Here's why Samsung is REMOVING the Headphone Jack…

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new leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 1000 us why the company is removing the headphone jack the Zeus ROG phone 2 was just released and let's just say even flagships to set it up and let's talk about that Google pixel 4 and pixel for Excel is some leaks of a possible design make it not look that ugly I'm Jaime Ravenna and well there was a heat wave here in New York I'm back here and now we have flash floods warnings and it's raining this is pocket a daily the official news today begin with deals starting with the MacBook Air last generation but I mean the new design only last year's model currently on Amazon it's for 950 bucks the entry-level model I highly recommend you consider the higher tier which is also available on Best Buy and B&H with some tax benefits think about it is for 1099 you're getting 256 gigs of storage and sure I know the butter fried keyboard is not the best one of the enhancements with the new one is the better keyboard mechanism so it's a good deal but you might want to think I don't know you can learn more in the description if you think about it now let's talk about Huawei and the company releasing new phones particularly we're expecting to make thirty in May 30 Pro later this year but now we get to see them 830 lightly usually that make 30 variants always launches before the rest it will apparently launch first in China as the Nova 5i Pro it has a twenty five megapixel punch hole selfie camera and four cameras squared at the back six point two six inch display a forty eight megapixel primary camera that's complemented by an eight megapixel and also a two megapixel sensor we also get the Karen 810 mid-range processor in addition to a 3900 milliamp hour battery and it's rather interesting the company is sticking to the design of the mate 20 pro for this we'll see why now let's talk about Apple and what it will do with future generation iPhones obviously we're already talking about this year's but IC universe has got some interesting leaks that the company is already talking with LG and Samsung for them to provide ohlet's that are capable of going between 60 and 120 Hertz in a variable way and this is rather interesting as apparently this is going to be one of the key features for the most expensive iPhone and not for the rest of them so it seems that Apple is playing around with other benefits we'll keep you posted now let's move the spotlight over to the Google pixel for in pixel for excel for some of the ugliest phones but for certain leaks not necessarily that much let's start with specs apparently both devices will finally bring six six of RAM in addition to 128 gigs of storage or at least on one of the variants the pixel forest resolution on the display will be of 2280 by 1080 then the four XL will have a 30 40 by 1440 display which is a step up from the three of the three excel we expect them both to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 plus and we also finally see renders provided by on leaks that don't make this phone look ugly at all I'm wondering if this is probably just one of three companies it's providing designs but we see the designs of the cameras at the back of the time-of-flight sensor and then notice the chassis I mean if it's gonna be that curvy all around the phone actually does not look bad at all I'm hoping that they launched that color option as well though we're not exactly sure again if this is gonna be the final design or not we will also provide you more information as soon as we learn now today we have two sets of hot news and I'm actually going to leave the best first instead of the best last I know that a lot of people are not necessarily fans of a soos and there are og phones but my god the company has just announced their newest variant today they are the ROG phone – and my god those specifications will give any flagship a run for its money first of all it packs the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 plus 12 gigs of ram a whopping listen to this six thousand milliamp hour battery 512 gigs of storage a 3d vapor chamber cooling system and in a hundred and twenty Hertz OLED display it has a bunch of accessories like a fan for cooling a narrow case and a gamepad to make it look like a Nintendo switch or you know the black shark phone and we still don't have a price point we don't have a launch date but my god those specification the company is aggressive about the price I'm actually starting liking this a soos ROG I'm hopefully gonna get one soon the soos yes thank you you need my shipping address and finally the other hot news that I have to do with Samsung and it's Galaxy Note 10 and note 10 plus or pro where ever it's gonna be called obviously one of the biggest complaints is the fact that apparently the phone's gonna lose the headphone jack but as we get more information on specs we seem to have a reason why they're ditching it apparently the smaller Full HD plus variant has a 6.3 inch display and the three 500 milliamp hour battery which if you look at the footprint of the phone yeah you kind of need space for the s-pen and so therefore that's where the headphone jack is going the quad HD plus variant has a six point seven five inch display that'll bring a forty three hundred million power battery twelve gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage we also hear that the s-pen will bring enhancements like a new air feature that bring scrolling through images without touching the display as well as a marker sound when taking notes to get a sense of realism so that kind of was a feature I think for the Galaxy Note 5 not exactly sure there there was an option which was terrible definitely a gimmick but anyways in today's question actually two one opinions on the isuzu ROG phone and two what do you think do you think that a slightly larger battery is a good reason to the headphone jack because in my case I mean if we're getting a more efficient snapdragon 855 I think that we should still get the headphone jack and but that's just me leave us a comment down below we love to know your opinion Renne again if you want to get the news earlier follow us on paga now Todd comment subscribe to both our channels in English and Spanish for more videos like this one also follow us on social medias our extended coverage happens on Instagram and make sure you follow me on my personal handles to see these phones being tested please give this video a thumbs up if you like we just saw I'm hey Mary gonna thanks so much for watching we'll see you tomorrow


