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Okay, okay, we don’t wanna lose. Everybody see everybody’s like showed up and like hey we’re Everybody’s here you started all right. All right. Let’s do it. All right. Are we ready yep? In this episode of the full nerd Nvidia is mean to AMD again Xbox one Versus PC 8th gen laptop CPUs and obtain finally arrives Welcome to the full nerd episode 34 recorded on November 3rd 2017 I’m Gordon Mong who was here with co-host Brad charkas hey? Awesome guest Cellini everybody and controlling the vertical and horizontal is Adam Patrick, Murray Hello, so I got that right so I didn’t actually write any other intros yeah, that’s great We’re gonna hang waiting so usually at this point Adam tries to derail the whole thing You know now I’m D railing by not D. Railing. He’s not t really So that means we’re just gonna go straight into it sweet Talk about I understand NVIDIA is being mean to AMD again Brad again, yeah Just keeps happening shocker so yeah AMD released the mega graphics cards and August and mega64 kind of disappointed versus the GTX 1080 but Vega 56 beat the GTX 1070 by pretty decent Mountain Time games to Surprise less than two months later. We have The GTX 1070 TI there it is beats Vega 56 How do is it? Well, I guess what I want to know cuz I’m sorry. I’ve been kind of hip deep in looking at some other things How’d they do it is did they do they add cores they wider memory bus? Just switched 11 it’s called a gtx 1070 TI and it actually is kind of a hybrid of the 1070 and 1080 it is basically almost almost the full GT X 1080 GPU actually it has 19 out of 20 streaming multi processors enabled has almost as many cuda cores as GTX 1080 But it has instead of the new cutting-edge Gddr5 X fast power efficient memory it has standard gddr5 just like the GTX 770 It basically splits the difference right it’s 450 bucks so it falls between the 380 GTX 1017 to 500 GTX 1080 It falls a little bit closer to the GTX 10 in performance But still you know a little bit below the most interesting part about it something I’ve never seen before and something that I think is awfully crappy is that Nvidia is actually restricting Partner cards from applying and overclock out of the factory with these oh If you crank these things It’s so close to the GTX 1080 that it could actually custom overclocked cards could very well show up GTX 1080s out of the box So Nvidia is restricting partners from overclocking them out of the box. I mean, but end-users can still do it You can still yeah, you can still do it manually and I also reviewed the EVGA the EVGA GTX 970 Ti, SC Black Edition, which is a whole lot to say all at once? And when you open up the packaging it actually has a little paper slip right at the top that says hey you know if you download our precision OS X software or xoc It has a new feature exclusive for 1070 TI cards where you press one button it’ll scan your card and automatically overclock it for you Yeah, that one’s like soos does the same thing I think MSI does the graphics card makers that make overclock in software working Around it that way but? It’s still you know it doesn’t it feels off to me I don’t like it hmm they they’re not letting him do it from the box so out of the box I can to see the logic even though it’s still kind of crappy yeah What I gotta say, I mean, it’s great that and hey it’s it’s more better But I mean I what I don’t understand so why even bother I mean who who cares I mean because Vega 56 Beats gtx 1070 so it’s just nothing but this is just pride in ego But we’re not gonna let you even win here, right That’s my suspicion And you know the manufacturing process at this point gtx 1070 and GT x 1080 came out in May of last year so spent a year and a half So they probably have tons of leftover GT X 1080 chips that are just you know one or two sections that This lets done get more money out of it. You know. I’m sure there’s logistical things like that but in general I think it’s hey we’re not gonna let you have that one Vega highlight Is the interesting part actually is that? Vega and the gtx970 had Bolton selling for about 470 bucks way overpriced right for the past few months But yesterday all of those every single ones showed up right at 400 bucks MSRP every single 1070 or every single Vega 56 and A lot of gtx 1070 s all of a sudden all showed up right around 400 bucks. Well. No what is it? What does that mean though does that mean they were like sitting on a bunch of supply so the miners didn’t get them or what? I Suspect that means if you’re looking at either the Vega 56 or the gtx 1070 buy it now because they released a bunch into the market To position their products better versus this one specific launch But a lot of people who’d waiting for vega carts since launch now’s the time to buy it you Can actually buy them I got a story right the prices are like normal It’s almost what they’re supposed to be though I checked again today and a lot of them are still for 400 a lot of going for 420 now, so they’re already creeping up And if you look at Vega 64 there were some that were 500 bucks like they were supposed to be yesterday But I’m already seeing those creep up quite a bit already. I know I did really like your headline for that article Something about it was just like comforting like oh They’re back – saved for a minute sort of saying yeah at this point. They should be below MSRP well below its News that a product, it’s actually price, yeah Yes, we’re in a situation where a card selling for what it’s suggested to sell for constitutes a deal So the memory band member bus is the same they just turned on a few more shaders How much? Yeah, this it actually is the same memory bus as the gtx 1070 not the gtx 1080 Oh, it’s like the gtx 1080 and graphics processor like the gtx 1070 in memory basically, okay insane It’s an 8 gig frame buffer on that yes, the sports is In the the ports power same as a 1070 card Egg the ports and power the same as a GTX 1080 alright. Oh like cuz Yeah, because it actually it’s 19 out of 20 streaming multi processor sections clusters, so it needs to hire TDP Ok got it, so there. It really is a down a detuned 1080 almost but I guess the RAM is different the interesting part is they actually At least on the founders Edition card here They actually use the same