How to Pose for Pictures

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hey what’s up guys so I’m here on
Melrose Avenue and I just wanted to show you guys how to do some poses for
pictures so the first thing that you want to keep in mind is that when you’re
posing you want to make sure that what you’re doing is creating a shape with
your body a lot of times guys tend to get stiff and they just tend to stand
straight so they don’t think about creating shapes interesting shapes or
their body so it’s very key to create interesting shapes in your bodies that
way the photographer gets inspired by what you’re doing and the pictures turn
out to be great another thing to keep in mind is that you also want to play with
the clothing that you’re wearing you want to show off some the main features
of the clothing so what you can do to help you create interesting shapes with
your bodies is first of all you start off with your feet rather than having
both toes pointing towards the camera what you want to do is maybe have one
pointed towards the sides lift up the heel a little bit
create some variations and some different leveling with both of your
feet another thing that you could do is to maybe even cross them or another
thing that you could do actually is to put one to decide and lift it up lift up
the hill next with your hip area I know it’s very awkward for guys to to flex
their hips because guys tend to be very stiff in the hips what you want to do is
that you want to relax your hips as much as possible so just kind of switch
balance back and forth between one hip to the other another thing that you
could do with your hands is rather than having your hands straight to this side
or have an improv you want to have variations as well so you could have you
can create interesting shapes at your elbows so for instance if you stick out
an elbow like this that’s already an interesting shape that could that could
really inspire the photographer rather than just having it straight down to the
side you could also maybe even lift up your hand and put it behind your head
again you’re having your elbows point your elbows pointed out and that’s
creating an interesting shaped and this also create some kind of
visual interest for the photographer in the viewer of the photo and another
thing that you could do with your hands if you run out of ideas you can actually
just start fiddling with the clothing that you’re wearing so you could have a
pose like that you can have something like this you could play with the button
and notice that my elbows are sticking out and another thing that I like to do
especially when up when I’m kind of like getting towards that burnout phase and
I’m running out of ideas you just start stretching when you start stretching you
could actually accidentally find yourself into another pose try to keep
moving around don’t ever stay stiff just keep flowing
even though it feels awkward you would eventually find a couple of poses that
works great for you so now with the face because a lot of times we pose with our
body so we don’t really think about the face you have to change your face up as
much as possible so make sure you’re standing in front of mirror and make
sure you do a lot of practice shot because working on the face is very
important so as a guy what you could do is something attire bank says a lot is
to practice smizing so by smizing I mean just kind of like
keeping your face straight we’re just thinking about a happy thought and then
just arching the eyebrows a little bit another thing that you could do is to
clench your jaws so that your bone structure in your face really really
shows up in the image and that way you look really strong and masculine another
tip for smiling it’s to actually smile but it dropped as well just right before
the picture is taken and then of course you can actually really smile because a
lot of times guys have great smiles but they are not comfortable showing it so
it really you know helps build some emotion behind the picture and tells a
story and finally another tip for your face is to always cheat your face
towards the main source of life so in this case I’m outdoors and I believe the
Sun is right behind me so there’s no really source of light but if a
photographer had a flash coming from this direction what I would do is I
would cheat my face towards the flash so that way my face is hitting the light
and I’m evenly lit and the face can’t fault the light can’t fall on my face
and fall off my cheekbones which will make my face look really structured and
chiseled so guys there you have it’s as always if you have questions
just hit me up in the comments below and I’ll answer all of your questions thank
you guys for watching see you next time

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