How to edit your pictures for free using Airbrush – Professional pictures for your online store

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hey everybody welcome to Littlejohn’s Yarn
today I want to teach you how to take pictures of your products to make
them look more professional last week I showed you an app called Airbrush it’s
something that you can find in your Google Play Store that’s available for any Android app so we’ll
hop right into the video first we want to click the library
button this will take you into your gallery remember you can find these all
on your phone but I just did just download it on my computer so I can give
you a better view of what’s going on so as you can see right here I am sitting
in my living room in my pajama pants with crazy legs and a messy background
but I’m going to take this ugly picture with me sitting on two poster boards
with some rocks are on my feet and make it look more professional we’re gonna
start by cropping out the picture to do that you’ll scroll across all the way to
the canvas button right here I’m gonna go to custom and I’m going to crop my
work it’s a more desirable look there we go and can you see this little space
right here I’m going to want to get rid of that I feel like if I cut it off too
much my work will be a little bit off-center so to do that I’m going to go
to this reshape button right here this reshape button allows me to take this
white and push it over but right now we’re in a light I want to push things
over heavily I’m able to shrink this edge over there we go take a second so you can
actually see what it does I’ll mess up my picture right here you see that I
moved out the my work actually I kind of liked that the shower looks a little bit
plumper and you see this little button right here this lets you see before and
after what your work looks like so I click this button there we go before
after so I like what I see so I’ll click the check button so now can you see
these harsh lines around the bottom of the picture I’m gonna want to get rid of
those so I am going to scroll over to this button right here smooth I want
these extra smooth so of course I want to click the smoother button I’m gonna
zoom in on my work and I’m just gonna brush there to get rid of that harsh
line and over here oh this is a very harsh
line I might have to go over this a couple times actually let’s hop out of
there to get rid of it to get rid of this harsh line even more let’s see which one shall I use just move this
horse edge I’m going to hit let’s see I can also use the blur button rub that on
there you see how that line just begins to disappear okay let’s look at these
veiny legs let’s make this picture look even better I’m gonna smooth this out
make my legs look super hot also you can use this little size hair
to make your cursor even smaller to get into those little tough nooks and
crannies I think my legs are already starting a
little better well let’s get this toast okay I’m not gonna go into a full
tutorial well we’re not a full tutorial this is a full tutorial but I’m not
gonna go into full detail just want to show you some of the features okay legs
look a lot smoother and these little pebbles are on the bottom let’s brighten
those up a little bit and to do that you go to the section that looks like a I
click on that there we go make those stones look a little bit
brighter all right we just photoshopped our work
let’s see if we came in closer so you can see it better before and after it’s
kind of hard to see cuz I’m filming with my phone filming my computer so it’s a
little bit grainy so here’s the before you can see it’ll legs are a little bit
uh more natural-looking the rocks or a little bit more dull you can see that
space left over there and see shale it’s a little smaller and here’s the after
before after especially you know the veins around the feet who nobody wants
to see those you can further photoshop your picture to make it look even better
but like I said avoid photoshopping a project because that can be very
misleading especially if you’re selling your own work I’m going to search some
other pictures of some before and afters that I’ve completed okay as you can see
this is the picture he just worked on I’m looking a little bit of rough
sitting in my pajama pants trying to work poster boards and after you
wouldn’t even know what the before actually looked like this is something
actually you would want to buy this second picture is something I just took
a picture of in my basement underneath some good light so once again I just
cropped off the outsides and made it worthy of something that I would put on
my website the after looks awesome on the next picture I’m going to show
you one of my favorite tips I didn’t show this in a video but on the app
there’s a defocused button that you can take the background out of focus and
bring more attention to the main model in the picture if that makes sense
before I might put the D focus in the background the picture was very flat
this blurring the background make sure pictures look a little bit more
professional I did the same thing with the second picture I blurred out the
background just enough to bring attention to the item that I made and it
also makes my picture look very professional like I took it with a very
expensive camera and I didn’t I took it with a $60 smartphone if you want to
learn more about how to improve your handmade business make sure you click
the thumbs and subscribe to my channel I come out
with three videos every week I’ll see you all on the next tutorial


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  1. Littlejohn's Yarn says:

    last week video

  2. Lucy Ramos says:

    Thank you for your tips. Shout out from Florida ☺️

  3. Dustin Selph says:

    Thanks but the volume is extremely low.

  4. Danielle Johnson says:

    Awesome tips! Do you have a pattern for the Barefoot Sandals? They're are really cute. Thanks.

  5. Tana Carroll says:

    Beautiful sandals. However, I had no idea these programs existed. Which software did you use? If you said, I must have missed it.

  6. Ana Antunes says:

    Please, I need a help. You are doing it in a tablet or pc? Because I cannot work with airbrush on pc.. thanks

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