design as the GTX 1080 founders Edition Which means it has a vapor chamber instead of a standard blower style cooler it has an additional power phase for you know cleaner overclocking so even though Board partners are restricted from overclocking the card they actually baked some nicer overclocking features into the 1070 TI founders Edition than you would find in the 1070 founders Edition, and how much faster is it over a reference 56 Vega 56? It depends in a couple of games and rise of the Tomb Raider and ashes of the singularity. It was a lot faster And every other game. It was you know pretty much neck-and-neck a couple of frames I didn’t have time to get them into the review because they’re still new and I’m playing with them But I was playing with Forza 7 and Wolfenstein 2 and those were actually faster on Vega 56 so it’s like win some lose some I Mean a little bit faster Leslee on youtubes wondering where did all the OE OE m based Vega, 56 cards go That is a very good question and that is something that I dumped on Vega for in this review actually because if you could pick up a custom Vega card right now for somewhere between 400 and 450 bucks I Would much prefer that? To the gtx 1070 TI myself, I think it offers enough it supports free sink monitors, which you can actually buy That’s great, but the pro is Custom cards still haven’t showed up And the Vega 56 reference card is like ad and hurricane it’s loud It’s really really bad like I I’m usually pretty tolerant about noise. That’s the worst since the 290x and Actually it actually bothers me to be sitting with it Would you say it’s it’s actually I mean because nothing could be worse than the 290x card. It’s not as well I actually wound up putting the 290x in after to compare it because I still got one son around I will take that back FX 5800 was probably the pinnacle of your garden oiseau but yeah But actually yesterday after this launched XFX posted a teaser image of its custom vega card on the AMD separate on reddit Didn’t have any details about how fast it’ll be didn’t have any details about when it will actually launch, but they are apparently still coming Neglect tech on youtubes asking why didn’t they just a nvidia? Why didn’t they just work on releasing a volta card instead of squeezing out another card? I think they would be if vega made them Vega didn’t turn out where people were expected to have it Vega came out and beat the gtx 980ti I think we’d be seen voltic cards. Maybe by the end of this year because they already have Volta GPUs They already have the data center version out you can buy it but without AMD pushing them I Mean hopefully we’ll see volta next year early next year right it takes competition. That’s why we have 1618 core core nines, and we have third or four right so I mean right now They’re selling all these miners have screwed up everything then I mean they’re pissed that way in every graphics card they could make so why rush the next gen I Mean it sucks But it makes sense speaking of which is there any indication that the 1070 Ti is going to be good for mining do we know any anything like that yet? Um I didn’t test it it does use basic gddr5 rather than the fancy gddr5 X Which is worse for mining 5x is worse for modding, so this would be better for mining than the five ten eighty But prices are starting to come down a little bit I’m not sure of four hundred and fifty dollars as a wise investment to get into mining at this point So we’ll have to see basically Well, that’s what I’m wondering at I actually heard from a friend And he just upgraded his son’s box with ten sixty and I was blown away. He said he paid two sixty four cards All right price, and it’s not a three gig card either I think there’s a six good card our prices are like back to normal almost and some things They’re getting there especially on geforce cards. I was actually just checking all this out this morning. You can get one of the three gigabyte GTX 10 to 60s the cut-down version with the less memory and less power for 200 bucks now Which we haven’t been able to for months the six gigabytes GTX 1060 is I’m seeing ten two hundred and sixty seventy dollars to start okay So it’s getting down there Radeon cards are still more inflated because they’re more efficient at mining but you can get a four gigabytes rx 574 about two hundred and thirty bucks now which is 50 bucks over MSRP But all things considered the state of the market. I mean that’s a really great 1080p card probably the best you can get right now Yeah in general. What’s happening from what I’ve been looking at when I’m not passing out a build Their back like you can get them now the prices are inflated So I’m hoping that Just it’s kind of starting to go back the opposite direction that this is the first sign of it that feels normal though 264 1066 TD card that feels pretty damn normal to me I mean, that’s that’s not I mean maybe first way it used to be but not for how it was when everything first launched You know I mean the MSRP when it launched was 260 I believe for the GTX 260, but I was a year and a half ago Should be selling for a lot less Yes, I mean, and they were selling for a lot less before this mining craze took over yeah And like it just kills me though like at ten seventy is still four hundred bucks. I were thought right. That’s a $350 video card, but it’s $40 do you think that it’s a little too compressed now because I mean if you go to buy a video card and you’re looking At video, what the hell you gonna do 10 seventies 410 70 TI is 450 and then a 1080 is $500. I mean I think you’re right though if you are the kind of person that Really matte it really matters to you if you spend $25 $50 like this will allow somebody who’s like a budget gamer to say okay? Maybe if I like pull back on this I can’t go up another What is it $50 difference and get just a little bit more performance? So I could see it appealing to those people yeah it’s The gtx 1070 TI is a lot better than the gtx 1070 at 1440 so the 1070 is a great card for 60 frames per second 1440 the 1070 T I will let you push those faster like if you have a hundred and forty-four Hertz monitor It’ll let you push that and if you want to roll up your sleeves and overclock I mean you could probably push these cards to GT X 1080 levels of performance there were some