How to make a Drypoint Etching – Engraving from Drafting Film – Printmaking Art Demo

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20 Replies to “How to make a Drypoint Etching – Engraving from Drafting Film – Printmaking Art Demo”

  1. Romel Madray says:

    Dear Belinda, Thank you Is there any alternative that can be used for a tarlatan to wipe the ink from the plate. I have done an etching on drafting film using Speedball Professional Relief Ink
    , I wiped out with a newspaper on the first attempt and used a spoon to press the image in. Unfortunately did not work. I then tried using an ordinary cheesecloth but again unfortunately did not work. The ink did not go into the etching. Would you say that the problem is the ink or needing the tarlatan wipe?Am I right in assuming that relief ink is different than etching ink? Your link points to "Akua Wiping Fabric for Cleaning Print Making Plates" which is a polyester based fabric which seems different than a tarlatan? Can this work instead or do I need to use this tarlatan fabric.Can a piece of polyester fabric work instead?

  2. Linda Douglas says:

    Hi, I found you a long time ago, Belinda, and had forgotten your channel existed. This was a great informative tutorial so thanks very much. Linda x

  3. Pejj Nunes says:

    Wowed! Again super!

  4. Prisilla Cope says:

    Lovely….I'm just beginning a drypoint on plexiglass…great tip for using mylar drafting sheets. 😍😎💝 Thank you.

  5. Christopher Farrell says:

    drafting film is one of the most dynamic mediums available today…..I love it!

  6. Kathy Shen says:

    Hi Belinda; Thanks the prompt response. I am using an Akua tartalan and graffix matte duralar. Thinking about it though, it may be the transparent additive making the ink less opaques so easier to wipe off. I will let you know if results change when I add the transparency. I have some, I had not yet seen your video on my first attempts. Thanks for your time and knowledge

  7. Kathy Shen says:

    In my first experiments with this the unetched parts of the plate held too much ink, the tarlatan did not pick it up, and I had to clean it up with qtips and water. I used Akua intalgio ink, is the transparency and magma you added lending a release quality? Thanks, these are quite fun.

  8. Andrea Hauer says:

    Nice tip, I will use for sure :)…I wonder why didn't you use the "felt blanket" (fieltro), with this technique is not necessary? Thanks!

  9. Mona Turnbull says:

    Love it Berlinda!!!

  10. Charles Dobbs says:

    Have you done copper etching before?if you have let me know and can you tell me if polished copper plate better to use instead of unpolished copper plate better to useCharles Dobbs [email protected]

  11. Mel Kolstad says:

    I hope I don't sound too "stalker-y", but as a newbie your videos are so very helpful!! Thanks so much for the great ideas! 😀

  12. Lianne Ruppel says:

    Is there ANYTHING you cannot do with matte finish duralar? This was fabulous. Thank you. My students can do this.

  13. Jan Partain says:

    My first attempt at this technique, but without a press. Though my image needs a little tweaking it worked like a charm. Thank you!!

  14. Sally Morris says:

    Thanks  for  sharing  this  with  me. I will  try it without  a regular press  and let  you  know  if  I succeed!

  15. Jodie Dee Webb says:

    This is amazing, I am going to have to try this, I have just finished my art degree but I want to keep up with my art! I started this channel to keep my creative process flowing and I love finding other artists and tutorials, it's so much fun!

  16. Tigran Khashmanyan says:

    Awesome! 🙂

  17. Concrete Turtle says:

    Was the edition of five made from the one inking?  or was the plate re-inked.  I'm guessing….re-inked?

  18. mlthomas36 says:

    Sorry, I just looked at the video referenced below on dry point printing without a press.
    The hardness of the plate seems to allow the spoon to work.  Would we have to put a hard backing under the mylar?

  19. mlthomas36 says:

    I really enjoyed this.  Do you think I could get enough pressure to transfer the ink using a stainless steel spoon?

  20. daisy3690 says:

    I like the color version best;very nice. The blush is something I rarely see now days…
    In my printmaking class nothing is really said about how much pressure is required to print various things from a variety of matrix'. Did it take extreme pressure to make this very thin piece, even though it had a backing? I thought I would try this on my Sizzix if I can manage to get that special film. Thank you for sharing I enjoyed it very much

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