

  1. Angela Gonzalez says:

    Thank you for the easy tutorial. I have a silly question. When I do an image search, will the image I search whether its found on google or not, automatically upload to google now, for the world to see or will it remain private?

  2. hanhao says:

    How do you get the thumb nail preview? I tried doing the search but thumbnail previews are missing. See this image to show you what I mean by missing thumbnail previews

  3. In the Pines says:

    still waiting for google to come out w/ a reverse video search option.

  4. Raj Garg says:

    Sir par there is no camera in Google Search

  5. jana Nofal says:

    No camera wants to appear on my webpage ….

  6. Kitten Giggles says:

    Helpful ty

  7. S Chandra says:

    Good Video. How can i find a cartoon published in an Indian newspaper after July 1987? It was published after the attack on Rajiv Gandhi, the then PM, when he was attacked by a Srilankan soldier :
    To eliminate any possibility of hands of the soldiers being free, The cartoon, an excellent one, showed that the hands of the soldiers were tied by a rope, at their back, they being in attention pose. see:
    How to locate that cartoon.

  8. Inderjit Sidhu says:

    I have saved many pictures to Google saved pictures,i have checked it yesterday they are there but today that pictures are not thera

  9. Nancy Louise McCormick says:

    I am being scammed by someone who uses a photo of a young girl he says is his daughter. Asked me to help get some money for her. I want to try and find out who she is and inform (if needed) the parents that their child is being exploited. Of course,​ he could be using his own kid, I have no idea.

  10. Willy Wonka says:

    Nobody uses desktops man

  11. pinky says:

    this is not how to fact check. this is how to image search.
    what you need, to not be bait-and-switch, is to show how to find the ORIGINAL image

  12. Paxton Blanchard says:

    This is cool

  13. Wg Mentis says:

    it doesn’t work for me when i copy the link of a page from my facebook page. I wanted to check if someone used my images. Any help other than saving all my pictures on the desktop and click and drag them? I would like to do it with the url

  14. Kiril Iliev says:

    THX for help

  15. Alex A says:

    on mobile devices you can use

  16. Best Experiments says:

    I can"t find my uploaded images help

  17. consulting insultant says:

    AI still a toddler if not a baby – my image search for a front facade for a 30 ft commercial center brought out skyscrapers

  18. Ssonikka Juneja says:

    Thank you so so so much for the information…

  19. Ann Belove says:

    I need your help

  20. Ann Belove says:

    How can I get to know my friend through image

  21. Kristi Hollenbeck says:

    i used to have the little camera in google images to do reverse searches but it disappeared a couple months ago when my laptop updated. hasn't been seen since. which is annoying because I used it a lot.

  22. Samira Abkari says:

    I tried it on my phone but it looks like it doesn't work on mobiles.

  23. Sjonnie Pedaalemmer says:

    This feature has existed for years now, and yet I am amazed by the amount of people that still don't know it exists…

  24. Shannon Perron says:

    Anybody else NOT have the camera icon come up?

  25. Sazzzat Learner says:

    Very well & so helpfull

  26. Sazzzat Learner says:

    Very well & so helpfull

  27. Santi Tajuddin edy says:

    Image not found errors 404 Home page not found began 2016, 2017, please 2018 founded itself events all Arrows from Google

  28. k MEDIA says:

    Where did you get Chrome for mac?

  29. Vaishnavi Late says:

    it's not important

  30. K b Thapa says:

    K b thapa

  31. Endar Suparto says:

    Great info!! to get rid of any online mafia

  32. Carla Weinberg says:

    There is nothing inside the Search box. No camera, no microphone. Only a magnifying glass.

  33. Dwight Schrute says:

    Tap the three dot icon at top right of tab window, within a mobile version of chrome, and from drop down menu, choose "request desktop site"

    Do this after you visit and the icon will appear within the search bar.

