How many PCIe Extensions is TOO MANY??

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Okay, so when we were building our wallputer, wall computer, wallputer get it? Anyway one of the challenges was having the graphics card on the opposite side of the frame. Versus the Motherboard, I mean this thing was so far away that there wasn’t a single PCi Express Riser cable on the market that was able to reach, so the solution? Use more PCI Express risers. We actually ended up with a one meter Thermal take premium extender chained to a 30 centimeter one and we pulled it off with no performance Degradation Whatsoever the system works perfectly fine. Which got us thinking Just how far can you go before things go Haywire? Stick around While we uh Snake our way to the conclusion. Browse privately and securely with Tunnel bear the simple VPN app start your seven day free trial at the link in the video description. Okay, so to kick off the experiment we rigged up our standard GPU bench machine. So it’s a known good machine our PCI express signal integrity should be about as good as it can get Then we needed an extra piece so we also hooked up a separate power supply for our GTX 650 ti graphics card this is so that we don’t actually run into power cable length limitations if the experiment goes completely off the hook Also, having an excuse to call out to Ivan like he’s far away is a bonus so I hit the power switch check off -So I didn’t catch that can you repeat? -Hit this I’m right here. Oh -Engaging auxiliary power now. -Thank you Roger Dodger. -You have recognition. -I’ll turn on the system So to kick things off We’re gonna be using a single one meter extension plus an additional 30 centimeter extension, that’s a total of a hundred and thirty centimeters This is the same as what we did for the wallputer. -On more lower. -There you go. Stress test go. So it’s running perfectly as expected which means It’s time to kick it up a notch, baby. Let’s take it to a hundred and sixty centimeters. Would you look at that still no dropped frames, let’s add more. Look at this. This is ridiculous. Yeah… Down down down right there yep. (Unnecessary groaning) 1.9 meters our PCI Express extensions are almost the height of Darth vader. Okay, so we’re adding another forty centimeters this time You can tell those thermal tape guys have a lot of confidence if they sent us this much PCI riser. I am excited this was the best PCI express riser technology we had around here so, these aren’t even shielded These you legitimately can’t go very far with like I tried Daisy-chaining even two of these together and I had trouble with it, so oh Oh Do we have failure? Okay, let’s try disconnect and reconnect just to make sure that we’re being fair to it come on, baby Is the 650 Ti Pci-e gen3? Nyet (no in Russian) Okay So maybe our load just isn’t demanding enough Maybe we need to bring out the big guns. A Titan Xp ok so. Let’s shut it down and let’s try again So look at this Ok so do you remember back when they launched this thing there was a bunch of press around? The missing Pci-e pins look check this out So these are power and then this is all data and NVIdia swore up and down Makes no difference makes no difference now We don’t know if this is because it’s gen 3 or if it’s because it actually has all the pins But what we do know is that our 650 ti Didn’t go as far as our titan xp at the same resolution. I mean arguably this is a bit of an edge case, but No one can say this scenario is some what of a stretch. I think we’re gonna have to go even further straight to 3 meters should we do it? -YOLO! Okay, this is ridiculous. I mean why would anyone need to know we need more table. We need more table You have to hold the monitor now. This is what happens! -Done yell at me or I’ll turn the relationship. How many times I have to say? -I’m not yelling at you I’m yelling with you. Okay, be honest with me though are we expecting this to work? -No comment. It’s on! No artifacts or anything. This is crazy. How’s it doing though? 120 FPS. Same as before. We’re still getting the same frame rate. No weird anomalies three meters. That’s like 10 feet for Americans. add 30 or add 60? -Do I really have to scream YOLO? Okay monitor over on the other side and then just hold the graphics card here. This is insane That’s the last piece we have? -Yeah. -Three point six, okay. No one come through this door. No. It’s still working. -No way. -Wait Maybe that’s all we got oh, oh, it’s at Postcode 40 now Same as last time same as last time, okay hold on let’s shut it down though Let’s I’ll do a quick reconnect of all the things okay hold on. -Also keep in mind that these are not powered. So perhaps it’s not even signal loss is just power loss. -Oh, you could be right. Three two one blast off. No! Look at this. Look at this 3.6 meters. You could literally have your graphics card in another room Okay, hold on I gotta run FurMark though. Show me the 120s. Oh Noooooo. No-Ho-ho! The FPS is going up though. It’s at 55 after 86… …25, 14 oh. Nooooo! Wait! Nooooo! No, it’s so Borderline! It just teases me every time. -Welcome to a personal life. -Okay, well, I think we’ve reached the limit. Ultimately we failed when we tried to yolo too hard, but I still consider this a success three meters of PCI Express extension and we managed to get it running at a Equivalent to having it right in the socket 120 Fps, so thanks to Thermaltake for providing all these pci-e risers and thanks to the Slab for holding the graphics card how’s that 85 degree GPU right there? -I stay holding my hand against a hot backside. -Today’s video is brought to you by LG’s share the art promotion featuring their ultra lightweight Lg gram Laptop LG Works with a coffee artist who came up with three pieces of artwork Inspired by the gram you can check them out at the link in the video description What you’re gonna want to do is share the post on your social channels and Write the posts url on the event page for a chance to win a prize You could win an LG monitor. an Amazon gift card or one of 14 LG grams for participating and even if you don’t win you can get another chance by visiting the Behind-the-scenes YouTube link also in the description and commenting on your favorite feature of the gram. The weight is really cool, and battery life. This campaign will run from today to september 14th 2017 so check it out at the links below Alright, so thanks guys for watching if you disliked this video. You must not like fun. But if you liked it hit that like button get subscribe maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the link In the video oh, I just turned They’re just hard reset Or did it just hard off it’s at a zero, this things done. Also down there is a link to our merch store where you can buy cool shirts like this one as well as our community forum where you can discuss, you know cool tech content like ours. Thank you 4 using my subtitle, will be making more.


