How To Optimize/Improve Laptop For Gaming?4 Easy Steps! (2015)

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Welcome back guys to another episode of AbsTechie
where we take a look at how we can optimize our laptop for better gaming performance in
just 4 easy steps. Many of you might know these things but still
there are many people who don’t know. So hopefully this video will help them out.
First of all you can put your laptop to its full potential by just clicking on the battery
icon and selecting high performance. This will put your laptop to perform to its full
potential .After gaming you can switch back to the other options by clicking on the battery
icon once again. Secondly go to control panel. Then go to system.
Now click on Advanced system settings. Click on the settings option under performance.
Here in visual effects you can see a option saying adjust for best performance. Select
this option. Now if you have a very low memory or RAM then
during playing games just alter tab and by holding control and alter press Delete and
go to your task manager. Find Windows Explorer, right click on it and choose end task.
Don’t worry about bringing your explorer back again. Its simple. Just after finishing
your game press Delete holding control and alter again and go to task manager. Click
on file, run new task and write down explorer here and click ok. Your windows explorer will
be back by now. These tips are applicable for any kinds of
laptop users out there. The next thing I will be showing is for people
who are Intel users and have internal intel HD graphics. Right-click , go to graphic properties.
Now click on 3D. In application optimal mode select enable. You can also turn off the Multi
Sample Anti Aliasing for better performance but your games might have rough edges or the
stair case effect. In general settings click performance. Now go to power, select Maximum
Performance. That’s about as much as you can do.
Also you will hear a lot about game booster applications. But at the end of the day most
of them can do as much as I showed in the video. If you do find some other applications
that helped you to boost your games then leave a comment below. Also if you have some other
ideas that work for you then don’t forget to leave a comment below and maybe I will
add them in the descriptions. If you liked the video then don’t forget
to hit the like button. Also in the next video we will take a look at how we can switch to
AMD or Nvidia card from Intel HD graphics in your laptop for better gaming performance.
So make sure you subscribe for that video and hopefully I will see you in my next one.
Bye for now.


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    i was gonna say razr game booster does all that for u then you mentioned it

  4. Gooosetav says:

    For a moment I thought Fez from That 70s show made the tutorial.

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    cant really understand you

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    fuck that english

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    To all dumb asses bashing AbsTechie for his accent: post a video here busting him in TWO or more languages. If you cannot, he has already proven himself smarter than you think you are… which is at least twice as smart as you are in reality.

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    Wow, thanks a lot man XD. Its work πŸ‘

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    WTF with your voice but thx enyway!

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    dude this is just make your pc faster

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    looks like you are from a spanish speaking country

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    dude wtf you have 8gb ram , people come here with 2 to 4 gb ram installed

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    thank you man

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    Wow man. I have been working for 5 hours straight non-stop on this. I was about to get a desktop, a better PC. I was very angry. But I knew that there was one last thing. One last person to help me out. And that was you. Thank you so much bro. You earned a new sub. Hope you have a blessed day. Prayers to you. Ignore the haters that don't like your content/voice. God made you a great man with a great talent to make amazing content. Thanks again. – Christian.

  15. Imactually Bleach says:

    im updating to windows 10 lets see if razor cortext crashes if i run it.. and so u know i went to windows 7 to 10

  16. Imactually Bleach says:

    it worked!!!!!!

  17. Imactually Bleach says:

    finally windows 10 made razer cortex work yaaaaaay!!!!

  18. G36C says:

    For every one bashing him on his accent instead of coming to the comments and complaining about how you don't know what he is saying turn on captions, also thank you Abs Techie for posting this video it helped alot

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    Volume in your video is kind of soft, had to max my speakers for a normal volume level, just letting you know

  20. DarkWings 123 says:

    i dont now much about laptops but can you help me i want to now what games i can play

  21. MetroEggroll says:

    I love your accent, makes me crack up a little xD

  22. VideoAction.DK.COM says:

    Well.. I'll check out the software's you downloaded. But u sure it Speeds? Cuz my Laptop runs 60fps on Internet, but balls on games.. It runs 30 on games..

