How FIELD Made A Non-Linear Film About Our World In Turmoil

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23 Replies to “How FIELD Made A Non-Linear Film About Our World In Turmoil”

  1. zoobiewa says:

    2:12 Not only negative things? So the life changing possibilities are only CERN, which will probably have nothing to do with your day to day living whatsoever. It's science as usual, cool but status quo. The positive things have nothing at all to do with the public social movements that have been bubbling beneath the surface? Talk about out of touch. 

  2. shorty says:

    @George MacDonald: Their work is as important or unimportant as anything, it all depends on the viewer like they said. Your comment is as pointless and boring to me as their work is to you.

  3. Deadly2512 says:

    Got to "We are from Dalston" and realised these plonkers are sheep.

  4. George MacDonald says:

    so how are you contributing to the world other than trying to depict the already known from a different perspective? personally i think your work is washed out boring and pointless. you are playing a little richy rich game and it is a waste of resources that could have gone to something practical like research.

  5. Kimberley Bianca says:

    Wow. great concepts! the project looks exciting. Just because you don't speak this language does not make it any less meaningful. I have not studied formally and I comprehend everything, though, I did need to watch the whole thing to piece together how the mechanics of the experience could work. But that is how watching videos should be 😛

  6. Marshall Burton says:

    Ya OK, but how does any form of the artwork here directly relate to the "Turmoil" or "World View"?

  7. Kodetastrophe says:

    Watching this for gems anyone that is starting emrose war use refural code vile

  8. Ronny Pries says:

    Ever heard about something called the Demoscene?

  9. Wayoo yoo yoo says:


  10. jon doe says:

    they sound like reggie watts when he is purposefully making no sense.

  11. Scott Monetti says:


  12. Eric Chooi says:

    so much bollocks talking for some screensaver

  13. Eric Chooi says:

    you two must have rich parents.

  14. Sebastian Fernandez says:

    this is amazing but does this mean 'no more canvas paintings, this is going to be big

  15. Time Warp Week Ends says:

    So…are you guys like…dating?

  16. Time Warp Week Ends says:

    Great screensavers!

  17. Ha Phan says:


  18. rsalmon63 says:

    What are these two babbling on about. OMG! Great screen savers and all. But world in turmoil? WTF. Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining…

  19. jeremycanwalk says:

    Fuck yeah. Recombining images / ideas digitally to create a dreamscape! i think i understand. Reminds me of the LSD dream simulator.. except way better.

  20. Conor Grizwell says:

    watch the video..i know that fool..

  21. Dopeklabauter says:

    The deeper underlying interpretation of the project remains primary at the individual level as essentials of digital arts as such refrain from projecting prejudices on personal perceptions

  22. Conor Grizwell says:

    /watch?v=MB21rFFr3II&feature=g-all-u OBAMA WON ALREADY
    /watch?v=MB21rFFr3II&feature=g-all-u OBAMA WON ALREADY

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