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I'm alizée and today I'm gonna be talking about how and why I got into UX in order to help you figure out if it's also the right career path for you a common question that I've received from people who are interested in UX design is does my education or my work experience background translate into UX and so what I have to say about that is it doesn't matter what your background is anybody can become a UX designer yes you you can become a UX designer so of course if you have a psychology background or if you have a design degree or both those help but it's not a vital part at all believe me I was a waitress and a struggling performing artist when I first learned about UX what really matters most is that you're curious you're willing to work really hard and also you have a love or a passion for creating good experiences are you someone who likes to write long yelp reviews about all the things that a business can improve on and give them some really great suggestions or are you someone who likes to host dinner parties and create a really wonderful ambience with great appetizers and games and mood lighting and so forth that's creating a really good experience and if you're passionate about those types of things in your day to day life that's what's going to translate into your UX career so six years ago I was going through my mid-twenties life crisis I was a struggling performing artist and I decided I wanted to shift careers I wanted to do something new I went to this event where the speaker said something that just stuck with me and what he said was stop asking the world for what you want and start asking what you can do for the world and so for the next six months while I was doing this solo backpacking I did a lot of meditating meditating on how can I serve the world how can I serve the world and I was putting that intention out when I came back from my trip I started waitressing and I felt that my question had been answered after I met this woman this customer I had and she told me about the UX design program and I was really excited about it because while I was traveling I was excited at the thought of hey can I travel and work maybe I should get into tech but I had no tech experience so I was like oh you know could I get into this will my background translate into into UX into tech and I had all those insecure thoughts as well so the first step I took was I went to general assembly and I listened to one of their talks about UX and I still was unclear like is this the right path for me I'm not even quite sure what UX is still I need to get more information so then I started going to meet up groups and these were meetup groups that weren't just about socialization it was about designers going up showcasing their work and getting feedback and something from going to these sessions really felt super good for me but people were showing their work they were getting feedback in the following weeks they were improving on their designs based on that feedback and showing it again and that was so awesome to me because I am someone that does love to give a lot of feedback and I also love to receive that feedback I love to improve myself my performances that I had done who I am as an employee I like to improve and improve upon myself so that really clicked with me jived with me at one of the meetups I want a book called UX strategy by Jamie levy it was the first UX book I'd ever read and I really fell in love with it because it talked about how you can really blend strategic thinking with creativity and I felt like that was such a wonderful blend like that was me I had businesses when I was younger I was also a performer and I loved the idea of blending the two so that again clicked with me so after that I attended a one-day boot camp where I really got to understand how to do the UX process in a short period of time but it gave me an insight as to what could the day-to-day activities what would those day-to-day activities be like and I also really enjoyed it I loved using post-its and markers and sketching and drawing and getting your ideas out and collaborating like I really loved that dynamic there was this video from IDEO showing how designers use the design process in India in order to help solve hunger in this community mind blown you know this this is the answer you know when I was asking myself how can I serve the world how can I serve the world of my meditation it clicked for me right then and there that this is it and so I didn't waste any more time I invested into a program right that in there not only do I want to help elevate experiences but I also want to help solve real problems just get more and more involved soak it all up and then decide you know does this feel good does this feel like the right path for me and you're gonna have to follow your intuition at some point you can only put so many things on the pros and cons list you know before you have to just make a decision from your gut and a lot of times people will tell me yeah I don't know how to make a decision from from my gut from my intuition from my third eye and it is something that you can actually grow into one of the ways that I do that is through meditation I have done two 10-day silent meditation retreats called la piscina what the real value is getting your mind connected to your body and so when you close your eyes and you sit there and you you you meditate and you relax your mind you relax your body you can start to build our connection between the two which helps you to understand and listen and feel your your gut and your intuition stronger as a new UX designer it's really important to figure out you know what is your story how did you get into UX because a lot of times you'll get asked that from an employer or even at a networking event and you want to be memorable you want to stick with people you can do anything you want to do whether it's UX or not I believe in you because I've been there before as well someone who just didn't understand who was going through a career change who was really afraid and insecure and I made it through it so I know and I believe that you can achieve that hundred-percent please subscribe to my channel if you liked my video I'm gonna be creating more content on how to help you grow in your UX career thank you and see you next week

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