reviews I was reading yesterday. Where some people were actually able to get Founders edition 1080 beating levels of performance out of the gtx 1070 TI so if you’re willing to go that extra mile I mean it could save you 50 bucks versus the GTX 1080 but it’s a weird card because the GTX 1080 already did 1440p high refresh rate really good and 4k entry-level kinda okay, right and this card is basically the same use case So yeah, I just it’s sort of weird cuz it’s like I don’t know why I would ever bother with ATI When I can just do it 1080 so that’s yeah Most people in the chat are saying yeah, they would rather just pay the 50 bucks at the 1080. I’m curious Brad was I like saving money So Brad the results that you saw was that with the easy like one button overclock Or is that because people actually took the time to manually like tune it to beat the 1080 you’re gonna have to manually tune it Playing around a bit myself since the review with the manual the auto overclocked didn’t apply anywhere aggressive enough Like it didn’t mess with the power limits. It didn’t mess with the memory speed. It just gently boosted up Mach speed But if you manually tinker it, it’s it’s save you 50 bucks. I mean in there, but that’s a that is not a cut That’s not a founders edition original or a reference card. It’s actually the aftermarket and EVGA card you’re doing this or though Yes, I was doing that with the EVGA cover yep Huh I don’t know but the stuff you were reading was the founder Edition that got the oh yes Yes, yes, it’s a mix out there There’s a very good chance that you would be able to push your car to GTX 1080 levels if you do a manual They’re probably louder I’m it’s probably gonna howl a little bit those those Reference cards do can get a little loud if you you’re pushing them long enough so oh, yeah definitely And if you buy a GTX 1080 and overclock that it’ll probably go even faster. You know what I mean, yeah And then you know the next step up to attain attr that so that’s pretty far, that’s that’s The way I think about it is I don’t think the 1080 or the 1070 Ti are good cards for 4k Like you can play a bunch of games at 4k if you turn stuff down but if you have a 4k monitor who wants to do that they’re great cards for 1440p and The GTX and seven BTI is great enough for 1440p to me I don’t think it’s really worth it to spend the extra 50 bucks on the GTX 1080 That’s the way my brain wrapped around it all in the end. It’s a really weird launch It’s basically just a screw over AMD like you said yeah, it’s just personally prized Just I just think that’s why I said, it’s just a medias just being mean to AMD. You know they’re just like I’m surprising Nvidia Dustin’s like come out with the red edition. We’re course. I mean we’re gonna steal your color, too. It’s like what? That’s our Radeon blue because Nvidia stolen the red color I actually got an email from Nvidia this morning that said it’s coming question mark question mark question mark and You could click it and it goes to a youtube video that has a teaser image Titan X collector’s edition Is both red and green colored but in this rating? That is not and that is not a Christmas color that is Jessica Lee that is in videos like we’re gonna take your color to The point of like corporate bullying I think we’re past that point See what happens when Vega 56 cards come out if they ever come out for anywhere near some prices And you mean with custom designs custom custom customs Yeah, I don’t know if it’ll push performance a lot past what it is But my biggest problem with Vegas 56 right now is the stock cooler so yeah? And you know I just the whole thing the whole I mean there the fact that their prices are inflated a little bit still makes It weird I mean I think like for vast majority of people 200 bucks 264 1010 66 gig do you think yeah, that’s sorta like 70 bucks for Ted 1066 gig yeah, but that’s I mean yeah But it started to become more sane at least yeah, at least you can do it Yeah, it has just sucked for PC gaming, right? I think I think like I saw Paul’s hardware had a video is saying that is just a bad TT C and yeah It’s just terrible dude. Yeah, but till recently our advice my advice on our best graphics card You know recommendation piece is actually just buy a 1050 TI and wait And now that’s no longer the case you you’re getting still overpay by 20 or 30 bucks, but you could get graphics cards now traditionally in the past Are there really good deals on graphics cards like around Black Friday and Cyber Monday and stuff? I wouldn’t say it’s anything like that’s fire-sale level But you know as Brad was knowing earlier and Gordon as well over time you will see it Just starting to drop and you’ll you’ll get a couple of like mm Maybe an extra 10 to 20 dollar discount so nothing amazing is it too early to tell if this year is gonna Have any it’s usually right now based on what’s been leaking. I think just given the climate I don’t really see anything where everyone’s like oh my god you have to buy it right now you have to line up like it’s the iPhone 10 and get Into, I don’t know Best Buy the minute the door opens I don’t I don’t see that how I I think it would work like if I had like a Micro Center I’d be like yeah rx 580 $180 Five at this place This past March we ran a post about a deal You could get rx4 80s right before the 580 came out for a hundred and twenty or 130 bucks Change I used to spend this so in the spring I used to spend a part of every morning or almost every morning sending something to Brad saying hey Brad look at this price. