How To Fix AMD RX Vega GPU in macOS Mojave Hackintosh

August 14, 2019 posted by

Do you have a Hackintosh build and you are
running AMD RX Vega graphics card in it? Do you have some problems with fan speed,
noise, frequencies or power consumption? Yes? Then this video is exactly right for you. If you are new here, then click on that subscribe
button and hit the bell next to it, so you don’t miss any of my future videos. Lot of Hackintosh users which chose AMD RX
Vega GPU are reporting some issues with it under macOS. In fact the Vega GPUs in the Apple iMacPro
or MacBook Pro are little bit different then those from PC world. But don’t worry, don’t give up, fortunately
I have a solution for you and help you to fix your Vega GPU in maOS Mojave Hackintosh
fast and easy way. And remember all links or apps used in this
tutorial you can find now in this video description, so you don’t need to search for it over
the internet and waste your time. So, some smart guys somewhere in China created
quite strange and weird looking application and thanks God some even smarter guys translated
it into English 🙂 so we can use it without pain too. This little application called VegaTAB is
designed for Vega 56, Vega 64 and also for Vega Frontier Edition which I’m using and
also for water-cooled versions. It has quite clear and easy to understand
UI. Simply change all those parameters to suit
your needs and the result of this Hackintosh Vega application is just a single kernel extension
file, exactly for your card, which you then just copy into your EFI / Clover / Kexts / Other
folder. After reboot your Vega GPU will behave like
a new graphics card and work as expected, of course if you dialed everything correctly
🙂 I will show you now real life example. My Hackintosh is running latest macOS Mojave
10.14.2. I use Terminal command to monitor my fan speed,
frequencies and temperature. I don’t have the default VBIOS in my Vega
Frontier Edition Air Cooled version which came with my card. My custom VBIOS is set to slightly decrease
my frequency under full continuous load to stay always at maximum 70 degrees of Celsius
and my fan at idle is always running at 1500 rpm. So I run Luxmark which put my Vega under full
load and watch my frequency and fan rpms. Temperature is rising, fan speed too and now
it’s starting to throttle down to stay within 70 degrees of Celsius. So what about I would buy some better cooling
for my Vega Frontier Edition and would want to max out my core frequency all the time
under load? And what about I would like to turn off the
fan when my card is idling? Let’s have a look. I will open the VegaTAB application now. Here select your GPU. It will immediately open a webpage, where
you can set all the parameters. Sometimes you will need to open the app more
times to get the page working correctly. You can play with Core frequency, core voltage,
memory frequency, memory voltage, fan etc.. From within this application you can simply
overclock or undervolt your Vega GPU, so also lower your power consumption. It’s good to compare new settings with your
current settings your GPU is running on right now I’m using a Terminal command to monitor
my GPU, I covered it in my previous tutorial, so if you missed it, just browse my YouTube
channel. Link is also in video description. Now after you’re done with the settings,
just click here at the bottom at “Generate Control Information” and that will create
a kernel extension for your GPU on the desktop. Now all you have to do is just put this kext
into EFI / Clover / Kexts / Other and reboot. So I will open Clover Configurator and mount
my System EFI. And now I will just copy the kext for my GPU
to the Other folder. And last step is to just reboot your computer. After rebooting your computer, your GPU should
behave differently, then your original VBIOS is set to. So please remember, all you do with this application
can harm your GPU if you set something incorrect, so do it at your own risk! Always think twice or maybe more times 🙂 When
you start testing it after reboot, start with just some light load, which you can stop immediately
when something goes wrong. So as you could see, with this little application
you can completely tweak your Vega GPU the way you like it or prefer and unlock full
potential of it in your macOS Mojave Hackintosh build I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful,
if so, please click on the like button bellow. Watch also my other tutorials. Subscribe to my channel and hit the bell next
to it, so you won’t miss any of my future videos You can also join my Hackintosh and macOS
groups on Facebook, Reddit or my website, links are now in this video description. Thank you for watching and see you next time.


