How to Open and Upgrade a Ryzen-Based HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

July 31, 2019 posted by

Today, we’re going to open the case of an HP
Pavilion model 690-0024. This Ryzen 5-based gaming desktop is compact in size,
but we’ll see if it has some room for upgradeability. I’ll dismantle the case
and the inner cage to assess how much you can upgrade in terms of processor,
graphics card, memory, and storage. On paper, the HP contains an AMD Ryzen 5 2400G running at 3.6 GHz, with 8 GB of DDR4 memory running at 2666 MHz.
It includes an AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card and three drives: a
128 GB SSD, a 1TB hard drive, and a DVD/CD burner. The case
itself is black brushed metal with green LED highlights, and it’s really compact.
It measures approximately 13.5″ by 6.75″ wide by 10.75″ deep,
which means there’s not a lot of room in there. So I’m curious how
upgradeable this system really is. Let’s open the case and find out. The tools you
need are a flathead or Torx screwdriver, an old credit card or gift card, and
finally an ESD strap or ESD mat if you plan to touch any of the electronics
inside. The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the single screw that secures
the cover. You can use either a flathead or Phillips head screwdriver, so I’ll
just use my flathead bit. The screw itself isn’t meant to be detached from
the cover so you can leave it in place after loosening it. Let’s then remove the
side panel and set it aside… and take a look inside the case. At first glance, it
looks very clean; the cables are well organized. At this point, to avoid any
electrostatic damage, I’ll put on my ESD wrist strap before touching
any internal components. To get to the memory, M.2
slot and the storage devices, we’ll need to remove the cage,
which is held in place by these four screws. They’re a Torx-
flathead hybrid so you can use either screwdriver bit. I’ll just switch over to
my Torx bit to unscrew them. When I try to slide the cage, there’s
some resistance, and that’s because the front bezel of the CD/DVD drive is
preventing its removal. All you need to do is take a plastic card, and wedge it
in the spacing between the bezel and the front cover. When you pry it, it’ll pop
right off. Here, you can see the tabs that held it in place. The cage then simply
slides off like this. Make sure not to yank it off because there are plenty of
cables attached. Peering inside the case, there’s the processor, which is an
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G. It’s an AM4 socket, so you could upgrade to a Ryzen 7 2700
according to HP’s website. HP has decided to pair this APU – which has integrated
Radeon RX Vega 11 graphics – with a discreet graphics card: the AMD Radeon
RX 580 with 4 GB of memory. Note that if the graphics card ever breaks down,
you won’t be able to use the integrated graphics anyways as the motherboard
doesn’t support it. It’s a very short card, so you’d need to find one with
similar dimensions if you wanted to upgrade it. There’s a little more space
toward the front of the case – but not much. Keep in mind that the power supply
is only 400 watts, so you’ll need to consider the power requirements of any
graphics upgrade. There are two DIMM slots for DDR4 memory, and one is already taken.
That one is an 8 GB module. You can add another one in the extra slot, or if
you want to go large, it’ll accept two sticks of 16, for a total of 32 GB.
Next to the memory is the M.2 SSD in its slot. It’s an NVMe SSD that’s 128
GB, so it’s not very large. You can always upgrade the SSD to a larger
capacity. Panning over to the expansion slots, there’s one single open PCIe slot,
so you could possibly add an audio card. The HP comes with a mechanical 1 TB
hard drive as its secondary drive, as well as a CD/DVD drive, both of
which reside inside the cage. I’ll go ahead and remove the SATA power – and the SATA data cable that’s
attached to the hard disk. The disk itself is fastened
to the cage by these four screws, which again are the Torx-flathead hybrid – the
same size as the cage screws I removed previously. The disk will slip right out;
it’s a Western Digital Blue running at 7200 RPM. You can swap this
out with a larger hard drive or an SSD, but keep in mind that HP stores its
recovery partition there, so you’ll want to either make an image of that
partition, or create a set of recovery discs so you can get rid of that
partition altogether. There’s one more SATA port on the motherboard, so you can
add another hard drive or 2.5″ SSD if you want to expand your
storage options. You can mount the additional drive on the cage where a spare
SATA power cable is conveniently within reach. If it’s a 2.5″ disk,
you may need an adapter to mount it. Now all we need to do is
reverse the steps to reassemble everything back together. This is a very
capable gaming machine that could see some immediate benefits with some minor
upgrades. Even in this compact space, there are options to upgrade the
computer, including its processor and graphics card, but more easily,
its memory and storage. I hope you enjoyed – thanks for watching!


