How to add an image to your Tailored Form

February 26, 2020 posted by

Adding an image to your form can make it
really pop, so today I’m going to show you how to add an image. Select add item, scroll down and select image. You want to pop up and select this green item here,
and you can either select an image that you have uploaded previously, you can
upload an image here, or you can go to Unsplash and search for what you would
like to have an image of. You can make that image bigger by selecting this
button here and make it smaller again, or you can sleep the up and down arrows. I’m going to get a bit advanced here and I’m going to show you an example of when you would use an image. I’m going to add a message is this a Koala? I’m going to move this item above the image and
then I’m going to select the two items by holding my shift key down and
selecting my mouse, and then I’m going to group these selected items. The
reason I do that is so that when we come through you can see that the message and the image have been displayed on the same screen. And that is when you would
use an image in your form!

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