How I created my 5000 vector pattern portfolio. My top 3 tips.

July 24, 2019 posted by

hello my amazing creative friends Oxana here again today we are talking about building a large repeat pattern design portfolio for yourself a large portfolio work that will start you on a way to creating a good site income and maybe a full time income Monday license in your work this is what happened to me I started out with zero repeat pattern designs and then over time I created close to 5000 repeat pattern designs and more than 10,000 vector files that are available for licensing at this moment which bring me a full-time income more than five or six eighty years which are all put together and spread across multiple websites where I license them bring me a full time income every month so I'm so so blessed that I have built this creative assets for myself because I really feel like this is an important lesson to share with all of you guys so here are my three tips on how to build your creative portfolio faster and how to be a prolific designer so tip number one first of all consistency consistency will make your repeat pattern portfolio glue roll as nothing else first of all what I mean by consistency is I have a goal for myself to create 10 repeat pattern designs each week sometimes I don't make this goal happen because there are times I have a kid and you know other things happen and I have other businesses that I run so I'm not saying that you will be heated 100% but aim at least at 90 percent of the time that you will be able to create a 10 repeat pattern designs once I started creating 10 repeat pattern designs close to nine years ago I was able to see a growth in my income and it while looking at most of my portfolio at the same time so consistency is not one and what I do is I start I have a day specific day when I create my pattern designs and then I upload them the same day or the next day depending of how much time it took and if for some reason I missed that day I actually have to catch up by the end of the week and if on Friday I see that I'm not going to hit that call I have to create something so I just sit down and create simple patterns or something that will take not no time at all and to be honest sometimes I create very special things just because I have I'm making myself to be pressed for time and then on Monday the account starts over and I have to create and submit and upload to the websites where I reisen's them ten patterns again so each week ten patterns this is my recommendation for you guys tip number two I recommend creating a specific system for yourself while you're working but my systems I mean some special Adobe Illustrator scripts templates and actions to automate the food the things that you do because if you are working very manually dragging things out by hand not using any scrips ever templates and actions it means that you are wasting a lot of time I speak some about some of my systems and helpful resources on this websites on my youtube channel so I will link down in the description and in the corresponding blog post the resources and videos that I created on this subject so maybe you will find some some things that will speed up your process as well and tip number three is that I plan out the topics beforehand I have a place where I put them in I used travel for that but you can use Google sheets you can use Google Docs you can use any piece of paper if you want but plan out some of the topics beforehand this way you can maybe utilize the seasonality so that you can create the things for Christmas beforehand because you need to create things seasonal things three to four before the actual season before Christmas season because people are going to be preparing for that season so this will help you organize yourself one and the second time when did that day let's say Tuesday rolls around and you want to create your patterns you will have your topic ideas beforehand you will not have to scramble and think for three hours that you dedicate it to pattern design oh my goodness which topic to create on so this is my recommendation have your topics prepared beforehand and get started growing your portfolio all right you guys these are my top three tips that helped me grow my repeat pattern portfolio to five thousand or even ten thousand patterns at this point so I am super super excited you guys to see your work and your grows in the future please share with me any tips that you might have to keep yourself consistent and to keep your work growing in the comments down below I'd love to hear your thoughts and as always grow love and create bye


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  1. Kazi Aftabur Rahman says:

    How much dollar you earn in every month? It will inspire everybody hearing from you.

  2. zoya khan says:

    how much it cost to license one artwork?

  3. bkooch78 says:

    i have watched some of youre videos, i like them. i also learn some thing from you. Although i am a graphic designer myself and my habit is creating rebeat battern every free time available for me. But i have one big obstacle that i could not solved, wich is showing my thousanda of rebeat battern to world or make it usefull! any help.

  4. Elsa ZINGILÉ says:

    Many thanks !

  5. Enrique Prince says:

    Thank you so much these tips are really helpful

  6. diana garnitz says:

    You are such a generous soul, Oksana! All your advices are super usefull.

  7. Marlena Leach says:

    Hello my designer friend, I am trying to create a pattern a day. So not o waste what I have already created, can you tell me what size I should be making my patterns to upload to microstock sites? This will truly help to not waste time. Thanks for all you do.

  8. beriigirl says:

    Thank you for the inspiration!
    I struggle with anxiety and adhd so I have a hard time focusing and not getting discouraged. I love making repeat patterns though

  9. K says:

    Great tips! cant wait to hear more! 🙂

  10. Aldous Yelxuh says:

    5000? insane-o! good for you on such diligence and discipline. thanks for sharing today, and great work as always. =)

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