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you hello assalamualaikum chavacano ceviche halogen so they know that scare armenian ashram video but shut up okay om design and development of class I mean Ali learning on another shot they ask you topics ask you to be HTML as cached even an ultimate class and I think this is the applies to Mueller could shape and the digital hasta see and go to class eight a homage Ithaca visit I could evoke ownership powerful asset to acknowledge an opposable dr. claw say I'm not too fond de agosto regime formal action kiichi Tony Pascal you see day active duty input books make us crazy actors button yoga school achieve input books now and you know input type text takes type it type takes to get out of the way and input box select a nominee to – op name for it time at out it takes Tucker takes turtle it away I don't know digital phone and whatever type of us have meet you take a submit button paper to Ahmed Akashi I should not exceed Oscar a next then I can I have my is happening in Telugu what another suppose Iman I am going on here on Stan thank you Oh better all reduce increases have been gotten a big world full your elder changes icon a Mike last night near Cusco booth door again Russ let's eye you know they go after poking on it je t'adore per basket and subtly boys evil receptor not a top game over a magazine potable using portable I said but I'm not Natalie Mirabal you cannot Nora visible potable not a child into the channel mommy data then they're gonna see as being a circus and I can take it down to 11 Dokdo 5 signified a stick or a tarp or mr. Penniman jo I'm gonna Vaughn did you know found the Gmail where I met up and go hey Maxine me to some of the same company I've not down good could have Anna good comfortable far like a cable post network from Porto Alegre forum name method is a post action taqueria say I'm not to blame put the visible Chablis on a mask an observer then Hey and then were there okay can we borrow I'll finish up sugar that is the subpoena that under is Greece taystee then damn Oh what whenever that is a question a job dammit someone named just finish later right they let me she was editing as an ally we actually selected melon is a good pleasure for me yeah I had the word in the middle subdiver tonight or nobody said of them but submit you'll hear an iclicker boy and a little girl they said okay I may have Marik tefillin ago taste fill it up a password for us password it has jab didn't taste fear in the password another basket without unity bustling look Rebecca men I said back then I'm at the whoa us that's iron and that was okay I guess mandala escape wasn't it next to me I was away on Saturday March goons around the Japanese have sleeping it off which is generally subscription and we'll work it out the addictive but the poor woman on TV – of reputable

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