How To Animate in Krita for Beginners – FREE ANIMATION SOFTWARE!

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So, in this tutorial… I'll show you how to animate with my favorite free animation program… Krita! Which is sort of like photoshop. It's great for painting backgrounds, but also for doing frame-by-frame animation! *Intro Music* All the download links and the timecode codes for the different chapters in this video, will be available in the video description below. Also, if you'd like to download the source files, and animation examples we created, they're available in the gumroad link below. So, make sure to check that out! Once we're Krita's website, we're gonna go up to download… and we want the Krita desktop version. And the installer I'm going to use is 64-bit installer, but they also have a 32-bit. And it's also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux which I really like. C: So we're gonna click our installer… and a window will pop up asking where to download the installer. So say that somewhere where you'll be able to access it later like the desktop. So, we'll go ahead and click save… And once the download's done, you'll see it in your download bar down here. Or you can navigate to the folder where it saved. We'll double click it to install Krita. And if you're new to Windows, it may ask you if you really want to run this program. We know this program is safe, so go ahead and click run… Then, we'll click next to set it up. Accept the terms and agreements… Click next. And just install it on the default folder. And, I leave all this stuff checked, when I'm installing it usually. We'll go ahead and click I agree again. Install it into our start menu folder. And we'll also create a desktop icon, so we can open it later. And click install, and the program will install. And once it says completed on the top left, we're gonna go ahead and click next. And finish. So, I'll go ahead and open up Krita, by double clicking on its icon. *very slow process of double clicking icon* So when you first open up Krita, it will look like this. To create a new image, we're gonna go up to File… New… And we'll create a new document. I'll usually just go under custom documents, And I'll set it to… 1920 by 1080… at 72 pixels per inch. And if you want to save this for future use… You can type in the name of your format, and then click save. And then next time you want to use the same format, it'll be in this dropdown menu. So we'll go ahead and click create… And we have a new blank document, which we can go ahead and start drawing in! So let's figure out how to navigate in Krita. So to zoom in and out… on your keyboard… on the top right by the back space button. To pan around, hold down the spacebar, and your… cursor(!) will become a hand, and you can move around your page this way. To draw, we're gonna grab our brush tool, which is right here. *If you can't tell.* Or we can press "B" as in… to quickly get to our brush. Now the default brush… may not be the brush that you want. So the window that I like to use is usually this brush preset window over here. And if you don't see that, go under Settings… Dockers… And Brush Presets. We'll be using the dockers later, so note that our Animation… And our Timeline dockers are… located here… We'll be using those later, BUT FOR NOW… We're just gonna go into our Brush… Preset, and… You can see there's a whole bunch of 'em. Probably too much to pick from. So, what I like to do is I use this Drop Down… And I look for… the… kind of brush that I want to use. And then I can select it… And start using these kind of brushes. So… this wet one… is… kind of nice for doing painting like backgrounds, or… somethin' of that sort. Ink is good for sketching and doing your doodles. And you'll notice that I'm getting pressure sensitivity. So when I press harder, I have a thick line and when I let go and press more softly, I get a thin line. So this is because I am using a tablet to draw I'm actuality not using my mouse If I where to use my mouse it would look more like this Heh Heh It's kinda kinda clunky and and there's no presher sensitive But you totally can animate with a mouse but I highly recommend getting a drawing tablet If you want a cheap drawing tablet that I would recommend I put one in the video description below If you want to erase something The eraser is located at the top This is also where your setting's are for every tool that you use So the eraser is this eraser button here And that will turn whatever brush you're using into an eraser So if say you're using a softer brush like this one It'll be a soft kind of erase whereas if you're using a hard brush like this one, and you switch it to eraser its gonna do more of a hard edge eraser lets talk about layers! which you can access by clicking this layers tab right here if you don't see the layers panel you can go up to settings, dockers and layers and if your workspace ever gets messed up you can always go to window, workspace and then default and it'll set everything back to its default position so the way you can think of layers is kinda like stacks of paper so the layer that's on the bottom is gonna be the bottom of the stack of paper the layer on top of it will be on top but then on top of that layer may be another stack of paper


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  1. Christine-Aghate Rumbersky says:

    thx for the great tutorial. In fact I already tryed to realize the first animation. But my prob is that I use a Mac. And some parts seems not to work as in Windows. Firs: I can´t find a correct way to install the FFMPEG codecs. Second: If the "auto new Frame" Function in Windows works with the delete-button, what is the correct button on Mac? There is no Delete-Button… Thanks for your help,
    Cheers (Y)

  2. Peachy says:

    Can someone help me-
    When I export the video, it came out 10x faster then it originally was and I can't fix it

  3. Sultan AlKhalaf says:

    Thank you JJ i hope more Krita lessons

  4. SticK Animation says:

    its wayyyy to complicated to download the animation

  5. Pakku pakku kun says:

    Looks legit but can I convert the files with Swivel or it just supports flash files?

  6. Redy Animations says:

    I dont have the lightbulb

  7. mazetroop says:

    thanks man great video, really helped
    i didnt get how to remove a frame can some one help thanks

  8. wow wow m8 says:

    What do I do when the time line does not apear?

  9. Tarun Sanuvala says:


  10. Veronika Dawson says:

    I like this dude's cheerfulness, i could almost fall asleep to his voice

  11. Nymid Artist says:

    "So in this tutorial Ill show you how to animate with my favorite free animation program Krita"

    Wow such a short video I got my answer in 5 seconds.

  12. Bartłomiej Bereś says:

    Amazing tutorial!

  13. Becccoo says:

    Thank you so very much!! You’re amazing :):)

  14. RoundTableAAA says:

    Question: 21:30 In the render animation menu my's don't have a render check box. plz help

  15. Julian Williams says:

    im 13 this is complicated for my little brain lol

  16. Nish says:

    Man! I have been using Krita the wrong way all this time. Didn't know I could do animation. Thanks for a very concise tutorial. You are a great explainer. Awesome….

  17. Nay Essiengie says:

    Forest Gump can understand animation with these instructions.

  18. ChesMond says:

    12:12 your welcome (that part where he animates)

  19. dots says:

    thank you so much for adding in a tutorial on how to use krita in the first place!! this was really easy to follow so thanks

  20. Dennis Pap says:

    Thank you so much dude you helped me so muchhh god bless you

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