How to Quickly Create Clothing using Blender and Marvelous Designer

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10 Replies to “How to Quickly Create Clothing using Blender and Marvelous Designer”

  1. C.J. Yen says:

    Thanks, @Martin Klekner for the amazing tutorial! While I tried to import the (download from mixamo)character with fbx into the MD, but the animation is flying in MD, looks likes pivot is off and character did not stand on the ground. Have you ever been this problem? And please kindly help me. Thanks.

  2. Alexander Alza says:

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing Martin!

  3. Mohammed zk says:

    i totally suck at sculpting clothing this tutorial is very helpful, thanks

  4. omri1324 says:


  5. Jeff G says:

    I've watched several intros to MD. This was quite good. Lots of great info packed In short video. Thanks

  6. Activemotionpictures says:

    Thank you for this video. Fantastic overview!

  7. Rombout Versluijs says:

    PS you can pin when even you want, you dont need to pause the sim. You can also simply press P and press it again when hovering over a pin to unpin it. Also why didnt you use flip garment normals on the backside 🙂
    Setting up a model with an arrangement, its a bit more work. BUt will help when resetting the garment. PS the fabric presets use to have some shortened name for final fabrics, cant recall that properly. Some of them work much nicer, but are slower because the quality is better. You can also add wind for cool effects 🙂 Pressure is more for closed volumes and pillows i believe. PS you should check Particle Distance, now your using really rough settings. Lower the Particle Distance will give much better quality, its like subsurf in Blender

  8. mrglissi says:

    Marvelous Designer looks so awesome! But for me the price is definitely something that creates some problems. 😁👌🏼

  9. Dhieen says:

    is it the cloak of doctor strange?? haha

  10. Martin Klekner says:

    Hey friends, new tutorial is live! A quick taste of my Marvelous Designer – Blender workflow 🙂

    0:48 Blender 2.8 RC

    1:11 CGBoost Launch Pad Course

    1:47 Preparing the character in Blender

    4:33 Marvelous Designer Intro

    6:16 Making the Chiton Pattern

    7:49 Mirroring the Cihton Pattern

    9:19 Simulation and Sewing the Chiton

    12:07 Manually Adjusting the Cloth

    13:56 Changing the Fabric Type

    14:34 Animating and Pinning

    16:19 Making the Cloak

    18:33 Finalizing the Cloak

    19:33 Adding Pressure and Exporting

    20:57 Importing into Blender

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