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done that And now we’re posting hurry up you can buy it at the price it suppose This is like some mad max level of stuff. We’re like you know like we’ve run out of oil on the planet no No, we’ve actually just run out of GPUs, so like you’re fighting over it That’s actually the sequel of the new Mad Max movie Because I was actually hoping I was thinking it upgraded my video card this year and now I think I’m just gonna keep going with my 290x and just let it serve as my space heater for another winter Still performs like like What am I saying like a 1064 ad kind of card? I mean it’s still got game to it. It is Brad Can you said that a lot of talk is Elena can’t hear you she has hearing damage from the 290x fans? Hey, it masks the sound of everything else around me white noise yes or You know what you could do if you can’t go out, and you can’t afford a 10-7 TTI. You know you could do I Heard I know you could do what? Get an Xbox one Xbox Here we go Xbox one exercies me see yesterday. We yesterday we had a lot of fun If people didn’t tune in yesterday, please catch up Yes, you know catch them up on what happened who knew how many console fans? We had I had no idea so fans I don’t know if everyone’s been following our live builds. We started obviously with Brad’s idea of a 1920 by 1080 And we did the retropie bills with Adam good times And I have the third build and that was yesterday’s live build of an Xbox 1x equivalent PC or roughly equivalent, so the bill itself really simple didn’t really nothing fancy or spectacular happen except for the fact where The gigantic rx 580 I borrowed from Brad did not fit the case I had chosen So I spent God what was it like an hour so after we did the build moving everything to another game. I can actually start my benchmarks But the holding is based on an article. I wrote back in June when the Xbox one X was officially announced And now it was just a c4 for funsies you know can can you actually replicate an equivalent PC at the same price point and Given the fact that Ram is inflated and Graphics cards are inflated and the fact that 4k blu-ray Drives are real expensive right now the answer is no and the answer is still no Now in October. I was hoping or not no. It’s November now. I was hoping it would change and it didn’t yeah I was really hoping that the mining craze had died down that Ram prices would start to maybe become a little more reasonable But no it actually went up like my I think the the basic build Which was a standard blu-ray? drive and an FX 8350 dollars when I first priced it out in June, and I think it went up to like $700 Is that the lamb or this it was everything so the? The RAM went up a little bit The case went up a little bit because I was also using a combination of sales and rebates So I was literally going to look for the cheapest things I could find within reason To see what else went out the storage went up ever so slightly. I just happened to catch me a good time I guess in June I In June because the scarcity of 5x rx5 80s was so bad I had to take the theoretical out of stock price so now that they’re actually in stock I actually have to use the even more inflated in stock price Back in June. It was like okay well Super Blitzer bits. I forget the name of this store had it for like two hundred and sixty seven dollars But it’s out of stock, so that was the price at the time, but now if you look for the a similar card It’s almost three hundred dollars But it’s in stock So I have to take that price because if you’re gonna buy you’re gonna buy it, right So that all that stuff was like pumping up the cost of nuts I thought that the price would actually drop. I thought it was gonna Go to like at least like 600 by this point in the year, but went the other way That’s just sucking Oh the other part is oh sorry the 8300 went up in price because it’s an old part in rice And three is out now right so if you were to keep the same build the motherboards are getting more scarce The trip itself is not you know getting discounted as heavily as it was before because you know why would you buy an? 8300 now if you could just buy a rise in 312 hundred which is why I have a third Proposed build list in that article now, and that’s the one we built the rise in three build They’re trying to penal yeah prevent you from buying that affects eighty three hundred I don’t know you think they we just want to give him away at this point. Yeah, it’s funny I was looking this morning for another article on Amazon and the FX 6300 was a hundred and thirty seven dollars Thousand three twelve hundred was 107 But yeah this all proves I mean our Xbox one extra beaut went up this mornin Hayden covered it over Satan Digman and He plays the whole thing and he says hey, man This is you know roughly equivalent to a lot of gaming rigs with a 1060 or 580 and a 500 bucks with the state of You know PC part price in these days it gives you a ton of bang for your buck Yeah, I got to say that he brought it in we did a video for the review, and and I was surprised too I was like wow okay I mean we only had Gears of War for to really test it on yeah You know so comparing it for the Xbox one You know the original Xbox one to the Xbox one x2 the omen X that we had in here Yeah, it was it was a big jump in it. I mean HDR is definitely a big thing, but then especially his In Gears were for it you can either switch between 1080p 60 or 4k 30 and Hayden preferred the 1080 60 and like we like good seeing I Seeing high frame rate on a console like that was was pretty impressive. You know cuz typically on a console You don’t see that I see Gordon squirming over there But I’ll also say real quick. There’s plenty people in the chat that say they enjoy both Gordon There’s nothing wrong with it look not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just wanted to know Adam yes What did you guys use? Cherry MX brown keyboard or Did you did you go with reds and was it a high DPI mouse you played that they’re actually they’re working on adding Keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox one Xbox One X off the support 1440p in free sync monitors, so that’s also it’s really alluring the lines. Yeah. Yeah, well, I got Look, did you really use a controller right? There’s no? Come on. There’s USB ports on the damn thing There’s hid support built into the OS just support mouse and keyboard you know why they didn’t support mouse and keyboard in the original 360 because Like they never they had those like weird things that make it work because then then PC one when they tried to like and then they tried to have peace Gamers play against console gamers Mouse and keyboards kicks the crap out of out of control. That’s right actually so I was at forgot some kind of Windows event and We were talking to Phil Spencer at one point about it And he actually said specifically and candidly the whole reason why it’s taking a while to implement Keyboard and mouse support is not because it’s difficult I mean the Xbox one supports like it on my mouse