100 Replies to “How to Open and Upgrade a Ryzen-Based HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop”

  1. access random says:

    I will be maintaining a list of components that have been successfully upgraded in the description. If you have had any success stories, please comment below and I will gladly add your experience to this list. A big thank you to all my viewers and subscribers!

  2. erik han says:

    Hi access random, the top of my case tends to get hot and also gets pretty loud when playing certain games. Is this normal? And if not, what can i do to prevent this?

  3. Lina Chon says:

    What’s the name of the ram that I need to install into this pc

  4. Itz_BenyBoi says:

    I have an HP Pavilion 590-p0024. I wanna upgrade the PSU so I can put a 1050ti in it, and maybe a ryzen 5. Would the PSU in this machine work with my own? I determined the motherboards are identical and have the same power connectors. Would it be a safe bet, and if so, can I get a model number for the PSU in this machine?

  5. Reinhold Von Hindenburg says:

    Is there a way to get in there and replace LEDs with a different color? I really want to go purple.

  6. SourCream says:

    Can you upgrade it into a gtx 1070? Or is that too big

  7. Trevor Johnson says:

    I got this pc but mine is a Ryzen 5 2500 with a nvidia gta GeForce 1050 with a 600 w power brick. I absolutely have no problems. Boot up is on the slow side but other than that runs fast and smooth soon gonna add another hard

  8. Jon on Drums says:

    Great overview. I appreciate reviews of computers but knowing the internals and upgradability for these pre builts are really helpful. Thanks.

  9. Joey Hillers says:

    Looks exactly like my 590-p0020.

  10. Randolph Casanas says:

    If I wanted to add a 16gb ram would i need to do any other upgrades or can i just add the ram and be fine

  11. xxxGhostKillerxxx says:

    Is this a special made Rx 580 by hp and can it be matched with a different motherboard

  12. Reece634 says:

    i have a question , dont know much about pcs. If i got this pc could i simply remove the cage and DVD drive? to make more room inside the case? is it as simple as unplugging it? or will there be other issues? thanks.

  13. Eren Jagër aka Deadkiller says:

    So can you upgrade the power supply if you have the answer ?

  14. Sean O says:

    I wonder if the graphics card could upgrade to a GTX 1660 ti. Let’s pray!

  15. lwvmobile says:

    Did anybody ever find a work around to disable the onboard video. This is an issue that I was running into with it using 2GB out of 8GB for onboard graphics with no way to disable it in lieu of the RX550 card being installed in it. See info below:

    Thanks to Josh Patterson for the following note: the integrated Vega graphics on the Ryzen 5 2400G dedicates a portion of the system memory without giving you the ability to disable the APU in the BIOS.

  16. Reece634 says:

    for what you mention at 4:55 about a recovery partition , could i use samsungs data migrate tool and copy the drive to an SSD to upgrade? im a PC noob i dont know what a partiion is, would just copying the whole drive save whatever is needed and allow me to upgrade to SSD?

  17. wayward says:

    Would you do a video on replacing the M.2 SSD? I’m nervous about losing Windows but 128 gb is so little for gaming.

  18. Micah Strawberry says:

    Got the same version for only $600 about a month ago. Planning on upgrading the memory soon.

  19. Its Malo says:

    I Just Noticed that only uses 6 ram out of the 8 it has.Why Is That?