43 Replies to “How To Fix AMD RX Vega GPU in macOS Mojave Hackintosh”

  1. Shahaaim says:

    Overclocking a GPU on a Mac. Something I never thought I'd see! haha

  2. Liquid Valium says:

    Amazing! Could you use this with a Vega 64 running on eGPU on a 2018 Mac Mini?

  3. christian photolives says:

    hi, question: there is any chance to have the same app for the RX580? the fan on my video card don't spin at all
    thank you

  4. Angel Acosta says:

    Were is the VegaTab_FE.kext file located? Is that installed by default on the system or do I need to get it from the web?

  5. Med Badr Chemmaoui says:

    I tested this on my Vega 64 Air-cooled under Mojave and can confirm that it works.
    left everything the same for Core Frequency and core voltage which are the stock that the cards come at (not trying to Undervolt the card under Mac os since I won't be tapping those GPU max cores anyways with the tasks I'm doing under MacOs – did UV the card under windows though for heavier tasks)
    Only thing I changed is the idle speed and minimum speed that I put at 800rpm and max speed at 3500rpm (from my testing on windows with AMD wattman I already know that those settings will keep the vega cool enough), I also put the target temp at 75degrees instead of 70- Exported the kext and after reboot; it worked 🙂

    Thank you!

  6. Angel Acosta says:

    This works for me except my Vega is under an EK water loop with my 9900K. I already run very low temps but it is nice to see. I also run Vega FE Liquid Cool original bios over the FE Air bios. 😉 Thanks fro the video tutorials amazing video stuff you come up with. =) Keep up the good work!

  7. obus obusson says:

    This app is not working on my Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 Liquid Edition Reference card.
    Any idea?
    Tested booth with kext and SSDT without success.

  8. Rob van Hees says:

    Excellent, thank you so much Morgonaut !
    Much Love and happy Xmas from Holland.

  9. NO BODY says:

    Rx 580 crossfire worth the money?

  10. D-One says:

    Consider doing a tutorial on how to do Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext for perfect USB function, that's the hardest thing to do on a Hackintosh.

  11. M Rusli says:

    Hi, if I am having AMD Radeon RX 580 PULSE what did I need to do? What kext do I need to use on High Sierra and Mojave? What are option to disable my previous Nvidia Graphic card GRX1060 if I need to install the AMD Radeon RX 580 PULSE?

  12. Александр Neo says:

    Hi, but how do I run my r9 270x, at least on high Sierra, connect via DVI-D, it is important to digital channel, and get a black screen, excellent monitor, 24, va matrix, but only dvi-d connection? That only did not try, SMBIOS, different connections 10.12.6, great, 10.13,sorry? Fuck. I dont understand thats the fuck. Sorry, I just can't find a solution, ordered with aliexpress 2011 and 2680 v2, but I want to leave my graphics card, but I do not know how to run it on 10.13.6 at least. Help Please.
    Sorry, wrote via Google translator.

  13. Simone Mastellone says:

    Do you know how to fix the sleep issue with rx 580 in mojave, please can you make a video

  14. Zoltán Nagy says:

    I downloaded your application on your VGTAB-en App. Thanks! How do I inject the generated Kext on Mac Pro 2010 (No Hackintosh) on Mojave?

    Thank You!

  15. Scretvik says:

    Привет из Брянска))

  16. espro says:

    Does it work with high sierra?

  17. videojpr says:


  18. Palys Media says:

    Thank you for making this, the online guides are tough to follow , this was super easy, thank you for the step by step instructions.

  19. Rajul Gohil says:

    Whos that lady with orange saree on top of your middle monitor

  20. Visto Vision GMS says:

    you are amazing, you need to start accepting BITCOIN as a tip. easy for us.

  21. Nicola Dellino says:

    Nice video

  22. Minh Ho Sy says:

    i can't render video as H264 in final cuts pro, it's always faild. I need help plz

  23. ENTRENCHING says:

    I have a gigabyte VEGA 56 and i got it working with the tabs app! But my card still thinks its an hovercraft when performance is needed and does not fan down after an export for example… full fanspeed is maintained. Do you find it to be the case with 3th party cards? (Pulse and stock AMD do work)

    Thanx, love your Hackintosh series!

