How Search by Image works

October 29, 2019 posted by

Search By Image analyzes your
image to find its most distinctive colors, points,
lines, and textures. It uses these features
to generate a query. This query is sent to our back
ends for matching against billions of images. Our algorithm returns matching
and visually similar images to you on the final results page.


100 Replies to “How Search by Image works”

  1. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    @hcortens I'm not American. I'm Canadian. And she wasn't British anyways.

  2. MANDIMARIExX says:

    Not very accurate though :l

  3. AcidRaZor says:

    search by image? CAN HAZ API!?!?!?

  4. DanoninoBG says:


  5. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    @hcortens I'm no idiot – I'm in university level English and I'm just turning 16. I've had many teachers and professors and they all pronounced it Queerey. "Qwereeey" isn't even the correct way to say it in the dictionary I use.

  6. MrLOBIP says:

    someone is going to use this for looking up porn

  7. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    @hcortens No problem. Enjoy your day.

  8. jbear0000 says:

    It doesn't work well, I tried using a picture of a giraffe and the similar images were of people, horses, outdoor pictures that were similar in color, but there were no giraffes in the similar images. If they can't match a giraffe this thing will be useless for finding good porn, not that I would use it that way or anything…

  9. uliseto says:

    Don't be jerks, ok?

  10. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    @hcortens *girl.

  11. sch001b0y says:

    wasn't it obvious?

  12. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    @hcortens Nope, sorry, can't help you there. 100% female.

  13. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    @hcortens I can't get contacts because of my astigmatism (and why the fuck would I want to stick something in my eye anyways) and I do have a genetic disorder that makes me unable to lose weight properly, so yeah, thanks for practising what you preach. Loser. 🙂

  14. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    @hcortens Not really. 🙂 I'm too busy filming in Sims 2 and watching Degrassi to really put much thought into this discussion.

  15. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    @hcortens Not even joking. Pay attention for my latest The Hundreds episode coming soon 🙂 Who knows, you may enjoy it.

  16. El Metacho says:

    Hey Google Puedo Poner sus videos en mi Canal?

  17. phatcartoon says:

    @SnapshotOfASoul, I think this video is getting a lot of of off topic arguments. This seems like a cool Google feature. Not trying to argue, but people pronounce words differently in different parts of the world. Go to merriam-'s website and you see that they have query pronounced both ways. Webster has a nice little audio samples. I hope this helps.

  18. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    @phatcartoon I don't use Webster's Dictionary (I have a very old Australian one from 1960 and a newer one that was given to me in school, but both aren't Webster's) but in some parts of the world I acknowledge that they may pronounce it that way. But for her accent she's doing it wrong. 🙂 I'm an English language Nazi, sue me 😛

  19. phatcartoon says:

    @SnapshotOfASoul If I could sue all the English Nazis of the world I would. Nazis are always in the wrong; no matter the kind. In college I had two English professors that seem to have two different views on everything, but both always thought they were right. They use to drive me nuts. How do you know her accent is wrong? If she is from the States it can vary from state to state. haha! (just giving you a hard time). . . .Life is too short, don't let the little things get to you.

  20. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    @phatcartoon Meh, I was just bored to begin with. 😛 I don't think I'm totally right on everything but just from experience and written fact I've been led to believe one way.

  21. phatcartoon says:

    @SnapshotOfASoul Werd! (and, yes that's how I spell word) . . I'm bored, too. Just killing time before work. 😉

  22. SnapshotOfASoul says:

    @phatcartoon Just killing time watching Degrassi and waiting for male voice actors.

  23. MrLamaj123 says:

    So in other words, they are saying "When you enter an image we search it for you" – I thought I would get a technical explanation 🙁

  24. Bob van der Valk says:

    Oooh now i get it

  25. Vasile Surdu says:

    in Soviet Russia, images searches you

  26. I Chaudhri says:

    Search by image is awesome. Search by voice is good too.

  27. World Factions says:

    Anyone else think this would be perfect for porn?

  28. iiimbored says:

    So youre telling me ancient rome has hot emo girls??

  29. Seth Phillips says:

    I dont want my "query" to be sent into your "backend"

  30. Krazeel says:

    @djduncs132 fucking magnets! How do they work?? xD

  31. World Factions says:

    @calwhat Yea I tried a few images. It really sucks for porn 🙁 Needs more work.

  32. Lamethrower says:

    Fucking magnets

  33. eMWe says:

    yay xD the internet still is for PORN xD just drag in some girl and youll get all of her photos xD

  34. Michael Pace says:


  35. NASCARFAN160 says:

    Elementary, my dear Watson.

  36. coijoi says:


  37. DewMan001 says:

    @djduncs132 But how do they work?

  38. Somone77 says:

    So like tineye except Google's? Been there done that.

  39. Cássio Nomura says:


  40. Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

    Maybe just a bit more than a 22 second video would have been good. No more info???

  41. TheCrookHook says:

    [Insert troll comment]

  42. Ze Muzz says:

    Blocked by Google.

  43. FatSongProduction says:

    i dont get it.

  44. NachoDuck says:

    So, it's Tineye.

  45. GGReactors says:

    @GilvaSunner Ah, yeah true. But I guess maybe they've been trying to optimize it. You have to think about their servers. If they don't have enough of them and enough of everything, it would go slower, and more people would complain.

