How to Make Your Facebook Profile Picture Private?

January 5, 2020 posted by

Hi this is Harish Bali and I’m going to show
you how to make your facebook profile picture unclickable. Click on your name at the top Click on your facebook profile picture Click on this earth shape icon. It’s currently
set to public. Make it friends or Only me. If you make it friends then only your friends
will be able to click on your profile picture and comment on it. If you make it only me then only you will
be able to comment on it. Close Now to see weather this has been effectively
done or not click on these three dotted lines. Click on view as. OK. Your profile picture has become unclickable. This is what your timeline looks like to public. moreover no one will be able to click on your
profile picture or put a comment to it. Exit Now let me show you how to make your other
profile pictures that you have used in past unclickable. Go to photos click on albums click on profile pictures. There are three
photos in my profile picture. This is the profile picture that I’m currently
using. Now I want to make this profile picture unclickable. Click on the picture. Click on the earth shape icon, choose only
me and close it. Similarly you can make the other profile pictures
also unclickable. Click on the profile picture, click on the
earth shape icon and choose only me. That’s it. Now your profile picture has become unclickable. No one will be able to put a comment on it. I have a trick to share. If you want that every time you change your
profile picture it shouldn’t get shared on your facebook friends feed, then checkout
the trick in description below. Do share your views on the trick. I look forward to your comments. If you found the tutorial useful, do subscribe
to this channel for more tech related stuff. Thanks for watching.


25 Replies to “How to Make Your Facebook Profile Picture Private?”

  1. Pooja Wadhwa says:

    Very helpful tutorial for females.

  2. Ajay Choudhary says:

    You  do not want ANYONE to find you, unless you send THEM a request. If someone goes to your page, and they are not your friend, then You want them to AT MOST be able to see your name. Nothing else without our permission .You can't set your profile pic as private but you can make it view-able only to a friend  or only to you and public can not see/like/comment on your pictures. But  it should be way easier to set all your pictures to private without having to find each album or picture individually and set it private that way.

  3. winter season says:

    how can i lock my personal pictures on Facebook so my friend can see them but can not copy them?  

  4. Fathima Aslam Thiyyali says:

    thank you so mch..since 2 years am in search hw 2 do it..!!!

  5. keepitmoving says:

    I followed the instructions on your video to keep my profile picture private and it was private for a very long time. Recently, Facebook made some changes and people who are not my friends on facebook, now have the privilege of clicking on my profile picture even though it is private. They can only access my profile picture from a lap top or desk top computer, I tried accessing my picture through my cousins facebook account from his smart phone and it was still private, by the way we are not facebook friends. So people who are not your friends can see your private profile picture from a desk top or lap top computer, but they cant see it from a smart there a way to fix this issue so that my profile picture is completely private? thank you

  6. exclude says:

    can i make it so my profile picture doesn't show up on people's newsfeed?

  7. Kendra Grant says:

    Okay so I tried doing these steps but my profile picture is still clickable….

  8. K Khan says:

    Thanx nice yr

  9. GLORIA GARZA says:

    Scenario. A girl comments on a guy's profile pic but is not friends with him on fb. Does that mean she was stalking him? (Actively looking for him on fb?) Highly unlikely that she saw the pic as a result of a tag b/c the pic was with another girl and that girl doesn't have fb.

  10. Gabar Shidan says:

    iam realy happy to find your channel

  11. khan asim says:

    wrong also click able

  12. FiFAViDZ4You says:

    why does this not work for me

  13. Ashik Priest says:

    all wrong instructions videos are spread over Youtube.. 🙁 ..R.I.P.

  14. Miss ChiChi says:

    i love your accent so cool. it worked. thank you

  15. Hentai - Kun says:

    Your accent is so funny and cool! (i'm not being racism)

  16. Lai Nguyen says:

    loock facebook

  17. Euan 98 says:

    does it still appear on news feed when you upload a new profile picture even as set as only me who can see it

  18. RANA UMAR says:

    I do the same thing but my profile picture is not unclickable so tell me what can I do

  19. Rishika Agarwal says:

    it doesnt work..all u said was wrong..after doing that also it was clickable… lier…fake u r..

  20. Darshanjot Singh says:

    its click able and viewable too!!

  21. Pocahontas says:

    Thank you

  22. Janine says:

    Thanks allot ☺ ♥

  23. Ramazan Mercan says:


  24. SHIRAZ SHAHID says:

    is there any app in which we can find which account stole my profile pic ?

  25. Ansa Dhedhi says:

    How can i make my profile picture unclickable for strangers but not for my friends. Unclickable for those who are not my friends. Plz reply. It's urgent

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