  20. chloe burbank says:

    I got this PC two months ago, it's alright so far but I'm definitely upgrading my CPU, RAM, and Ram. Thinking about getting a Ryzen 7, 1700x or a 2700x, idk yet. Upgrading from an RX580 to either a GTX 1060 or 1070, depending on the PSU as well. For the ram, i might just get another ram stick or get two 8gb ram sticks

  21. Alex M says:

    I have the 690-0010 and i successfully upgraded to an RTX 2060 mini and also upgraded my PSU to a 500w,i will probably do a video one day.

  22. Sam says:

    Just half upgraded this pc! I have the ryzen 3 model, i upgrade it to a gtx 1060 6gb (originally came with a rx 550) put on it 8 GB of ram more and added an SSD of 500gb now just need to upgrade the cpu but I’ll be waiting for the new Octa-core ryzen 3600 that launches sometime In summer for $180

  23. Will says:

    I upgraded my cpu to the R5 1600. Only $80 at Microcenter. Had to keep the stock cooler though. When changing the cpu, I noticed that HP did a terrible job of applying the thermal paste, it was all over the place and uneven. After changing the cpu, cleaning off and reapplying Artic MX4 thermal paste, the temps were much better. Though temps will never be great given the poor airflow of the case. Also added another 8gb of Gskill Aegis 2666 Ram. Works great.

  24. SourCream says:

    If you switch the case to a bigger case, will you be able to put a bigger gpu? Or will I have to change the motherboard for that

  25. XboxOne Gaming says:

    I got this same model from wal-Mart lol just to dip my feet in the PC world and I love it will never go back to console how ever it could b a lil faster witch I’ll prob do soon it’s a grate PC for anyone just getting into PC gaming iv even done a bit of streaming off it and it’s really good for the money u payed

  26. Roy Eah says:

    Do you think I could change the LEDs on the front by others of different color?

  27. -NaMeLeSs- says:

    So I have this exact model, and I'm not a fan of the stock cooler. What's the best I can do for cooling in this, since it's a pretty small case?

  28. molly1002 says:

    I have a HP Pavilion 690 – 0034 AMD Ryzen 7 desktop with 16gb of ram, 128 SSD, and 1TB hard drive. So far it's great but because I play a lot of the bigger games (Fortnite, Overwatch, etc) i'm already seeming to run out of space. I've never updated a computer but if I was to get this one updated, what would I update for more storage? the SSD or the 1TB hard drive? or both? and what is the maximum SSD I could update it with and would a 2TB hard drive work? Thanks!

  29. Christian Perez says:

    I just got this from my buddy for $250. The computer itself and components gets very hot when gaming, if you touch the back where the heat is being exhausted it can almost burn you. I see my GPU get up to 80+ Celsius. Is there an ability to upgrade the cooling fan for the cpu? I already have the case open just to give it better airflow.

  30. KrystLoff says:

    So, can I upgrade the graphic card to GTX 1070 or GTX 1080?

  31. potato_sniper00 says:

    Should I were one 9f those wrist straps that prevents electronic shock if I'm upgrading ram and I've never turned on the pc

  32. CrazyKnows says:

    Mine came with a 400w on a Ryzen 7 with 580 GPU. Is there any upgrade I can do to the graphics card with this PSU?

  33. EyeOfTheMind86 says:

    I have a HP Pavilion Gaming 790-0000nl and I noticed that the panel where the hard drive is located is not the same and the screws are different. Do you have a video which explains how to upgrade that particular computer? I would like to add a SSD but I struggle understanding how to properly open the PC. if you have any useful information let me know.

  34. Jake Bloodworth says:

    Does changing the CPU from 2400g to a 2600 remove the 2gb of ram held up by the iGPU? Looking at upgrading the CPU as Ryzen deals come and go! I wish we could remove the iGPU restriction in BIOS!