  46. PStaffan says:

    so… this is how search by image works?
    It looks at your photo and tries to find matching ones….. 22sec of pure technology

  47. alinn71 says:

    lol talking about privacy..i swear they more about us than it is different people per second lol…(talking about independent advertisers lol)

  48. therealhaxwell says:

    That video tells us a bunch of nothing.

  49. Diego Arregui says:

    Es buenisimo!!!

  50. yashjv says:

    *With magic.

  51. Juan Pedro Bretti Mandarano says:

    Short, but helpful 🙂

  52. SuperScootz94 says:

    short and sweet xD

  53. Atratix says:


  54. Gunnar Karlsson says:

    I rather use tineye.

  55. andrei0105 says:

    google is great!!! i was looking for such a thing for ages

  56. warzazette says:

    @moonkittynet it's google, what do you think ? Do you think they will reveal their source code ?

  57. John McL says:

    I wonder what the algorithm looks like

  58. hotgod says:

    @voop556 The thing is, you might want to discover new things that are too complicated to create a query for, or, you might not exactly know what you are searching for.

  59. Andreas Lindhé says:

    Oh now I understand! It analyzes the image!

  60. Teddy Breton says:

    Est ce que ça sera plus performant que tineye reverse image ?
    Car ce site est deja bien pour retrouver les images sur le web 🙂

  61. ThisIsJura says:

    @Martyj2009 I believe we have found our new Google CEO.

  62. dodgersrcool says:

    That must be one hell of an algorithm :O

    I'd say "Nice work, Google." But despite the amazing technology… Is uploading an image to search really more efficient, opposed to typing in your request?

  63. Khurram Javed says:

    @dodgersrcool Yup. Work really well to find better version of an image.

  64. Photon98 says:

    Its very hard to guess whether you are techie or not!
    I mean sometime if we try to explain everything the person may get irritate and say "Come on, I am not Nerd." 🙂

  65. Photon98 says:

    To all non-technical Guys here,
    This is most comprehensive video ive seen ever.
    Actually an image is simply a matrix(Rows n columns, not movie)
    of pixels, each pixel can have color values for RED GREN n BLUE
    form 0 t0 255, so by separating these we can apply
    PATTERN MATCHING Algorithms to find similar content(image) on web.
    Simple, isn't it?

  66. World Factions says:

    @Photon98 I do have an AAS in Computer Science so you decide.

  67. b82a says:

    Shitty quality. Very shitty.

  68. twanajester23 says:


  69. twanajester23 says:

    @google sub?

  70. Photon98 says:

    Actually i gave you thumbs up.
    (ive heard similar funny comment on Yahoo answers, thanks for reminding me 🙂 )

  71. marktech101 says:

    Sounds like a blatant copy of Tineye, and they didn't purchase the company to my knowledge. Not like Google at all.

  72. 123qwerty says:

    tineye still works better, and finds more results

  73. Hinduspy says:

    Google is a SEARCH engine. The next logical step would be to be able to search by images. I'm quite surprised they didn't do this earlier. Why are people getting all pissed?

  74. Marko Konecny says:

    @Hinduspy tineye does it… at least for two years now

  75. Petros Adamopoulos says:

    @Martyj2009 Yup, they merely have to add "curves" as a distinctive feature 😀

  76. Evgeny Kuzyakov says:

    How is search by image works? You just upload an image, next it goes to search engine, finally you get results. Wow, I have no ideas before watching this. Thanks for sharing

  77. TheAlchemist46 says:

    I've heard that if you say "porn" on one of the Google's uploads on youtube you'll get thumbs up.

  78. suresh satle says:


  79. Mathew White says:

    Awe, a little bit of pride kicking in that such a large American corp use a landmark (The Clifton Suspension Bridge) in the demo local to me in Bristol, UK. nice one :o)

  80. jblitz59 says:

    yeah, you sound like an intelligent person who only can quote movies like American pie

  81. yeahbird says:

    is that bridge in bristol?

  82. Ian W says:

    @rollocla Well youtube doesnt allow full nudety so they really couldnt show what us americans would really use this for.

  83. Michelle Read says:

    here i am

  84. AntiCompositeNumber says:

    Dies it use the same algorithm as Google Goggles?

  85. deggis4 says:

    I've noticed that sometimes small black bars confuse the algorithm. In those rare cases TinEye manages to find results.

  86. FenNick says:

    Use this kind of reversed image search to confront Facebook-emoes who upload pictures and claim to be in them.

  87. Jorge Sabino says:


  88. Serpil2510 says:


  89. Stijn Klemann says:

    Yeahh… Right.

  90. Herp Derpingson says:

    Guess what I use it for 😉

  91. احمد ميدو says:


  92. 陈卅达 says:


  93. Johann Helfrich says:

    Übersetzung funktioniert nicht !
    in Englisch verstehe ich es nicht…!

  94. esther fernanlez says:

    par las personas que no manejan el ingles es imposible guiarse solo por las imagenes

  95. Rafael Barrios says:

    Estas en lo cierto,algo que deben tener en cuenta los que dirigen Google.

  96. MrSchweppes says:

    She said nothing.
    It's obvious.

  97. Ganpatlal Purohit says:


  98. sravan kumar says:

    <a href="">Click Here To Buy</a>

  99. Cristina Serbanescu says:

    Doresc sa citesc poezii selecționate de ion Minulescu, cele mai frumoase poezii cele mai sensibile cu un conținut cutremurător filozofic și sensibil în aceasta timp!

  100. Karen Lu says:

    How do I use it?

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