How to make a flower garden using the Printmaking Kit

July 27, 2019 posted by

ok I'm going to try and use this print making kit thingy all right let's see here all right all right let's see if we got here brush it's probably later okay wait hey oh ok colorful camouflage technique colored textile flower garden think I wanna do flower garden let's see step one with a glue stick weight lifting a glue stick welcome with a glue stick oh alright we've got the glue to stick with a glue sticks to cure the leaf cutouts to a piece of paper or anything I'm guessing that this is I was right ok okay we got these guys ready time for the itty bitty ones you alright we've got our leaves and flowers time to start gluing now we're going to put on the flowers now we're going to put a light coat of water on the separate piece of paper now we're just going to put this on top we are going to flatten it with a couple of books just to make sure it gets on there well I don't know how long to wait so I'm just gonna wait a minute it's been a few minutes I am now going to remove the books the special chemicals on these papers should have made the design go from the bottom to this top layer but there's only one way to find out if it worked this is somewhat what the end result should have looked like thanks for watching don't forget to Like comment and subscribe bye

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