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    Of course the Titan would be capable of a longer length. It's power regulation on inputs and outputs is probably much better than the cheaper cards. Plus plenty more connectors to ground vs only through pcie.

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    Quick question about the power supply. I need to power a gpu with its own power supply similar to what you've done in the video, but the Rosewill 550w PSU I've purchased claims that it will not power on if it's not connected to a motherboard. Has that been your experience, and is this an issue that is specific to certain types/brands of PSU? Any help is appreciated.

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    good to know, I need to get one of these to move my parts from one case to the other, but it already has a riser from a SFF case that uses m.2 nvme drive on it and the GPU, and it will make it sideways in the case not attached to the case, so this is exactly what I needed to make it fit into the new case! Instant buying tomorrow!

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    `Yeah, this makes sense. signal loss due to the connectors and copper. however; a properly made cable would probably still go further. IBM had this issue like 30+ years ago with cable runs to the Disk storage on their 'System/38' mini-frames (not quite main main frame class) we are talking 30 ft distances, and entire room distances. Their solution? 5mm coax (one for each signal line) platinum cables.

    How do I know? I scavenged some of those bundled drive cables (about 1" around) and repurposed them as video cables. – new ends on a couple and 30ft+ later I still have no discernible issues with signal problems. Now even tested to 1080i standards too.

    I had two of these cables – looked like this:

    They were the bus cables that connected the main system to the 'exterhnal' enclosures teh drive stacks were housed.

    Yes, I cut my professional teeth on this machine – from operations to programming in RPGIII.

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    Of course, nothing is really stopping you from just doing this yourself. It would be easy to use a riser from a lower slot down to any case with a bottom intake – or you could go full ghetto and just let it sit outside your case if you just don't care 😀 probably well worth the cost in terms of cooling benefits over lots more casefans, watercooling or very expensive models with overengineered coolers.

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