  35. RebelCoonG59 * says:

    I have the same pc, but I took everything out of it and modified it to my liking, I have two 4tb HDD, Geforce GTX 1080Ti OC edition, an Asus motherboard, Intel I9 Quad Core processor, and an EVGA bronze 750W power Supply, with a wireless adapter. This pc can be modified to whatever you want, you know the names of the parts, but you don't know what your talking about. But good video bro.

  36. Sir ooofff says:

    Now how to update that core i3 processor

  37. Austin Parks says:

    Saw a few other comments asking, and I saw you said there were mounting holes for another 2.5" SSD, do I need to go out and buy a bracket for it or is there a safe place/way to hold the SSD in place without doing so?

  38. Bam Law says:

    Help please what upgrades I need to play Black desert online remastered on high setting please list in comments

  39. Sosawilt23 says:

    what type of ram does this computer already take? and could i just buy the same one that's inside to add more storage

  40. Cleric Bleach says:

    i have one but with an RX 550 4gb… I searched on Hp's website for the model number (690-0067c) and I couldnt find it anywhere. I expected it to be an old model, but soon found out that it was assembled just under a year ago! How do I know if I can upgrade this?

  41. b bessent says:

    does anyone know what kind of cooling system i can add to this?

  42. Beau Emerick says:

    Is there any way to make a am4 cooler fit at all? Like a adapter or anything?

  43. Asteroid Hare says:

    I have the same model but want to add more ram is it ok to mix brands with the same gb

  44. Rackkba says:

    awesome video

  45. Terry Parrott says:

    Well, I've gone and done it now! While in the process of upgrading the M.2 SSD to a WD Black 1TB NVME…I fried the mother board. Thought I'd share so people can learn from my mistake.

    The Bios on this computer has a real hard time recognizing hardware changes. you basically have to clear the CMOS every time and because of the GPU placement the easiest way to do that (which actually works) is to remove the button battery on the motherboard. I forgot to do that when I swapped the M.2 drive so it wasn't recognized when I started back up. While kicking myself for forgetting to do that the first time…I got in a hurry…and…forgot to unplug the computer before popping out the button battery…which flipped itself across the inside of the case and shorted out the board when it landed coming in contact with both the board and the PSU. 🙁

    Computer is dead…I went through a long series of tests but the best I could get was that the LED on the power button will come on as soon as I plug it in but nothing else works. Unplugging the PSU fan controller connection (small 8pin) from the MB results in the case fan and the CPU cooler fan to come on…but nothing else works.

    I have now completely disassemble the computer, removing everything from the case, and ordered a new motherboard and case (because the new MB won't fit). In doing so, I discovered I'm also going to need a new PSU as I don't think the one that came with this computer can be used with another motherboard due to the presence of the PSU fan controller connection which doesn't exist on commercial off the shelf motherboards. I did find an exact replacement sunflower motherboard online…but it cost $368 from china!!! I also found an exact replacement PSU online…for $218!!! These custom proprietary parts are ridiculously expensive.

    So in the next week I will be setting up a new PC using a new B450M Gaming Plus motherboard, new 450w PSU, new Case, and all the other components from this PC…the 2400G, Freezer 12, RX580-4gb, 16gb Samsung RAM, 1TB WD Black M.2 NvME SSD drive, and 1TB WB Black 2.5" SATA SSD drive. Wish me luck…I sure hope the CPU wasn't fried when the board shorted!

  46. Joe Bennett says:

    great post , HP motherboards don't support anything lol, new motherboard that fits that CPU and you are set, even if it means reinstalling a new copy of windows 10

  47. Abhiru Karki says:

    Can we upgrade it to Intel?

  48. Howtomentallydostuffslapmydonkeycat says:

    Can the power supply and motherboard be upgraded

  49. alteSchuleRap says:

    What Form factor has the case? Is it possible to switch to another mainboard?

  50. Itz Fizzy says:

    Will a rx 580 4gb versión but the one with 2 fans fit

  51. eLJaybud says:

    Custom motherboard, hope that never breaks.

  52. dajmipizde says:

    Can you do a review of the HP Pavilion 790-0015nf (i5-8400/ gtx 1080) with benchmarks ?

