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today how to make a typography poster
design a tutorial brought to you by Satori graphics what up that people
welcome back to the home of graphic design content or right here on YouTube
satori graphics today we’re going to be using both illustrator and Photoshop it
is how to make a typography poster design tutorial I’m launching my
giveaway this coming Friday and on Friday I’m going to upload a video where
I’m gonna explain to the details of how you can enter so make sure you catch
star video in a new document in Illustrator we need to type our
typography first and foremost the star poster design today so access the type
window like so this is the typeface I’m using here but you can of course use
whatever you want I will drop a link in the description
below or the font L made in this poster design there’s going to be 12 letters
you can do the less if you want to but the feel of the whole design
twelve letters work best instead of simply typing out everything
in one text box I’m using the old option key here for duplicate each letter this
way we can align everything a lot easier and the typography poster design when
you have your first three letters finished select them all and then open
up the align window here we’re going to align them as well
as set equal distance between them with the letter still selected hit
command or control G to group them we can head up to object and grip duplicate
the group with three more times with the option key we’re then need to line all
of the Gribbs and send equal distance between them making our table ography
poster layout perfectly aligned ed each letter individually you can ungroup them
all here is my typography layout which says a toy design we can play around the
letters if they are still not perfectly aligned take the rectangle tool and select a
stroke we will draw a border around the typography in Illustrator you can set your stroke to whatever
value you want to but I’m gonna use 30 for my typography poster design once happy select the border and then
I’ll learn the stroke I’m going to duplicate a typography design with the
alt/option key and use the pipette to select white from the canvas in the next part of this tutorial on how
to make a topography poster design we’re going to be moving things over to
photoshop so I went back and lead to my border and
I made a thicker one instead select all of your design and then hit command C to
copy air or if you’re using Windows ctrl C the Nova and Photoshop open your image
I have a link for this specific image download in the description below you
need to now hit command V your ctrl V to paste in place
now this looks fairly good as a poster design but we can make it a lot better I
will take the pipette tool here and grab a color from the background in with the
rectangle tool place a shape over the entire canvas in Photoshop go to layer
below the topography layer and then lower the opacity something like 25 then in a typography layer said the
blend mode to overlay like so you can play around with the blend modes but for
this type of approach the design I personally prefer to use overlay if you
double click the square layer you can use the prepare tool and change its
color experimenting with what you think looks best I prefer to sample colors
from the background itself so the entire design ties in together and there you
have it how to make a topography poster design route to you by Satori graphics
if you did enjoy this tutorial leave a like and a comment on your way out will
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uploads so until next time is on your future today is


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  1. Satori Graphics says:

    Thanks to another subscriber request, a poster design that uses Photoshop.
    Watch out for my giveaway dropping on Friday the 1st of September!

  2. Gus Ri says:

    Thanks for sharing Brother … and very useful for beginners like me

  3. Ibrahim Abbas says:

    Thank you so much, I am interest in your tutorials.

  4. Ratta jack says:

    I must return now

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    i have some questions. please help me.

    should i prefer to go on below website and take part in logo, banner, protfolio etc. design challenge?
    upwork com
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    do you recommend these?

  6. Maestro says:

    Nice work As always

  7. CallMeZarkN says:

    The render is awesome men! Think i will use it for my new wallpaper ­čś«

  8. Big Dub says:

    cant believe this information is free
    great work

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