How to fix a hot and loud graphics card

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  1. Dawid Does Tech Stuff says:

    Rumor has it, this video was edited entirely by my hair.

  2. Christopher Rameriz says:

    Can you put a link to that screw driver

  3. Kolby Brian2412 says:

    That’s hotter than my GTX 1080 in my laptop it’s usually sitting at 60-70 degrees Celsius which is good with and over clock on it

  4. Ajit kumar says:

    My dream GPU MSI armour Rx 570 OC is coming on 29/07 is it good card all I want smooth gaming my monitor only sup 900P so I can't play it at 1080P is MSI one gonna burn or blast when I play it on like 3 or 4hrs.
    Plz reply fast I will cancel the order.

  5. Diamond says:

    Just do some undervolting. Less power consumption, less heat.

  6. Sean Konzman says:

    Put both fans in the back and top as exhaust fans, air will be pulled in by the GPU vents in the rear. More dust but better got cooling.

  7. Jon P Ybanez says:

    Thank you for explaining the troubleshooting logic. I hope people find this helpful.

  8. Omnia Tech says:

    This is pure gold lol I always smile while I watch your videos man ;D

  9. Patrick D'Souza says:

    What software did you use to see the temps?

  10. Sulphurous says:

    This is why you must be careful not to acquire hotbox cases.

  11. rizvian igamo says:

    Got the same VGA, mine is 4gb. For me, this model is really sucks for the heatsink. At least, my msi armor rx 570 always run the fan lower than 50%

  12. Sulphurous says:

    I wouldn't say it's filler at all, quite the opposite. Just cleaned out some dust from my tower yesterday after a hot two hours of backbreaking labor using compressed air and the vacuum cleaner to consume the dust. I don't take any components out.

    The problem is that there is also dust that's so dense it can't be dislodged by blowing air. MSI R9 280X Twin Frozer btw.

  13. FourT says:

    Video comes out on just what I need when I need it, I just got a Rx 470 OC it runs very hot

  14. Brandyon Brooks says:

    Try this case Dawid:

  15. Rushil says:

    Enjoy ltx, and looking forward to the personal rig update!

  16. Dragon X says:

    hi i have a question.
    Is the i5-4570 with GTX 1050 TI OC a good rig?

  17. Greg Greg says:

    An Artic accelero can help most of the times, and yeah a good case grants you lower noise, better temps and better fps in some cases (gpu boost)

  18. MapleLeafAce says:

    Also you don’t seem to know afterburner exists to set your own custom curve. You can set it to whatever you want. It seems so weird to try rebuilding the GPU to get the fan speed down when there are programs to allow you to just directly slow the fan down.

  19. MapleLeafAce says:

    Your background music mixing is not very good. It cuts in really randomly with weirdly toned music, and competes with your voice. It’s distracting.

  20. Bewolf Zr says:

    It’s polaris for you it runs hot and loud that’s why it’s cheaper than Nvidia just undervolt it and make a fan curve it will make a difference

  21. morback87 says:

    Are you using a dry piece of paper? I usually dip it a bit in alcohol to help the process.

  22. dragan zica says:

    U can buy something like this,it will keep tempts under 60 at 50 fan speed,and they are not expensive at all

  23. KamilxHueHue says:

    Hey Dawid. I really think you should get a sponsor, which wouldnt be hard with that big of a grow-up. It really would help you make videos.

  24. The Punisher says:

    My vega 56 gets pretty damn loud too

  25. boomtinsley says:

    best end of the week Every !!
    love the humor 🙂

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