  24. Yamil Manzur says:

    Excellent video! Do you know in any way to increase the screen resolution in high Sierra under a GTX 1060?

  25. k says:

    Question: are you using the sapphire 64 or xfx 64?

  26. Nicolas Franza says:

    Hello again Theresa, I have a quick question for you.

    I currently have a GTX 1080 8GB on my build, I want to sell it to buy a Vega 64 because of the Web Driver current situation.

    I have someone that wants to buy my 1080 and I also have someone selling a USED Sapphire Vega 64 reference design (which I love btw) and for the same money. 

    The only issue here would be that the guy with the Vega told me he used it for mining, but "just for one month and not constantly until the bitcoin dropped and it was no longer profitable" as he says. Of course, he's offering me to tryout the card before buying. And he also has the invoice with the date of the purchase.

    What do you think? Should I give it a try? And if so, what should I watch for?

    Thanks in advance!

  27. Default says:

    Hello, have the vega frontier and it make noise, i have dual boot and in windows works normal but when i boot in mac make this noise with they call wire noise, try what you just told and it keep doing some noise.

  28. satoags says:

    I wonder if there's a way to scan all this kind of apps for exploits, backdors and such, I'm very sceptical about the "good people" giving they work for free, even many pay software sell your info and try to make profit on you, even if they software is full price. How can we check if you aren't opening your "house door" to nefarious software?

  29. FAST TECH says:

    My Vega 64 is single fan like Frontier, now i am confuse which one select in utility.

  30. FAST TECH says:

    For “intel free sync” its necessary igpu enabled with vega 64?

  31. FAST TECH says:

    Facing issue, h.264 not rendering. 1080p(fcpx)

  32. Phenom V says:

    thank you very much for this guide!! it work with my vega 64 🙂

  33. Mommy Love Records TV says:

    any options for Rx580 ?

  34. Jack Safarian says:

    Thanks for your video. But it seems like this technique doesn't work for Gigabyte GPU that have a different VBIOS than other VEGA GPU. Specially since the 10.14.3 update I can't find any kext (not even clover devices parameters) that work for my vega rx 64 gigabyte 🙁

  35. Melvin Cho says:

    I made some changes to the volt and injected the kext, and now my hack is not booting, how can remove that kext or replace it with the default. I can't boot cross the apple logo

  36. Bun Mok says:

    Does anyone know if this will work with MacPro 5.1? My card's fan is running full speed all the time, and I couldn't see anything in the EFI mount after using Clover Configurator. probably because it's not a Hackintosh… thanks in advance, much appreciated for any kind of reply!

  37. FUNKJAY 23 says:

    Hi, I built my hackintosh with dedicated hardware, everything / almost everything seems to be working … I'm very happy with the result!
    The only problem I continue is that of the graphics card fan:

    -MSi Vega 56 Air Boost

    I tried to watch on YouTube or read in some forums, after trying different experiences with success in a new way, but life continues to go at top speed.
    Can anyone advise me how to solve this problem?
    Since the noise is annoying …
    Thanks in advance

    Hardware :

    i5 9600K
    Z390 Designare Gigabyte
    MSi Vega 56 Air Boost 8GB
    SSD M2 Samsung 970 evo
    HDD Seagate Barracuda 4TB

  38. GUMYOPOWER says:

    Est-ce que cela marche avec la Vega 64 nitro+?

  39. Pascal Vos says:

    Does this also work on rx vega m ??

  40. sangdragon i says:

    Can I install a RADEON VII graphics card?

  41. Joseph Lo says:

    Hi Teresa, what are the options to undervolt and underclock the AMD RX570 and RX580 cards under mojave?

  42. Mutant X says:

    My two AMD frontier get hot and makes my hackintosh shut down using davinci.

  43. Maria Abraham Pictures says:

    Morgonaut, I have a question. When I add kext generated by Vega Tab do I also add it to System/Library/Extensions on my computers main hard drive? Or do I only have to add it to EFI/Clover/kexts/Otherfolder? Thank you.

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