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What’s up guys, I am Rob.
Welcome to my channel. First of all, guys,
thank you so much for the wonderful response
for my last video. Makes me really happy when you like my work or write
something positive about it. So I really like to.
Thank you so much. And do you know we’re conducting
a poll on this channel? You can choose whether you
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some pretty interesting videos. And I promise you will like them. So what is today’s project? Actually, I got so many
comments on my last project… …that you guys don’t watch the game of thrones and I should have made something… …related to the Avengers. Well, your request is my command. Today we’re going to make
an Avengers End Game Poster. Get ready, it’s time for some DIY. Why?
Because I love it. All right. Let’s get started. Today I am going to show
you how we can transfer a color image into a wooden block. So I have a wooden block here, which I’ve cut according to the size of my poster. Few things you must keep in mind. Whenever you choose a wooden block, there should be no dent or holes in it. Or you won’t get a nice print. The surface should be very smooth. If it isn’t, then you can use
a sandpaper to make it smooth. Once the surface is smooth,
then you’re good to go. After that, you will need an image. I have here an Avenger’s End Game Poster… …which is a laser print. You will need a laser printer for this. Laser prints work better because laser printers use toners and not ink. And toners are an electrically charged powder which gets coated on the paper… …and is easier to transfer. Again…few things you need to keep in mind. Whenever you’re transferring
anything on the wood… …you’ll need to do it like this, face down. And for that, you must remember
that the text should be flipped. Meaning, it should be a mirror image. In fact, this entire poster is a mirror image. I added the logo here,
which is again a mirror image… …so that it looks proper after I transfer it. And once your image and your wooden block are ready,
you can start the transfer process… …for that I will use mod podge. You can find this at
any good stationary shop, or also order it online. I have had this bottle for a long time. I’ve used it for many projects. So this is a good investment. It’s a little expensive,
but you can do a lot of things with it. So what we do now apply a layer of mod podge on the wooden surface. And then we’ll stick the image over it. So using a brush I will apply a nice layer of mod podge on the wooden surface. You must properly cover your wooden surface with a layer of mod podge. In this case, less is more. You don’t need to use too much. But make sure every corner
and every area is covered. I’ve applied a nice layer over it. I am done and ready. Now we’ll take the poster and stick it on the wooden board while carefully aligning it. Properly press the poster after
sticking it on the wooden block. Apply some pressure,
so that if there are any air bubbles, that escape. And your poster properly
sticks on the wooden block. We’ll keep it aside for drying. This thing takes some time
to dry because it’s like glue. So it will take some time. So here’s our wooden block
which has properly dried up. And now we can move on to our next step. What we do next is removing
this layer of paper. Actually, the print sticks
to the wood because of the mod podge. When you remove the paper
the image will be revealed. For that, we must apply
some water and rub out the paper. So let’s bring in a tray so that my table doesn’t get too dirty. Next, we’ll pour some water on it. So that the paper gets wet,
and is easier to get it out. You can wash it under a tap as well. And remove the paper. As you can see I a properly
coating the paper with water. And as soon as the paper
is completely wet… …it turns soft. If you apply some paper,
the paper starts to come off. As you can see,
we can already see the image below. Because it’s nicely stuck
on the wood below. So this is what you need to do. Gently remove the paper. No need to apply too much pressure… …otherwise you will rub out
the print as well. You can also use an old
toothbrush to remove the paper. The process is still the same. You’ve to rub the toothbrush
and remove the paper. So you can use your hands,
or an old toothbrush, or towel. You can use anything that’s available. And we’re done,
so let’s pour some water over it. And let’s check our final poster reveal. Look at that.
Looks amazing. You can see it’s a pretty nice print. It’s nicely printed on my wooden block. It’s peeled in some places. Even in the corner. I think we didn’t apply the
mod podge in these areas properly. Or maybe I rubbed too hard. So little mistakes happen. But that’s giving it a little distressed look. And since it’s End Game,
there’s going to be a duel, some destruction as well. So this is just the aftermath. So looks nice,
let’s wipe it and check the final reveal. I really hope you guys
enjoyed watching this video… …and found this tutorial helpful. If you liked it, then share,
like, and do comment. And if you have already subscribed,
then ask your friends to subscribe too. By the way, a lot of people
don’t know that I exist on youtube. So you guys can help me.
Spread the word. See you guys later.
Till then, like I always say… Do good, and Be good. Peace.


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