But keyboard support if you want to just use it to get around the operating system, right But it’s specifically because they have to figure out a way to make the experience not shitty for People using the controller just don’t get like So they’re trying to figure out like do we implement you know different kinds of multiplayer modes for this Do you know do we change? How we rank the leaderboards like they’re just there at the time nothing official of course, but it was just more of a general chaplet about the Situation sure sure and I and I got to say I don’t have a problem with council gaming because there is no more console gaming It’s all PC gaming right at this point so then why do you crap? Retain consoles are like something different like it’s some weird Cell processor that toshiba cooked up or the thing but for God’s sake it’s just derivative PC Lords at this point You don’t even play on integrated graphics They have mouse and keyboard maybe I mean there’s just so much Why does there’s no reason to say that I I think it’s just because look for years and years and years you got console gamers Oh, just crapped on PC gamers right and how many here’s how few cameras in grabbing our gospel? Oh yeah, and that’s just were just as people Subreddit no really no really If you think about it and also I have a problem when you can’t admit the truth the day Apple comes That picks the crap out of these. I will be the first person say Apple has just beat us hands down all right but Console gamers. They just don’t like look the the original Xbox the original the original Consoles came out and they actually were higher performance than the best thing you could get in a PC at the time And it was like you had to hang our hands and like oh Man this sucks in two lasted about four months, and then suddenly PC was in front again, and never went back and never well That’s that’s what I think is interesting about this specific launch actually because with graphics cards prices being the way They are if you’re looking to get a solid you know 1080p gaming performance these days the Xbox one X is looking pretty good Man it can do 1080p 60 no problem. It’s the whole system for 500 bucks whereas a 580 will cost you 300 bucks by itself Right but motion and steam. Yeah mouse and keyboard Interesting is that the reason I used to love playing consoles is because like you could rip it open replay in Mario in five minutes These days the update process is like a PC You know wait hours and hours for the system update You got to wait hours to install the game to your hard drive. You got to wait for the day one yeah, it’s you know especially for all the people because When I used to work for official Xbox Magazine we would get a lot of letters from people who are in more rural parts of America so they didn’t really have broadband access So they loved having a console because they didn’t have to do all these updates They didn’t have to worry about you know they like the disc no there’s data caps People that matrix says should go on a nuclear submarine yeah well Let’s not talk about that Unfortunate turn that Microsoft took with the direction of Xbox. I think they should have stuck with it personally. I mean whatever People that they suck for her supporting system that they themselves that basically you know Cultivated they basically just cracked on all of their hardcore fans at that period of time they’re like everything you love Xbox Gone, well, you know I I think they were looking they were looking for it, right They were looking at the world and everybody believed this I mean analysts I never I never believed it But they all thought you know Xbox one and PlayStation 4 would be the last consoles we ever see everything would be streamed down the road right of course that’s not true because it’s always about The heavy metal right because now we are into we are firmly I know everybody knows it, but we are into a hot shooting war of console hardware who makes it faster who makes it better, right? Kendo Nintendo still doesn’t intend. Oh so my friend. They’re still selling and as They’re they’re in a walled garden like Everybody’s back up console they can ignore everything else, but what I’m saying is if you don’t believe that PlayStation 5 is gonna come out and Smash xbox 1x right in the nose with the fast with more performance higher performance or better features Then you’re wrong because we are in a new console war age well, but every console gets better I mean no we’re stating the obvious no no But no. I you know what the obvious was five years ago the obvious was there would never be another game console, right? It’s all gonna by stream. Why would you do that you weren’t on a server somewhere you get a stream to your TV? That’s just so much cheaper. I feel like that was wishful thinking even when they thought it though Yeah, it was Wallis Cuz we knew was we all knew was baloney, but you go ahead and you can find 50 articles And you know and I know, but I mean we’re gonna go off the rails a little bit and talk about this I live in San Francisco right I am probably the epitome of what people would call a coastal elite and even I Was looking at all those statements and thinking y’all are crazy Right because not everything in the US is wired up the same way We are coasts and so this is complete you have your head up your ass. I’m sorry family show You can have Tinkerbell like silence me don’t get that Mouse mad that Mouse didn’t get really mad Like if we were in some other country in the world that was like tiny and it was completely networked appropriately sure but We’re not well But no But I’m I’m but I am serious though right cuz you know Wall Street analysts and move a lot of things You know a lot of analysts really thought this is it. It’s about the future I mean that’s why the Xbox made this like hard left turn only online and connect right it’s gonna be it’s gonna run your Television experience gonna be cable box. We don’t care about gaming. It’s like Getting a PlayStation 4 right, it’s like way come back box 1x is Complete, you know them going okay. We refuting the last regime said this is about the games again Yeah, I think they learned from that mistake Yeah, Kinect is officially dead now, too But also at the same time who really? Plays their at their console at home