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(Music playing.) Ah! I was expecting UPS. Come on in as long as you are here, make yourself
at home. This is where I dwell, this is where I think,
this is where I do, this is where I live. I’ll take you around my collection of curios. I am just in the middle of a project. This is where I work
when I am here at the house and the fact that technology is just getting more and
more condensed is an ideal situation for me and most folks. Now, let’s go for a trip around the rest of
the crib. This is like the graphic designer’s version
of MTV Cribs. Yo. This is what I am fortunate enough to be surrounded
by. The reason being that both me and my wife
Lisa have been kind of mad collectors, her even more so than me. This is a permanent piece and this is a piece
that I’ll never want to get rid of and I am happy for the day that we found it. Moving along, you can see
sculptural curios everywhere. And what I really like is the fact that we
are just constantly dealing with different surfaces. Forged steel here, welded, ceramics here,
like all sorts of glazes and patinas on them. Oil paint, different applications, things
that, just subliminally are– start to just kind seep in. We bought this off an architect. A guy — we were the second people to occupy
this space. He built it for him
and his family. So it’s kind of got that spirit in it already. There is this presence
that’s has been occupied by this creative person, who was like deeply
involved with this whole thing. The place went up in 1966 and he is not a
guy of any major renown. So I can’t brag about this being an Neutra
or anything like that. But he had the right ideas. Here, it’s just like more of what the world
has got to offer and what we see in the world. And when I say we, I am obviously referring
to me and wife Lisa. Again, she is a big part in my inspirational
flow. I don’t know. She just figures in profusely and consistently. And these are lamps we found at a flea market
in the north of France, Clignancourt, when we were over in Paris. I don’t know. To sum it all up, I’d just say, I am here,
I am comfortable here, I have built this around me. This is kind of what I want to be surrounded
with. The reason I am at peace with this and I find
a source here is that every fundamental discipline of design and thinking
is sort of represented one way or another, and I just let it seep in. It’s like a flower being in a garden and I
am just sort of — luckily, I am not planted it in one spot. I get the ability to move around. But when I do I have always got a great spot
to find myself in. So there you have it. We have pretty much done the 360 of my little
crib here, and we are over here back at my gear, my work
station, which I am probably going to have to get busy with in a second, so I’ll
see you in a bit.

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