Homepage Header UI Design in Adobe XD

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  1. Anna Leibssle says:

    I really love your tutorials!

  2. Matthew Gardiner says:

    Great Xd Tutorial! I believe the disclaimer you are referring to beneath the copy is due to the fact that the screen on the laptop in their layout is showing Netflix. I guess going for that cinematic display feature, and after all Netflix is a hot commodity. Since you swapped out the entire photo, it is irrelevant. You killed 2 birds with one stone!

  3. Raju Gurung says:

    Wonderful 🙂 Thank you so much for this tutorial! 🙂

  4. Gul E Arzoo says:

    Would you please make a tutorial on a complete website UI covering three basics standards

  5. New & Latest Songs says:

    Wow but how to add link in UI

  6. Staniel Petrov says:

    They need to pay you to redesign the whole site! 😀

  7. Heffsta02 says:

    This is gorgeous

  8. Jessyca Swigger says:

    Hey dan I really enjoy your videos, they've really helped me learn XD. I was wondering if there is anyway to make a nav bar functional for a scrolling website?

  9. Dexterous Gamings says:

    Everything looks stunning, I agree with your new redesign. I would have changed one thing that is the SIGN IN button outline border to Dell blue, to make the button stand out from the rest of the nav tabs. Thank you for this tutorials. Cheers!

  10. Omer Mindivanli says:

    amazing video !

  11. Akkaldevi Vivek says:

    Dansky is my hero

  12. UIXTube says:

    You are awesome. Your tutorial is very detailing about how to redesign a website. I like it very much

  13. Fritz Schnitzer says:

    Thank You Dansky! Just started last year teaching myself Graphic Design and growing now into Web UI/UX Design. Learned a lot from your video. Will work through the other ones as well.

    Do you intend to do a bigger Webdesign / UI course where you explain design principles on a practical project? this would be awesome.
    Maybe on Udemy or Skillshare? Would totally pay for it.

    Best of luck from Budapest,

  14. Jaz B says:

    cant work out if this guy is tall or short??

  15. Oladosu Oluwaseun says:

    Liked the tutorial. I just feel the search icon shouldn't be beside the sign in button though

  16. Shy Ali says:

    Love your videos Dan. Always inspirational.

  17. BlackWhite96 says:

    As a web/UI designer who constantly struggles with clients asking for buttons to "contrast"… I feel you on the green. Ugh!

  18. Victor Ortega says:

    Hi Dansky, did you know if can I export that to use it in a interactive touch screen?

  19. Armando Félix says:

    Sliders from hell

  20. carlos luamba says:

    Thank man it was good.

  21. Granit Osmani says:

    my eyes started to hurts when i saw the search icon is close to the sing in link dont missunderstand me all other things are good

  22. 79th & Essex says:

    This video was extremely helpful, thanks

  23. Great Adib says:

    nice work bro subscribed!! make more mobile app(android) design for me please I have project on it on university

  24. Franck A. says:

    Hi Dansky. Can u please explain how u " build " your layout grid (I mean how and why u chose the gutter width, etc) please ? Thx for your videos, they are very helpful.

  25. adedapo adesiyan says:

    i like the way you train..excellent ,professional explanation

  26. Sherece Booker says:

    I just did a “design a long” . It took me about 45 minutes vs your 20…lol. But this is my first design project. Overall it went vey well! I have gained confidence in my design skills. Thank you so much!

  27. Nitesh R says:

    Great !! why don't you complete the entire page as per your perspective ?

  28. B Loved Soul says:

    Mr Dansky, I am a newbie to the design world can you share with me a good laptop that would be good for what the designer world.. in a pc Thank you (everyone, I'm up for suggestions or do a broadcast on it)

  29. Ascension Developer says:

    Amazing work Dansky. I do like the button black for some reason, but it makes sense with the blue headline connection.
    It would also be fantastic if you did redesign other websites from different brands.
    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  30. Arnold Maxwel says:

    Really like your tutorials but you should also upload resources files (images etc.) that you use to make the websites thank you☺

  31. Gerianne Escandor says:

    Laughed when you said "Also this green. Eeessshh. Aaacckkkk." I feel you.

  32. makhan singh says:

    Hi Dansky, Your tutorials are really awesome. Would you like please tell me which tool you are using to record your videos? It's very smooth and awesome to see.

  33. Joel Piccoli da Rosa says:

    I think DELL really should watch this video ASAP

  34. Ralphunreal says:

    Nice, more ui/ux design videos and it would be cool to see full page designs. Especially secondary pages since people usually do only the home page designs. I like that you explain everything too while designing.

  35. Avi Whol says:

    Thanks! great video, it will be great if you could do more videos like this one 😁

  36. narkar says:

    Hey Dansky.
    Search bar did look bad and outdated, but I dont think it's bad from UX perspective as people are common with using enter to confirm search, I mean look at the youtube search bar, button is also far away.

  37. VJ DJ says:

    the grid setting is not working properly in XD …not as good as sketch …. pathetic …not flexible or as friendly as sketch … 🙁

  38. Xiotus says:

    After seeing this I'm planning to be a UI Designer!!!

  39. ahmed labana says:

    Thank you very much for the masterpieces you provide us (you are wonderful)
    Ahmed Labaneh / calligrapher and painter / Egypt

  40. Al Mamun says:

    Liked this tutorial very much!! Learned something too…Am I imposing If I ask you to make similar UI/UX videos in the future? Thks.

  41. FLOWTUTS says:

    that's a sick tutorial i would like to see more like this

  42. Jalen Dixon says:

    More of these please !

  43. Mahmoud El Helou says:

    I liked this tutorial so much, please do more tutorials about ui/ux for web design

  44. Liwaa Hassan says:

    How to work all this

  45. Brett Baldwin says:

    Appreciate the tutorial – I love utilizing XD for the prototyping.. but the conversion to HTML/CSS is a bit of a pain, really hope there's a way to streamline the coding directly from XD.

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