Hands-on with the Swift 5 Ultra-thin Laptop | Acer

July 30, 2019 posted by

Acer’s Swift 5 is ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle. It’s so light you’ll forget you’re carrying it. This 15.6” laptop is packed with great features, and weighs under 1 kg! The Swift 5 is made with lighter yet stronger materials Magnesium- Aluminum and Magnesium-Lithium alloys Micro-Arc Oxidization creates a durable finish. There’s no need to worry that this lightweight device can’t handle the challenges of daily life. Just slide it into your bag and go about your day. With a 15.6¡¨ FHD IPS display in a 5.87mm bezel, you get more screen space in a smaller chassis. Its screen-to-body ratio is 87.6% that’s right, 87.6% so it’s great for watching movies and enjoying other content Guess what? It also has a touchscreen, allowing you to multitask without missing a beat. You can easily interact with a whole range of apps. The Swift 5’s 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor helps apps load faster and allows multiple tasks to run simultaneously without lag. Next-generation wireless technology is up to five times faster so you won’t be kept waiting…and waiting…and waiting when you move or upload files Leave your battery charger at home, because this laptop will work for up to 10 hours straight. Forget about the extra weight and wires in your bag! Maximize your capabilities and minimize your burden with this ultra-portable laptop. Travel light but fully equipped. Less weight on your body and less weight on your mind. Acer Swift 5


76 Replies to “Hands-on with the Swift 5 Ultra-thin Laptop | Acer”

  1. panda fight says:

    What's the actual processor???

  2. Jabs Jam says:

    Can it run FIFA 18😂

  3. Jono Chen says:

    What’s the starting price?

  4. Juan G. Sanchez says:

    Ok. Admit that you hire d2d to make the video or you copy his templates. Good video let's see how the laptop behaves over time

  5. Ain'tMyself says:

    The symmetric bezels are beautiful omg! Please award that designer. Good job.

  6. Elshad says:

    Please make it in black/grey as well!

  7. god says:

    the moment i lay my eyes on this, that was it. i dnt care bout no other consumer laptops. gettin asap

  8. Alex Pereira says:

    Oh, such kind of innovation. I never seen this in Lg Gram or Dell XPS 13. But, competition is always good.

    Bonus: 055: min fail.

  9. Alex Popowski says:

    What is the release date in the UK? We usually get screwed with laptop releases, some don't even release over here :(!

  10. blissrunner says:

    Interesting, any info on specs like how many Watt hour the battery is?

  11. RCmies says:

    Desperately needs a dedicated graphics card

  12. Smiley says:

    Lookin good. 👍

  13. Paulus Aditya Hernawan says:

    why not centered trackpad?

  14. Nick Ngu says:

    Finger print sensor not so good tho. Not very reliable. Sometimes it takes me a few times before it recognises my finger print. Battery life isn't that great as well. 4-5 hours

  15. Bugs says:

    no thunderbolt 3. garbage

  16. Nikhil Kohli says:

    Where can I get this wallpaper?

  17. prasanna says:

    What about keyboard and thermal performance,I guess there will be a trade off since this laptop is very slim

  18. Dipak Jadhav says:

    i think a very good 16GB ram productivity laptop for blogger and video editor like me. Really amazing deisgn with best in class keyboard. So thanks and asks acer to give this laptop for reviews. Hope to get it for review on my channel

  19. irakli Mgeladze says:

    300nits haha. apple can do more then 400 nit
    need better audio quality and battary life

  20. Brad Haines says:

    id rather have ultra thick with great battery life and lots of ports. some big quiet fans would be helpful too

  21. Victor Rizal Filosofi says:

    just buy it yesterday

  22. Mental Inlander says:

    I cant afford this

  23. اسد رحمان بیگ Asad Rehman Begh says:

    It's HUGE!! Customers want smaller screen laptops but of higher resolution.

  24. 我是181 says:

    Updatable RAM and SSD ?

  25. Wei Kiat says:

    🍎 Apple MacBookPro The Best.

  26. Danifoxer says:

    Is this Dave 2D?

  27. Muhamad Julian says:

    Is it under 600$?