  53. KaiKilljoy says:

    I want to upgrade to 16GB of ram, can anyone confirm what kind of ddr4 ram would work?

  54. KaiKilljoy says:

    and will the 570 fit?

  55. Colburn G says:

    Is it possible to get a new case, motherboard, and psu then transfer over the rest?

  56. RadiantNoob says:

    is it possible to move this pc to a new case

  57. erik han says:

    Is there a way to get a displayport connection on this computer?

  58. CrazyCrackerCzatt says:

    I got a Vega 64 for mine…. Too long and not enough power #firsttimermistake

  59. Wayne Hays says:

    I have this PC but the graphics card is overheating

  60. Yahboi Spoods says:

    FOR the LOVE of god do not by this horrible pc i have it right now and it can hardly run tf2

  61. 2FRESH says:

    Can you put any stick for desktop memory or is it only a certain type, if it is, what type?

  62. naruto sasuke says:

    Currently looking into getting one of these, do you thinks theres enough room for an upgraded power supply?

  63. Carlos Garcia says:

    Can I make this vr ready?

  64. InsaneFire10YT says:

    do you know any ram sticks that will work with this pc? mine came with only 1 8gb stick and its tanking my performance so i wanna upgrade to dual channel by buying another stick

  65. Miles Fig says:

    Thanks for this video

  66. AnarickTheDevil says:

    would a gtx 1650 work in this this thing

  67. siroos siroos says:

    if you knew how much you helped me

  68. Roy Eah says:

    Today i changed the rx 550 that came with my hp 690 for a MSI GTX 1650 VENTUS XS 4G OC, and all good. For the one that have this version is safe to put a 75 w gpu instead of the 50w gpu that comes with the pc just have to measure less than 19 cm

  69. carlothemilo says:

    how to remove cpu

  70. chris miller says:

    mine did not come with the m.2 i see u can add one tho mine also has the rx 550 can i upgrade the gpu to rx 580 with no prob?

  71. chris miller says:

    hey can you also add Asus ThunderboltEX3 Expansion Card Expansion Card since it has a another pcie port and use a egpu

  72. Ripuli 247 says:

    Just bought that pc but with gtx 1050 and ryzen 5 2600 for 599€

  73. Gioele Meta says:

    Great video! I've just purchased the same pc with Ryzen 5 2600 and 1060 3gb (model number: 690-0014nl). Do you think I will be able to upgrade with an m.2 ssd and a second 8gb dimm of ram, and if so do you have any suggestions as regards brand and specifications ?
    I am a bit worried about the power supply because it seems to be 310W only and I'm not sure whether it would sustain the additional load… What do you think ?

  74. ImBrowzzer says:

    can you change the case
    like if i buy a different case would everything fit in it and what size case would i need

  75. Dr_Liquid says:

    I check this video a lot still to see if anyone else found anything else to replace parts with lmao

  76. jofrejkd says:

    Correction to video… no, you cannot use the pcie slot to install a sound card. The m2 ssd uses that pipeline, it's not functional while using the ssd. Can use external sound card or plug 5.1 surround jacks to mic and line in ports on rear and pc will auto configure into output ports.

    I own the 690-0034 model with Ryzen 2700. I upgraded the ssd to a larger size and it's western digital black edition. I reconfigured ports on rear to act as audio out for my 5.1 speakers as I stated above. Works great.

  77. Joey Hillers says:

    Ok, I have the 590-p0020 with the same motherboard. I have seen reports of people upgrading the PSU. Based upon my research, power is only delivered via the two four pin connectors. The proprietary connector at the bottom is a PSU fan connector. So, I would imagine you probably could put an sfx PSU in it with those connectors along with a jumper for the 24 pin.

  78. Jonathan Cruzate says:

    I replaced the boot SSD on mine with a 250GB SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD

  79. Gaming Galaxy says:

    What is the maximum length GPU this can fit?