50 Replies to “Here's why Samsung is REMOVING the Headphone Jack…”

  1. TING SIEW SIN says:

    Yieks, so bias to pixel

  2. Phenix Nunlee says:

    The s-pen takes up more space than a headphone jack. So… 👎 . just take the s-pen away. Who cares about it.

  3. Daniel says:

    The note 10 is stupid Asus Zenfone 6 5000 mah and a headphone jack think about that

  4. Concept Creator says:

    they are removing because they want to simply sell bluetooth headsets ugh, this whole excuse of space… again… Note 9 had it all

  5. nero vanguard says:

    They are removing the headphone jack to sell their Galaxy Buds

    Meanwhile, Asus ROG Phone II has 2 USB ports, a headphone jack and a humongous 6000 mAh battery

  6. Ben Hill says:

    Pixel four looks like my mi mix 3 with the slider down lololol

  7. Demetrius Banks says:

    Samsung think they smart they just trying to make more money. ik it was some kind of way they could have done it😑😒 I may end up getting the s10 5g at least they still have the headphone jack. there isn't a guarantee that you will remember to charge your wireless earbuds every time you leave the house so that's BS

  8. Gregory Goldfarb says:

    I am QUITE annoyed. I do own the ICONX buds, but I still own a pair of wired Bose Quiet Comforts of which I use a lot with the phone. So I am quite annoyed and hesitant and moving forward. Yes it's a push to buy a wireless pair of headphones.

  9. Cory Cunningham says:

    I think Samsung should keep the headphone jack and the s-pen and put a bigger battery in but just make the phone slightly thicker. Their already thin as hell as it is and even with the case it's still super thin IMO

  10. Mark Dustin says:

    Samsung is becoming like apple even in their apps

  11. otakukj says:

    Definitely prefer bigger batteries over a headphone jack. I've been using Bluetooth headphones for years now

  12. iiBleedReality says:

    They only way I'm getting this phone without a headphone jack is if they provide the wireless buds in the package 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. iiBleedReality says:

    You came here for 4:37

  14. xLi41 says:

    but they fit a decent sized battery, an spen, an ir blaster, a ton of sensor for those handsfree things eye scroling whatnot..and te say they can fit it because the better is bigger? as if the overall footprint drink increase

  15. powerlinkers says:

    We should get 5000mah battery for note 10+.

  16. JoshuaNY93BX says:

    Heres the deal if the community stays strong by not buying the phone then next year they will listen and put the jack back in or do a recall.