  23. FaTaL Puggy says:

    you could look up %Temp% on run And delete everything

  24. Salman Ariq says:

    I think for laptop users the battery is gonna drain alot yeh? anyways helpful video πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    I had before i came here 70 now i have 20 ….

  26. Bagie Delos Santos says:

    I just want someone to tell me if I'm able to run cod 4 with all this. I've got a 2010Toshiba laptop dual core celeron .. ??

  27. Bagie Delos Santos says:

    I just want someone to tell me if I'm able to run cod 4 with all this. I've got a 2010Toshiba laptop dual core celeron .. ??

  28. Bagie Delos Santos says:

    I just want someone to tell me if I'm able to run cod 4 with all this. I've got a 2010Toshiba laptop dual core celeron .. ??

  29. Y33T_ Badger The Core Gamer says:

    real temp

  30. VoyagerXVI says:

    You sound constepated xD

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    Thanx Man

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    i dont have intel graphics! >:(

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    great video mate

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    Dude, wtf is the audio. I had to put on closed captions

  35. Arun Thomas says:

    Razer Booster is baad

  36. Matheus Bonatto says:

    I tried loging in to my razer cortex game boster but it did not work and it said try again later

  37. chris caruso says:

    Last step is only for people using integrated graphics. If you want to get better performance in games, have a dedicated GPU

  38. Nxir says:

    Can you do a tutorial on how to make a gaming PC from scratch?

  39. Chris Chan says:

    can i run league of legends and an android emulator
    with no lag??

  40. Fenn ViktorVich says:

    My daily routine steps , Thanks for your efforts ,Great videos you earned a sub

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    thanks for the help

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    Yo thanks man. Worked for me. Earlier enigma wouldnt render proper in my DOTA 2.

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    could u fix that accent plzzz

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    You just fucked my laptop up

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    i cant fucking understand you

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    Thanks keep up the good work

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    thanks a lot its a massive difference but bro is it safe putting my laptop on high-performance settings plzzz telll ….????

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    wtf. i got lost please help how to return my windows back? i cant undestand the words here –> 1:19

  53. David Simmons says:

    Very hard to understand you but thanks for your help buddy!

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    Thanks! My laptop CPU runs 10 to 12 degrees cooler now while playing battlefield πŸ™‚

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    thanks bro =)

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    1:03 ….. I can barely understand what you are saying…..

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    Thanks man, and don't listen to those haters. I think your accent is nice πŸ‘πŸ»

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    FUCK YES! now i can run mine sweeper at a solid 20 fps thanks!

  62. Gentt la says:

    "prapertis" XD

    no offence bro…

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    this guy is dumb as fuck if u set it to best performance it urns off start and task bar colors an smoothness

  64. harampug says:

    are you fucking high nigga?

  65. Pastore says:

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    You guys are rude…

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    r u crying?

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    Holy Voice!!

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    you sound like a robot

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    i cant understandf indians

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    none of them were available

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    i hve core i7 and 8 gb ram still my Gta5 lagsssss

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    u r Bengali right

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    how do i get the intel graphics setter?

  76. Pugna Lich says:

    thanks so much I have an Asus x series laptop and It was incredibly slow and every time I used it just to start up chrome took 40 seconds and playing games at medium graphics were absolutely NOT an option until today Once again thanks so much man!

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    Stop fucking bullying him because of his accent. Here's here to help us and does a great work. If you're too retarded not to understand,just activate the captions oh my god..

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    i cant under stand eut you r saying

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    dude no offence but you sound like an indian version of chris griffin from
    family gu. lmao

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    dude what's wrong with the accent and your voice? you took a dump in the morning right?

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    thanks I needed that because I wanted to play ftb modpack in minecraft and the modpack that i wanted was 188 mod and I used optifine but still I have a craptop

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    πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…rotten tomatoes for you lmao

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    Indian tech

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    -Every Hater 2017-2017
    Dead by suicide
    Cause of the suicide:their mom were walking into their room, saw the hating and burnt off the Crappy chinese pc with an intel celeron.
    Age of death:0 years, 3 months

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