How to Build a PC – Step 5: Graphics Card Installation

July 26, 2019 posted by

step number five graphics card installation now that we've installed the memory we can move on to install the graphics part sometimes called a VGA card video card or GPU the graphics card is a crucial component for gaming and graphics rendering if you won't be doing either of the above we recommend saving some money and using integrated graphics most modern CPUs these days will have a basic graphics chip built-in which is more than sufficient for those users who will just be browsing the web and using office software to install the video card first consult your motherboard manual to locate the proper PCI slot simply remove the expansion cover on the case and gently push the card into place you generally want to reserve the highest bandwidth slot for your graphics card if it is compatible of course be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more instructional videos product trailers and exclusive NZXT content


2 Replies to “How to Build a PC – Step 5: Graphics Card Installation”

  1. hants gerilla says:

    how to know if the graphics card is compatible with the motherboard? i need answers plss

  2. joseaxe says:

    Are you guys going to show how to disassemble the cooling system of a video card to install the Kraken G10 and what model does it support? or anything specific to CrossFire or SLI? I feel that those things are more important to show than just "plug the video card and you are done"

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