  80. Amir A says:

    Wanting to add a 2.5 1TB to my Ryzen 7 machine… keeping the 128aGB nvMe as a boot drive (first time upgrading a PC as I converted over from Apple products lol). I have the 2.5 SSD in mind, but Have 2 questions for ya:

    1) When you say “you may need an adaptor” what type of adaptor are you referring to, a 3.5 to 2.5 inch bay adaptor?

    2) Also, would I need any extra screws to get the adaptor bay to stay on in the cage, as we don’t have loading trays in this prebuilt PC? I understand an adaptor kit will give me screws to get the 2.5 inch into the 3.5 bay, but I’m trying to figure out how to mount the second bay next to the Western Digital HD

  81. ThoseWidow Mains says:

    Do you know where I can find the power supply? I have the Hp pavilion 690 0010 and I want to upgrade to a 500 watt power supply. If so could you give me the link?

  82. Fusion EDM says:

    Not a bad pc for beginners

  83. ChrizPlayz says:

    Success upgrade with mom. RAM ADDED 16GB SAMSUNG 2666 MHZ DUAL CHANNEL.

  84. snakeguy88 - says:

    You think it would be possible to take out everything and put them in a bigger case?

  85. مجنون المعلوميات says:

    I have a similar build that has a Ryzon 3 2200g with Vega 8 graphics with a b350 motherboard…I don't know what power supply it has though

  86. mrbreede says:

    I saw this is on deal for 450 dollars on amazon what I wanted to know if can the motherboard also be changed

  87. Jim Y says:

    The only problem is there’s one PCIe slot… but overall it’s pretty good

  88. Fear Cardz says:

    i got a question my 1 tb hard drive is "read only" and i cant download shit it pisses me off

  89. Bolt says:

    Hello if i wanna a second ram exactly like the one that the pc have, i just buy it…open the pc and add it?

  90. Lost Astros says:

    dont get this shit , when you want to upgrade in the future you cant becasue the power supply is only 300 watts, basically not enough to power anything past a 1050 ti

  91. Zayp says:

    I have the same computer but a 580 and ryzen 5 if I get an ryzen 7 2700 do I have to get different mother board?

  92. InsaneFire10YT says:

    Hi access random i purchased an m.2 ssd for this pc and it didnt come with a screw. Do you know which screw will work with this motherboard for the m.2 ssd? Thanks

  93. ImBaron says:

    I just got upgraded to Ryzen 7 2700. When I went to put the fan down there was nothing to latch it onto. Help?

  94. cheshirefoxxx says:

    quality vid, i just upgraded my 0020, it's the one released earlier that year and actually has integrated graphics capable.. it's lacking the nvme ssd, i upgraded with an old regular ssd.. and yes, you'll need a bracket, except what i did was simply switch the hdd to the other side of the cage.. and then above the disc player, there's screw holes to mount an ssd directly.. again, thanks for the vid.. the only thing is the plastic giftcard did not work for me LoL! use a paperclip to press the extra button inside the front pinhole, and pry the disk cover off by hand 😂 🤣

  95. Fuzzy Nova says:

    I have this Same desktop but My graphics Card is different. I do have the same AMD Ryzen 5 Processor Vega2400g. But my graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. It came that way new. There are a few different models that I have seen. I'm glad I got the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 tho. But still wanting to know how much I can upgrade

  96. RPCS Studios says:

    I know, this is a GAMING pc but what I do I NEED a great graphics card and a lot of RAM and a decent CPU cause i do stuff like edit 1080p video (i hope i can do 4k) and I do a lot of virtualization too as well as a screen recorder (Camtasia) so I wonder if this will be good

  97. SauceGod says:

    So i could add the rtx 2080 in there?

  98. NickNation says:

    What's the best Processor and Graphics card that can fit in here?

  99. Javier Rodriguez says:

    Can i put a xfx rx 580 in there and if not can i change the case

  100. billy ramsden says:

    Thank you very much for this.
    You are a scholar and a gentleman

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