How to Build Open Source Projects Using CMake and Visual Studio.

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  1. There is still hope, I hope says:

    Thanks mate <3

  2. News Fake says:

    This video really help me to understand how to use cMake.Thank you very much.

  3. Miguel0n says:

    Hey there, CMake newbie here. I'm getting an error after going through the config process, "project files may be invalid". Nice little one-way ticket to Vaguesville, with stops at Google, Bing, and (my personal favorite ) DuckDuckGo (lol). Soooooo……..?
    Is there a log file someplace, or some obscure little nano-setting that isn't precisely 3.14159265 microns in width, or do I just cast Expecto Patronum? 😀

    Obviously, I've struggled with this ridiculously complex program before, and simply don't speak the lingo. It's all dark magic or rocket-science. And sadly, all the best open-source projects require it. Sooooo…….?

    lol at this point the only theory I have is that if I can create a new Visual Studio or Code::Blocks project, add all the files, compile and pray it works, I might get the binaries. But that's literally the best I got. Any ideas? Thanks. 😀

  4. Isik Türkmen says:

    Very helpful, but what I don't understand is why are we building two solutions? one with CMake and another one with VS. To be more precise, why is it necessary to build another solution of an already configured CMake solution in Visual Studio ? Can not we use the Cmake built only for Visaul Studio projects?

  5. Володимир Лагода says:

    Very helpful. Thanks a lot!)

  6. Yagi D says:

    Can we use it for open modelica project?

  7. blackcurrant07 says:

    Really helpful video. Thanks. Which video is the sequel that you are promising at the end?

  8. rawand deheliah says:

    THANKS A LOT !!!!!

  9. ;lfdxjkg';lszdfjkg'l;jszdp';xogjvfs; kjardtfsae4dtgfsedrtgbredstgsedg edrgsedrt gfea4tgeagfvdszg says:

    Thanks, it is a great help.

  10. Ênio Rodrigues says:

    Thanks 😀

  11. Zhu Chun says:

    Thank you! This is awesome!

  12. Neethu s says:

    could you please help me with my work? I am a budding researcher and I have to compile an open source project to build an executable file. I tried to compile it with CMake but was not succesful. Could you please help me with it?

  13. UTTAM says:

    Very helpful. I am looking for this. Thanks.

  14. salim said says:

    Very helpful, thanks.

  15. Cochese says:

    I always get the error C1083 when building the ALL_BUILD target:
    Cannot open source file: 'C:Users…': No such file or directory' (this is an example. It doesn't open one files).
    I did the exact same things you mentioned. What am I doing wrong?

  16. hoip _ says:

    Thank you:)

  17. Nayeem Muddin Khan says:

    Explained very clearly, I have the problem with INSTALL.
    I get the error as MSB3073 when I try to build the INSTALL folder.
    Can you please help

  18. Leadhills Joinery says:

    Easy to follow and understand… 🙂

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