not hooked up to the Internet like yeah Who does that right so I actually think they should have stuck with that’s why I say that because it’s like what I mean come On you’re gonna play destiny to you know like there’s so many games to but you could play a whole lot of game single-player catches you know that’s like a Reason why they angered so many other fans because the people who are in like say on a farm somewhere That gets you know maybe at best Dial-up speeds they can’t do those patches. They can’t really they have to they’re boned either way. That’s what I’m saying I Live super early like my town has less than two thousand people in the street that I’m on like I have fast internet But if you travel two miles that way people have to get like satellite internet Yep beam down to him and they can play plenty of games that are not connected to the Internet yep But not if it’s all if they couldn’t play destiny too, but they could play JRPGs. They could play a racing game They’re not going to get patches. They’re not gonna get you know updates They’re not gonna get you know any anything else like great I mean It’s it’s a super borked like experience at the end of doing things like God what one person tell us? They basically had to tether their phone like the UH Verizon phone that could get a signal tether their phone So that they could get it make the connection to download this stuff, and then like they were totally going over there Do you know a lot me? It’s just nuts it’s just terrible. Why don’t they just drive their? Xboxes down to some like update centers. Yeah, you bring it in you sit there. It’s like an electric car You drive up there for five hours. Well it tanks up, and then you go back to your farm. I honestly wonder How many of those people actually just ended up bringing their consoles to work and quietly gonna fix it? Oh? No, that’s definitely the thing Just letting it run while they actually work. You know. Oh, you know okay? Wait, so we’d have totally gone for us, but you know what I want to know because this was about versus PC, right Easier really a vs.. Is there vs. Not early, I’m anti company versus in what sense like is it a viable option? Compared to the PC is that what you’re asking or do we even need to fight can we just all get to get along? Wait are you saying this I? Think he’s drunk again. Maybe maybe he found your stash of pumpkin beer I was shocked by Hayden’s review Really? He’s the same guy who wrote nine reasons why he should just fill the gaming PC instead of buying a console But it doesn’t really have to be what which is For the most part, but the fact that he said wow you know if you want a certain level performance And you don’t need to go beyond that you don’t need the flexibility PC. I can see it basically. I’m paraphrasing here He didn’t actually say this but basically you know he said that he could see why someone would get this different strokes for different folks HDR support has 4k has all I mean they’re really starting to blur the lines like this yeah with their Xbox play anywhere in the Microsoft Store And they’re really trying to make it so look man, if you just want a cheap Xbox one. That’s cool If you want this for your 4k TV that’s cool if you want to game on pcs You kind of boned because the Microsoft Store sucks Yeah, so I discovered that when I had to when I started downloading games for benchmarking wow that is not the Steam experience I downloaded Gears of War for It which is ridiculous over a hundred gigabytes to download the damage And it took me three days to download that whereas a game that taking me about overnight on Steam Like we’re here in the office And I was downloading it as well to start benchmarking the rising three build and it took maybe two or three hours I couldn’t understand why like we’re like a fiber connection here. Yeah, yeah things download. I can download 50 gig game in like 20 minutes Well that sounds like a reason PC gaming is his Well, we’ll find out I already have the first set of benchmarks from the FX 8300 I’m just wondering cuz I mean I mean yeah, maybe we all like to just give you know trash talk everybody But you know what if you’re into your console thing fine, whatever You’re a PC gaming good. Let’s just you know why should we you know? The truth so NPCs are have better graphics I’m gonna get Adam to make a clip of you saying that every single time that you give me crap I’m just gonna hold up my phone and play that sound clip Reverse Go down the speed hit the parking brake I am benchmarking are risin 3 and also in FX 8350 morning so if you’re interested in those look for it then boom Plug over okay Next topic I know this is not a typical full nerd thing But I think it’s actually worthy of talking about will hear from everybody see if they think but the big deal is Rose-gold dell XPS no no it’s so beautiful. This is the XPS the latest XPS 13 One of my favorite laptops, I love this thing although these days. I’m rolling this awesome MacBook Air No, this is the original XPS 13 is now technically the fourth generation I think fourth iteration because it went broad well sky like Kaiba Lake. This is the newest one which is KB Lake refresh 8th gen Intel CPU of course everything KB Lake it’s true in fact They’re only calling it KB lake corphish but the big deal is quad-core CPU and I’m gonna talk about some quick performance numbers because I gotta say when Intel said hey we’re gonna stuff a quad core into a 15 watt TDP chip I Had a hard time believing it so I took this put it up against this core i7 what’s in this in? Core i7 7500 you this one has a core i7 8550 you dual core quad core I also threw her in a Core i5 and the real challenge for this is I took two XPS 15 generations the sky lake and the KB Lake quad core eight parts which were 45 watts and I ran a bunch of benchmarks after updating drivers BIOS and the OS because and People don’t know when laptops often the performs can change based on the BIOS because they om society they’re too loud or maybe they’re not fast enough so you can crank the speeds up and My verdict is damn this X is Also a neglect Tech over on YouTube says here comes the charts I just need these for my reps But this I mean this it is no joke because I really thought like oh this thing is just there’s no way yeah It’s it it is as