  34. coelho sports says:

    maybe it has changed in the past 2 years but i don't get any list of returns after the block of "similar images" section, and when i do this search google inserts a "possible related search" term in the search field related to the photo i upload, and all of the photos returned are in the category that google added to the photo, whether or not they resemble the uploaded photo or not. in other words, google picks one word to be assigned to the photo after scanning it, and returns all photos you would normally get if you just entered that one word google assigned to it. it doesn't actually search for that photo at all. if you upload a photo of a blonde person, google will scan it, see a blonde person and assign the search term blonde, and will give you page after page of blonde celebrities the same way as if you typed blonde into a normal google search and clicked the images tab, fat blondes, thin blondes, tall blondes, short blondes, blondes swimming, playing tennis, sword fighting, yada yada. it doesn't search for the actual image, just one particular aspect of the image google chooses after scanning it.

  35. Michael P Wynn says:

    After reporting a fake dating profile (found with this service), the agency somehow removed the function. Live and learn…!

  36. Erick Sanchez says:

    Muy bien

  37. Mike Dee says:

    This don’t work on mobile

  38. Tequila D'killa says:


  39. Mint Frye says:

    What about on your phone? How do I do this on my phone ??

  40. Kamal Elbahi says:


  41. Kathleen Marasco says:

    I don’t have a camera either…darn

  42. Hack Codex#⃣ says:

    What if the image is cropped? How can I find the source?

  43. Claire Slater says:

    Can you only do this type of search using chrome, I don't want to have to change my browser and I have no camera icon either

  44. Jim F says:

    You can also ask why google searches are slanted towards liberal/left wing sites?

  45. Anonimu' Cu pirotehnicel says:

    helped a lot!

  46. Julia Hansen says:

    Thank you so much! I had a pretty big chance of looking like an idiot if I wasn’t able to do that! Thank you so sooo much!

  47. Aaron J says:

    This NEVER EVER works to find images unless they are exactly the same.

  48. Elena Christou says:

    This was very helpful and clearly explained for a techno dunce like me😳

  49. Jakovage says:

    This video contradicts itself by being a video instead of a photo therefore we can’t check to see if it is google reversable

  50. glitch gamer says:

    On my phone its really hard to even search image on google

  51. Hari Negi says:

    I had visited on site but it doesnot working

  52. Balajee Chari says:

    how to search the flacuation image

  53. Glueru JC says:

    thanks, just found a scamming girl using Ana Paula Cassaro pictures, knew it was too good to be true – lol

  54. NeruKO Chan says:


  55. Karl Wilson says:

    great way to find out the name of a pornstar………just saying

  56. Dawn Bledsoe says:

    It’s not very accurate i tested it with some of my own photos and it doesn’t give any information

  57. Muhammad Axad says:

    Thank you sooo much 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  58. Enrique Sotelo says:

    I hate how this video is so simplistic. Its just a how-to-google-search an image.

  59. Vitória Poletti says:


  60. Vindicator G says:

    This is great for Discord, users who are predators, scammers, fakers. Exposing people on this site makes you sorta a hero.

  61. Kronos Sion says:

    Question, has anyone ever tried to do this with a tumblr image and get NOTHING? Like the image itself doesn't even exist or has no history?

  62. Ilja Fritzler says:

    what if there is noe information about that image? is it bad in that case or how to interprete that?

  63. Marissa Bones says:


  64. Ryan Butler says:

    tineye and saucenao both get accurate results more often

  65. Nidhogg says:

    This never works. Never gives me what i look for.

  66. MichelleC Bower says:

    Does this google reverse image tool still work? I have recently had no luck uploading images from my Google Drive to check authenticity. just redirects me to the standard Chromebrowser page. I operate out of Australia.

  67. Malapati Anjibabu says:

    Thanks for good information.

  68. Herzie Santos says:

    This is awesome! 😍😍😍

  69. alyahalagl says:


  70. Srinivasa Chari Devaji says:

    I'm Staying

  71. Jade Prout says:

    "MTV's Catfish: Behind The Scenes" LOL 😉

  72. قناة ابو براق says:

    ادعموا نا بي لايك

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