How to change background of an image – photoshop class 4 by aamir khayam

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Last time we studied Laso Tool and Polygon Laso Tool. We left the Magnetic Laso Tool and now we will study that tool. Also we will Study Quick Selection Tool and magic wand Tool. So, lets start… The first thing is that select magnetic Laso Tool. right click on Laso Tool to select magnetic Laso Tool What does magnetic laso tool do? For what purpose this tool is used? For that, take such picture which have more than one colour in that!! I mean different colours.. like this picture contain 4 types of colours This tool is used to differentiate between the colour and select the required image…. This tool is for those who works fast…for busy persons As the colours are totally different from each other so it will work perfectly here to select this box. The white background is totally different from each colour.. it will select the area automatically as you move the mouse. Just like this.. See, I have just clicked on one point and I started moving my mouse around this box See how it select the area automatically Photoshop will detect the difference between the colours automatically After selecting the box click on the point from where you started selection. This will close the selection process…
you can press backspace key any time to remove unnecessary points… The tool contain some new options that were not in previous tools… These new options are Width, contrast and frequency.. If i tell you about the next tool then you would never use this tool.. now, i am telling the options of this tool.. The width option here helps you to set the width that photoshop will detect for range of selection lets see how it works i am going too high from the selection point but within its range and it detect that automatically… see how width effect the selection here… Other options like add to selection, subtract from selection and intersect with selection are same as we have studied them in previous
Tools Feather, contrast and frequency are the new options here so, we will study that… The width here by default its value is 10 change it to set selection area….


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