  28. Ajay Kumar says:

    It's the best.

  29. Torre Florim says:

    Touchscreen on a recessed display? That's weird, especially for peeps with big fingers. Hitting the Windows button in the corner will be hard.

  30. gamer dt says:

    Look how the screen wobbles at 1:28. I think the screen has a lot of flex to it.

  31. Barry Connole says:

    Man if it only at a GPU

  32. Brenz Flores says:

    that's nice.. how much that acer??

  33. Hyeunseop Choi says:

    Wow…. It's fantastic. Take my money

  34. United Kingdom says:

    Wow it's nice….is this 2-1 tablet+laptop?

  35. LengkapGan says:

    Without discrete graphics card is okay as lonng there's a thunderbolt 3 port for external gpu, well at least give option some light power enough discrete gpu MX 150 or even 1050 max q, this thing will be xps killer

  36. Blue eyed Eurasian says:

    Hmm! it don't think it's under 1000$

  37. Fruitarian says:

    How much?

  38. De Cnijf Kris says:


  39. Loide Sirongo says:

    I want it

  40. Abhishek gupta says:

    My keyboard is damaged, where can I buy it? (Acer aspire e15)

  41. Sajjad Afshar says:

    I will buy this shit man its so good

  42. mo nguyen says:

    good for work…but where's the 10 key?

  43. Ashirakorn Suvitayasatian says:

    Bassically the cheap version of the razerblade 🙂

  44. choclate thunder says:

    honestly ill just stick with my aspire 5 because yes it is heavier but almost 3x better

  45. Ulzii Buyan says:

    Great laptop, bad advertising.

  46. jack chuah says:

    I prefer 13' size

  47. Nishachor Balok says:

    Euro price??

  48. Alexey Anastasiev says:

    Can I charge it via Type-C?

  49. Araiguma Alice Kiruno says:

    Weird moment when you realize that your big and heavy laptop only have 1GB DDR2 RAM

  50. md milon says:

    Price in Bangladesh

  51. qX says:

    Will buy it if it has mx150

  52. Michael Mesfn says:

    Downgrade to i5 8250u
    Throw in a mx150 in there…this will be a top seller

  53. Cread134 says:

    Copied D2d at 1:03

  54. Ridwan Ilyas says:

    when this laptop come to Indonesia?

  55. Billy.J McBee says:


  56. Avarro Ouboutu says:

    Black Friday.. Any one?

  57. Deva Sahithiyan says:

    No graphics card huh?

  58. Balaram parajuli. says:

    I hate windows 10, windows 7 is better than windows 10

  59. Huseyn H. says:

    Keyboard design looks not comfy. At least they need to place power button separately, not talking about up/down buttons.

  60. Royce Barber says:

    Sweet laptop but WHY don't you use Break-Away charging cable, or at least a USB-C for the charging?!

  61. Shilu George says:

    Avoid buying Acer laptop, quality is very bad, I had purchased a laptop last Nov and it's stopped working now and Acer support asking money for repair

  62. Stan Fred says:

    Uhm can be this a gaming

  63. De Cnijf Kris says:

    not available in Belgium

  64. Reisen Knight says:

    Can u make more gaming laptops that are not overpriced.

  65. Hashir says:

    I got swift 1,its slow and doesn't run shit

  66. Luan Santos says:

    Does the 8GB memory one come with two or just one memory stick? Is there a space for a second stick in the case it comes with just one?

  67. random edits on my phone says:

    My mom said she’s going to buy me a laptop, and I want this laptop. I think it’s perfect and I really like this laptop.

  68. Andres Valdevit says:

    Now do the new Aspire 7, sooo looking forward to that one.

  69. ian garcia says:

    Still no release date for the US market?

  70. MrYoklmn says:

    Magsafe? No? Sorry guys…

  71. Win Pyi Hein says:

    Please add thunderbolt 3 to the USB c

  72. ศรชัย ฆ้องพาหุ says:

    So Like Very Screen Flat Notebook (^ω^).

  73. Yanzhi Liu says:

    I can’t buy it in blue in US now. Where can I get it?

  74. shoaib khan says:

    Does it have usb c charging?

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