expected the quad core eight gen KB Lake refreshed just absolutely just Trashes and kb lake dual core and of course against the core i5 broad which also included just four just to have four kicks destroys it right after looking at like it really is giving you quad core performance and And the real surprise though is this thing almost hangs with 45 watt Parts. I mean really I mean, so here’s I’m just gonna pull this up. I don’t even know if we can see these Audio listeners anyway so the Gotta find done lists. I’m running veracrypt. Did I screw this up? Oh no actually whoa? This is crazy So this is very crypt encryption performance test. It’s you know the the latest open-source I think it’s basically TrueCrypt They turned it into veracrypt the one that’s actually on top because it’s a fairly short test Is actually to dehl the siddell they ate the 8th gen The kb lake refresh quad-core is five point four out of air Crypt encryption number two was the XPS 15 with a core i7 7700 u 5.3. Of course q all right HQ basically a tie right But we’re talking about 15 versus 45 in about a 15 versus 45 while we’re talking about 13-inch You know 2.6 pound laptop versus a 5 pound laptop looking at the results and this is the first time. I’m seeing this Man who bought a laptop in the last couple of months I feel so terrible for I’m very sad because my father-in-law Actually bought the same HP laptop in front of me, and I was like oh, I’m not going to tell him Oh, he’s just gonna like you know browse the Internet. He’s like yeah. I got a I need to copy some DVDs Oh, you’re gonna copy DVDs with this. I didn’t know he’s gonna blame me for everything so, but I’m siming that Gordon’s father-in-law is a Chinese father-in-law and That he wants the best just cuz he wants the best yeah that thing is like loaded up is like 4k panel and That’s where Gordon gets it from but These other small bars. There’s a little tiny bars. These are the dual cores this green bar 5.0. Is a quad core the bar at the top 5.44 Keep awake refreshed 5.3 for 4 KB Lake 45 watt in the sky lake 5 and then at a core i7 7500 you 2.7 basically half the performance really have to literally of course Hassle number performance. That’s wild and the other ones are 45 watts you say yeah Yeah, those are 45 25 ones that you would see in some of the gaming laptops like the big, man Yeah for the most part. It is in a laptop currently although I do have a desktop coffee like in a laptop, but for the most part That’s the best you can get out of him in a big game. You know up here Oh and just found a typo I have to redo this chart, too This is povery the top is the kb lake 45 watt part fifteen hundred and seventy eight Number two sky lake quad-core 45 watt part 14 35 there you go Brad Let’s see I can see through the papers when you hold it okay Also real quick Ruru two on YouTube says he thinks Gordon’s bedroom has a bar graph ball paper. Yes Shirt mate just bar got no, this is no you know poverty takes a little longer to run and I’m gonna get into the one of the weaknesses of of What you’re doing in this for factory with a quad core part core i7 eighty five five million? So keep it like refresh twelve hundred and thirty eight so 1500 vs 1210 ain’t bad, and then of course that is a kb lake 45 watt part How long does that test run for it might take three minutes? are we starting to see thermal throttling yes in fact I am gonna bring that up at the very end and of course but if You want to know a dual-core kb lake XPS 13 so basically the exact same form factor 763 So the quad is twelve thirty eight the dual core is 763 that is a sizable amount of performance considering that it’s the exact same size right and pretty much I mean It’s not even a whole new architecture. It’s can be like refresh Okay, be like refresh and the Refresh is we given you more clocks. We’re pushing our harder Of course we do want to know about single-threaded performance so we have povery 3.7 On top is the kb lake again? 391 choir keeping that quad-core kb lake and Number two is the sky lake so number one 391 number two 386 With anyone right yeah, see I screwed all these up Put the model over the laptop It’s confusing so number two now other thing that kind of this is a thing in single threaded task it is FC faster than a sky like 45 watt part so 391 out of a kb lake 45 watt This new 8th gen kb like refresh 386 Differences I’ll get into that the etherion good quest an excellent question But you know number two is is the is the cable a Cree fresh number three? Surprisingly is also the KB Lake dual-core at 365 which is pretty much dead on tie with the 45 watt skylake a core i7 6700 HQ part so 359 so It is basically pushing the clocks higher and you know we can go through these other ones you don’t care basically the same story whole different performance pretty good, but Let’s get into the heats now. No now. This is our handbrake test which does take on a quad core It’ll take 45 minutes to run on a dual core it might take 2 hours to run So what happens is the CPU is gonna heat up? It’s not gonna run at the highest clocks a lot of these other tests or one minute two minutes three minutes Four you know that’s pretty easy load for CPU this thing running for two hours flat out all the cores loaded up winner 45 watt parts no surprise the kb lake 45 watt part 27:43 you know two thousand seven hundred forty three seconds number two sky lake 45 watts 3033 but not bad I gotta say not bad, KB Lake refresh three thousand five hundred and sixty-seven Delta to be larger I really yeah, I thought it’d be horrible and of course just for reference a dual-core 7500 I seven seven five hundred fifty eight hundred right so you’re looking at 5800 versus 3500 That is I mean you’re getting Damn near 45 watt performance even on a really long encode that is a that’s a thirty gig file were we’re transcoding with with handbrake that is very respectable because I really my Initial thought was this thing’s gonna throttle like a mother right? He’s just gonna fall off and like drop down like 1 gigahertz or something, but it’s still running at a good clock speed And of course Let’s do just the fringe to scale we should note though that Dells ozon really good about Not clocking down not they’re like throttling as hard as some of the other manufacturers and their laptop yes Yes, Dell