How to Take Pictures in Small Room (3 Techniques for Boudoir)

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– Okay, what’s up guys? Welcome back to the channel. I’m Mike Sasser, Boudoir photographer in
Los Angeles, California. But today we are in New York because I am teaching a little workshop on how to shoot video during
your boudoir sessions. And if you guys know
anything about New York, you know that the rooms are
really really really tiny and that is exactly the
hotel room that we have here. I mean this place can barely fit this bed. Now I worked really hard in Los Angeles to find like the perfect space, a spot with big windows, a spot with good light
that’s got nice floors and like a deep space so that I could shoot
exactly what I want to shoot. But I know that’s not
the case for everybody. A lot of people are shooting
in these smaller spaces. So I wanted to make this video
of three little techniques that I use when I do have
to shoot in small spaces. And hopefully these are
really gonna help you guys out for when you have to as well. (upbeat music) Now with an ultra wide angle lens, this hotel looks like it’s a decent size, but it’s really only ten feet by ten feet or three meters by three meters, for those on the Imperial system. But let me show a few
things for comparison so you can actually see how
little space there is in here. So here we’ve got, I think
it’s a Queen size bed. It may be a full size bed and then we’ve got, this is my carry-on piece of luggage that you can see, if I try and put it in between this space, like it doesn’t even
actually hit the ground there ’cause there’s not enough space
for it to sit on the floor. Here we have just a
regular computer desk chair that, I mean, barely has
enough space in between the bed and the desk. And here’s my camera bag, which, like, kinda opens but not really, in between this little space over here. And we do have one little
extra walkway over here that’s gonna allow us to
get a little bit more depth but pretty much, this is
what we’re working with. So for things to work with
in here, we have this bed, we’ve got big nice, light windows and we have this really awkward throne, like super unnecessary… I don’t know why they thought, like, you know what would really
tie this room together? A snake skin… Looks like a tarantula arm or something but we’re gonna use it. Hey Genesis! She’s gonna be helping us out today. – Hi! – And we’re gonna start
talking about our three tips, I think with a little
bonus tip at the end. I might cut that out ’cause I can’t remember if
I added a bonus tip or not. So the very first tip that we’re gonna do is going to be to shoot
from different heights. (smooth music) I like to shoot at eye-level a lot. And so, what that does, I think it makes things like
more personal with a client. I think it gives an evenness
of power and a connection. But, when you are limited
in a space like this, you kinda have to start to get creative. So let’s see a couple examples of how we can use some different heights to make some cool pictures. Okay, first thing we’re
gonna do is get rid of this ridiculous yellow. Where do you even put
this in a room this small? We’re gonna put it in here. (banging) Okay, so even though this
is a pretty small space, we have this massive, amazing window and I’ve always thought that window light, like good light, is more important than anything else, above location, above the outfits that they brought, above the furniture. So we’re really lucky that we’ve got really, really good light, so we’re gonna use that to our advantage. (music playing over Mike
instructing Genesis) (smooth music) (music playing over Mike
instructing Genesis) (smooth music) For this next shot, another, like, little bonus tip, I almost always shoot
with a 50 millimeter, like almost always in my space. But when you are in tighter spaces, I recommend that it’s a good idea to check out something a little bit wider. We’re gonna use the 35
millimeter for this shot. I’m gonna get nice and low and shoot up on her and the 50’s only gonna be
able to capture her face. We wanna be able to see more than that. So let’s make it happen. (music playing over Mike
instructing Genesis) (smooth music) (music playing over Mike
instructing Genesis) (smooth music) Alright, so that’s tip number one. Tip two is gonna be to add
a little depth to the space. We’re gonna use a foreground object. (smooth music) This can pretty much be anything. I made an entire video on this, which I’m gonna link above
and in the description. Basically what we’re trying to do is give the illusion of depth by using just something out
of focus in the foreground. Now I didn’t prepare and
I didn’t bring anything, so we’re gonna search
around the hotel room and see if we can find something that’s gonna work really well.
Let’s see what we have here. We’ve got like some half and half. That’s probably too small for it. Does this come off? Oh no, that’s just a turn. I’m definitely not gonna hold
up just the whole coffee mug. Actually it’s a good thing
that I got these yesterday because, I think maybe the… You want one? – [Genesis] I’ll take one.
– Yeah. It’s important to have
chocolate at your shoots for a number of reasons but
also ’cause I’m pretty sure these wrappers are gonna work, the way they kinda reflect the light off. So let’s go ahead and… White chocolate, so good. So when you put the
aluminum foil out of focus with the light reflecting off of it a bit, it’s gonna look really cool out of focus. We’re gonna take this phone
out of the background. (laughing) Clean up your backgrounds guys! Also this light is super
bizarre here for some reason. We’re just gonna make this a normal light. The more clutter you
have in your backgrounds, the more distracting it is, so I really recommend that, as simple as you can make them and as normal as you can make them. The whole kinda concept is there’s a little bit of
voyeur sorta character to it, so you won’t be looking
at the camera for these. Alright, go ahead. (music playing over Mike
instructing Genesis) (smooth music) (music playing over Mike
instructing Genesis) (smooth music) (music playing over Mike
instructing Genesis) Alright, so that’s tip number two. Tip number three is to shoot details. So what I love about boudoir
is not every single picture has to have a full body. It doesn’t have to have
their whole face in it. So when I’m selling albums, the goal is to get variety. So, in order to do that, we
shoot a lot of detail shots of, like, their collar bone, of their fingertips, of
their lips, things like that. So, especially when
you’re in a small space, you can sorta lean on
that a little bit more. So we’re gonna put her in a pose and then just get as many
detail shots of that one pose as we possibly can. (music playing over Mike
instructing Genesis) (smooth music) Tip number one, shoot
from different heights. This is gonna give you
more variety in your space. Tip number two, shoot through something. This can be anything you find, flowers, candy wrappers, doorways. And tip number three, shoot details. Uses the opportunity to
get a variety of images that you can sell in addition
to your standard photos. I’ve got even better videos
for you guys coming up in the next couple of weeks, so if you’re not subscribed, you’re definitely gonna
wanna hit that button. Go check out Genesis on Instagram and if you guys need a little
help with your editing, all of the photos in
this video were edited with my Ever Summer presets. There will be a link in the description and I will see you next week! (smooth music)


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