How to Swap out Your Graphics Card: Tutorial

July 25, 2019 posted by

hi everyone welcome back to giant a clever I'm Joanne and I'll be showing you how to swap out your graphics card from Nvidia to Nvidia and Nvidia to AMD if you want to switch between two and video cards from the GTX 970 to the gtx 980ti generally you won't have to change drivers just swap out the cards if it's the same graphics card generation you'll be fine with drivers and say you're changing from a gtx 770 to a gtx 970 just swap out the cards and you should get a clean install of the new drivers now if you're replacing the gtx 980ti with an r9 390 AMD card you'll have to uninstall all the Nvidia drivers before physically installing the AMD card the same can be said if you replace an AMD card with an Nvidia card you can uninstall the Nvidia drivers and programs and features to make sure all the Nvidia settings have been uninstalled go to the registry editor and search the HQ current user local machines and users folders you should find Nvidia folders under the software tabs go ahead and delete those be very careful not to delete other settings because you just might seriously damage your system alright next step is to swap out the 980ti for the r9 390 card once the r9 390 has been installed go ahead and turn on the PC go to AMD's website to download the latest drivers for the r9 390 and you're good to go that wraps it up for this look and how to swap out your graphics card I'm Joann and if you like what you saw and you want to see more like it be sure to hit the like comment and subscribe buttons as well as follow me on social media jo-ann tech lover Facebook Joann tech lover again on Twitter and join tech lover once more on Instagram also be sure to follow me on my other YouTube channels JCL lifestyle and jto cuteness overload I guess all that's left to say is bye you


36 Replies to “How to Swap out Your Graphics Card: Tutorial”

  1. Scythe Scythe says:

    you mean its THAT SIMPLE?! okay. well fuck my life lmfao

  2. hardeep singh says:

    You are very sexy

  3. Zach Prager says:

    Very helpful. thank you Joanne

  4. Furret O.o says:

    If i switch from a msi 960 to a msi gtx 1050 ti, do i have to do the uninstall part or not?

  5. Ngoc Linh Nguyen Kim says:

    i got black screen when i swap amd card with the new 1050ti is it because of the amd driver?

  6. CJ says:

    I have both amd and NVidia drivers

  7. Demo Channel says:

    You are just way too sexy.. I love you! I wanna f*** u!

  8. King none says:

    how about amd 380 to 480?

  9. paul keegan says:

    Hi Joanne good video maybe slow down a bit…..

  10. Lit&Elite says:

    nice video joanne, but by the way you dont have to unistall them like this

    you can use ddu and boot into safe mode, it will automatically delete all nvidia drivers, both ways work!

    and i am upgrading from 650 to 1070, i need to remove all my drivers right ? and swap them

    and can you please make a video of how to change cpu paste please ? Much appericiated :3

    Thanks for your video joanne, its really helpful!

  11. Mike Base says:

    Hey, realize this is an old video, but hopefully you still check your old videos for comments. I'm doing a step up program through EVGA to upgrade from my current GTX 980ti to a 1080 card. Do I still need to uninstall the drivers since it's not a GTX 900s series before physically removing the GPU? Or is it all good?

    Appreciate any guidance, thank you!

  12. kawaiiprince Reviews says:

    okay so I got the butt plug out and I'm about to insert the T1000.
    Quick question: Do I reset the blender first? I'm just kidding, Joanne!! :3
    Nice tutorial for the newbies out there.

  13. xboxgamer says:

    I Switched from Nvidia to AMD..I uninstalled the Nvidia drivers from the control panel then I manually deleted  leftover files in the registry that said Nvidia..Then they seemed to magically come back. So I downloaded DDU and deleted  Nvidia again. Checked registry and there was still Nvidia residual crap lurking in there. So I deleted again..Put my AMD R9 390X in my PC then went on AMD website..Downloaded AMD drivers for the card..Turned out the card sucked so I ended up going back with Nvidia and had to do the whole thing again..Lol..Them GPU drivers from AMD and Nvidia can be pesky little things to completely get rid of.

  14. Stop the Philosophical Zombies says:

    Great video! Very helpful.

  15. Sofm says:

    TALK SLOWLY PLEASE! holy shit mate

  16. danermanerkider says:


    Oh god, Joanne, you're going full Linus on that poor MSI card, yanked out and smashing it's sides. RIP in GeForce.

  17. mclaine33 says:

    Joanne I'm surprised you didn't mention DDU Uninstaller. I use that all the time. It is much safer and easier than going into the registry to remove stuff.

  18. kolbondakob says:

    I accidentally stuck an egg in my graphic card slot… any tips for overclocking my egg?

  19. Opy says:

    DDU + CCleaner

  20. when a prophet speaks says:

    great vid. thanks to your help with gpuboss i got a new gpu evga geforce gtx 970 FTW and had a pny gtx 470 so glad i seen this being in 2 days its gonna be in my pc

  21. whistleking77 says:

    Thanks for this video, I'm a novice with PC's and it helps to "soak" up all the basic info I can. If its in your scheduling and helps your channel grow, simple vids like these are good for the novice. Thanks again.

  22. Olof Freij says:

    Hello Joanne, you really like to do reveiws on gaming stiff. But do you play games, if witch one? BTW: Nice vid

  23. Ivan McKinney says:


  24. Erik Slovák says:

    okay, that connection speed got me… damn I need better ISP 😀

  25. The Commenter says:

    Use DDU.

  26. RockitMan2001 says:

    So where's the video on how to swap Joanne for my wife?

  27. awolin says:

    Lol Joanne, did you record your screen with another camera?

  28. Bowhunterwt says:

    Great review and very important stuff when changing graphic cards…Best Vid yet!!

  29. Jammin GI James says:

    excellent information Joanne!
    who is your pick for SB50?

  30. Leonardo Sena Scafo says:

    She talks too fast!

  31. Mash Rien says:

    Missed mentioning the PCI-E power connectors and the obnoxious slot tab to release the card, but otherwise loved it. 🙂

  32. William Cruz says:

    joanne you're so beautiful and smart!

  33. Raymond Lee says:

    Holy cow this is literally what i needed!

  34. LittleMikey says:

    So, currently I'm using a pretty outdated Asus GTX670. How much of a performance increase would I get if I went to something like a 970, and is an upgrade like that even worth it if I don't upgrade my CPU/motherboard as well?

  35. Scott Babcock says:

    🙂 great video, I had no idea you had to delete the registry files thanks

  36. frikynikkid says:

    joan-senpai! notice me?

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