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hey I'm Lee this is mark welcome to crowdfunding voice today we're going to talk about the three things that can kill your crowdfunding campaign the first thing is your goal is too high the second thing is you haven't done enough pre-launch activity and the third thing your contents does Marse gonna kick it off with your goals too high so let's just jump right into that your goals too high this is a problem that we see on so many campaigns today on Kickstarter 76% of the people that are running a campaign today are not gonna reach their goal and they're not gonna get it done in the case of IndieGoGo as many as 93 percent of the people are not hitting the goal they set in their campaign that's a huge problem and it ought to tell you something it ought to tell you that it's not always that you didn't do a great job with a campaign while that can certainly be an issue and I think we'll be talking about that but in many cases the goal was set emotionally as opposed to understanding exactly how crowdfunding works first of all let's think about a crowdfunding campaign and the platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo as big Walmart grocery stores that's what a Kickstarter or an IndieGoGo platform is it's a big store with thousands of products the most successful campaigns are the ones that are often featured most if you want the traffic of the platform if you want those millions of visitors on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to come and see your campaign then you need to make sure that your goal is low that your success rate is high and you want to hit that goal if at all possible in the first 24 to 48 hours apart why your campaign is probably not doing so well is you didn't spend enough time with your pre-launch activity you want to give yourself about 60 to 90 days before you can the campaign to basically fund it before you even start no I'll tell you how you do that first you're gonna want to set up some landing pages online with email capture forms and what is that doing the traffic you're driving from social media your friends your family that email lists you may have should be going to that early interest list you should be getting people that are interested in funding your campaign before it even launches what do you think about that one absolutely if you're waiting for that platform Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to bring you all the traffic you're gonna be very disappointed so on a social media side focus on 15-second videos make sure you have a professional do the videos generating the data getting people interested in your campaign get some press work with the work with the publicist get some PR get someone to write about you generate that interest go to events go on find tech events find whatever industry you're in and just get people excited about it yeah keep in mind that a lot of what you're doing here is you've got a brand new brand maybe you've got a product it has never been sold in the marketplace before you've got to build a loozy a site Nike yeah nobody's an overnight success regardless of what people may think so you've got to build confidence in what it is you're doing you gotta build excitement in what you're doing and so getting out to the press getting out to social finding that angle where a press is gonna want to cover it what's interesting what's new again they're not your salespeople so keep in mind if you can't bring them an angle and a story that is something they want to get behind that's bigger than you just getting more contributions you're not gonna get it the third thing is your campaigns probably not doing very well because your content sucks I don't take that the hard way but you look at what the best campaigns have and you measure up your campaign against theirs probably a little bit of a gap so you need the good fit you need good video you need good graphics you need good photography yeah let me jump in and say you know that video let's talk about just briefly for that video we've seen some great video and we've seen some terrible video look the video shouldn't be 5 minutes long this is a one and a half two minute video it's it's a it's a trailer it's a movie trailer now if there are a couple of different points that you want to make in that video the better thing to do is make more than one video get your main point up there in that minute and a half two minutes and if you want to have the founder talk a little bit about how they came up with the idea maybe or certain other elements of what's important about your campaign put it in a separate video make it up 45 second a one-minute video and add that second video in your campaign you can have more than one video and motion graphics can do a lot for your campaign as well motion graphics make products come alive those images are important to the search engine optimization of your campaign we've seen terrible images in some campaigns ridiculous kind of things what's really exciting is there's millions and millions of dollars that crowdfunding companies are raising every day and this is putting businesses on the map it's putting products in our economy and putting people to work so everybody who's involved in this industry congratulations this is something great we'll see you again soon take care take care


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    Thanks for providing this episode of the Crowdfunding voice. For those that would like to learn more about how to create a crowdfunding campaign you can see this YouTube video:

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    Great tips, thanks for sharing. Will try to use some on the campaign I just started:
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