  17. JoshuaNY93BX says:

    No never a reason to ditch hesdphone jack

  18. Nguyen Nguyen says:

    They probably see how Apply is selling Airpods like crazy (also the memes are raging), they want some of those sweet sweet Benjamins (and some sweet memes as well)

  19. Nguyen Nguyen says:

    Samsung fan when Apple remove the headphone jack: HAHA, look at Samsung, they would never
    > Samsung decided to remove the headphone jack
    Samsung fans: 😮

  20. Donna Yarbrough says:

    Bluetooth is an option people

  21. alexander black says:

    Another case of phone companies not listening to what their customers want. Sorry but most people want s headphone jack so move along nothing to see here. Next

  22. giveML says:

    Wait, so a 3% increase in battery capacity is somehow worth removing the headphone jack!? Well the Note8 seems to be my last Samsung phone…

  23. Zoe Santana says:

    People stop talking about Samsung ditching the headphone jack we all knew this was coming and we can't do anything about it.

  24. zack H says:

    no note 10 this year,apparantly Samsung is learning from Apple which is sad

  25. Ample17 says:

    Profit. Thank's for watching.

  26. naser alfrdan says:

    the rog probably will be 1.5k or more

  27. PINK says:

    Smartphones are getting weirder and weirder every day for no reason.

  28. henrik kruse says:

    And suddenly removing the headphonejack is No biggie for droidbois, Oooh the irony.

  29. GRIMM WESSEN says:

    Looks like this might be last of Note line serie. After assuming very bad selling they never bring back jack 3.5 mm 😠

  30. Barry Inn says:

    If you remove the headphone jack, you will Not be able to use FM radio on it and wired headphones. Wired headphones use the wire for antenna.

  31. Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports says:

    APPLE: non removable battery

    APPLE: no SD cards

    APPLE: no headphone jack

    APPLE: EarPods

    APPLE: proprietary charging connection

    Everything Apple did for profits paid off.

    Samsung is desperate to copy.

  32. Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports says:


  33. David says:

    Glad I bought my S10e with the beautiful 3.5mm headphone jack. 🙏🏾

  34. Just a Knight says:

    Alternative is LG and Asus.

  35. Kaya Smollz says:

    That's crap. They could have increased the thickness instead but they remove then add other things but other companies add more yet still keep the Jack .

  36. Eternal1 says:

    No headphone jack means no purchase of a Note 10 from me. Besides, I'm content with my Note 9 which has one and I have no complaints about its performance. Bad move Samsung.

  37. John Jurmu says:

    The headphone jack was my deciding factor when I purchased my Note 8. The Note 10 wont be considered in my upgrade path.

  38. GP CH says:

    The thing is Samsung eating its own words now.

  39. The K INC says:

    So much for the note being the end all be all.

  40. Recardo Lugg says:

    Honestly people deserve to have an opinion. If you want or absolutely need a headphone jack, that's cool do your thing. Then there are people like me that couldn't care less and are for the wireless future.

  41. Carmen Nooner says:

    Question#1, no. Question#2, no.

  42. Goddess Hylia says:

    Dude who cares if Samsung removed the headphone jack. They will either bundle in or give you free galaxy buds with preorder through the Samsung Shop App.

  43. Aaron edwards says:

    I will never buy a phone without a head phone jack.

  44. Ravi Rajyaguru says:

    The person or the team at Samsung, responsible for the decision of removing the headphone jack from Note 10 must be punched in the face, with a god damn chair.

  45. Groot says:

    I am just saying you do have to have some room in the phone for cooling you can’t pack it like a burrito

  46. skyboy884 says:

    One of the reasons i got S10 instead of other current flagship is the headphone jack,
    I won't even look at any phone without it

  47. salim machila says:

    Why Phone companies removing something is liked by users as if they are giving u free

  48. Tigerex966 says:

    Another one bites the dust.
    Another phone on the do not buy list.

  49. Tigerex966 says:

    Show Samsung a way to deceive and trick their loyal customers for more money like Apple and they will copy that and they did $$$$$!!!!!!

  50. Tigerex966 says:

    Samsung is telling a bold face LIE!
    The note 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 prove it.
    All of their engineers and designers and innovators and they cannot put a headphone jack on their biggest phone.
    Bull Crap!

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