likes it pushes so we might not necessarily see this level formants and other laptops with the 80 was 8350 yeah 8350 in other and you know clearly uh this is you know the specter They had big HP. Just announced the updated specter We just got one a time. I had a chance to test it. I also have an issue so I think Depending on the choices the OEM makes it will be very critical in the performance you’re not gonna XPS 13 Dell likes to push the fans up You know they get a little warmer But they give you top-notch performance some of the other vendors may not like to do that because there are complaints from customers Some of the super sin laptops that I was testing I mean when you talked about Throttling down to 1 gigahertz like I’ve actually seen that yeah So actually, so let’s just look at this so what I did is I ran Cinebench R15 I ran it with one thread up to eight threads And just to see kind of like where the clocks were going and I use X to you so I was getting accurate clocks And it was it’s a little an act I think I was like trying to record it at about 10 seconds into the Cinebench run so on one thread So just give you how an idea of how how the hell Intel is doing is how hard they are pushing this new KB like Refresh part these quad-core 15 watt parts on a single thread in Cinebench It’s pushing 4 gigahertz Right 10 seconds into a in the in tuning code or actually I think This actually may be actually this chart is just when you first kick it off. It’s like 1 or 2 seconds They’re pushing it out at 4 gigahertz so and then at 2 threads You drop down to well yeah, that’s right ok know It’s been a it’s been since it’s been a week 10 seconds in 4 gigahertz. That’s pretty respectable right 2 threads You’re pushing maybe 3 9, and then you can see you can it’s this one I really do need to sort of show the camera And I’m going to try to explain it to audio listeners you start off at 4 gigahertz And then you start to fall down you know by basically by the time we get to about 4 threads You’re down to about 3.5 gigahertz and when you push it all the way out to 8 threads Which is you know running all you know all 4 chords and the hyper threading you’re down at 3.2 gigahertz, so you really do run out of clock speeds on this I Will say though interestingly the XPS 15 with the skylake part. They just never pushed it that hard so the skylake part At the very end of yours you’re loading the CPU up. It’s only pushing about 3.2 gigahertz so That is of course that’s ten seconds into it now interesting why I said well you know what it’s not really representative of what you’re gonna get so like I actually, just watched it the clock speeds overall while it was running and Realistically, you’re gonna get four gigahertz out of a quad-core KB like refresh on a single thread If you push it to two threads basically it falls off a cliff if you’re really really pushing it and you know like you’re doing like a 60 second encode the vast majority of it will it’ll be a 3.5 gigahertz, and it just starts to go lower and lower, so you can see by the time basically during Cinebench run, which is only about five minutes at the very end eight threads you’re down to 2.8 Gigahertz not bad, but you are well below what you’re getting out of these 45 watt parts these 45 watt parts Yeah basically a KB Lake 45 watt part does the whole damn test at 3.4 gigahertz from four threads out the the skylake 45 watt part is Maybe three one three two gigahertz the whole time and these are very fly you can see well You know they have this thermal Headroom so they basically just Flatten out and you could run these things to the end of the world and they will just hold that clock speed whereas these quad-core little tiny 15 watt CPUs you really do run out of speed and a Lot of that is because this is a tiny laptop I’m actually really curious to see how this chip would hold up in a larger form factor Yes, no domain Just because this is it’s not clear to me how much of it is actually a limitation at the chip itself and how much of it is of the Form factor yeah, and I know sometimes they use chips like this in all-in-ones which is a larger machine So I almost wonder if we’ll you would see better performance and a form factor like that. Yeah I honestly could see because I mean they have options It’s a 15 watt part, and I think you know you can said hey we’re gonna run at 25 or 28 I forget what it is exactly so you could see somebody say hey I’m gonna make a gaming laptop with 10 60 Make it Stupid Leith in and you know because we’re gonna pull some of the cooling out because we don’t need it for that But we’ll run the CPU up at say 28 watts or something then It really could you could really see some new super thin form factors for gaming based on this route Who’s asking? What was the multi-threaded Cinebench score? Oh? You know just to get the charts back out just to get just want to see the chart again Yeah, alright so for multi-threaded the multi-threaded performance Cinebench eight threads I was seeing six eleven so up here okay, Ruchi said he was maxing out like six Oh six, yeah, by the way Jeffrey is saying speaking of all-in-ones. They’re still waiting for the dough rise and all in one Explanation so what happened was that I I got we got the review unit in that’s the one that we unboxed and that unit turned out to have issues and it took a long time to Troubleshoot and go back and forth and by the time I got the second unit I was just slammed in my schedule And I’ve been trying to catch up ever since so I really do want to finish that review It’s on my list of things to do. It’s a really cool system. I think it’s worth the review so Expensive stupid Mouse I’ve never been to Disneyland. I’ve never never seen the appeal. I’ve never been interested to go Expensive just to say I did it. It’s an experience like you go there, and you realize just how good Disney is at Manufacturing experiences that make people want to come back. I should I should start a GoFundMe for People want to know so quad core I don’t mean with a mouse And we even say Mickey Mouse and that gets me to lay and that’d be a bomb be late and so on There at the door 6:11 four six eleven out of a thirteen XPS 13 This core i7 XPS 13 with a kb lake dual-core 333 right that is saying Cinebench is a fairly short run. That’s eight threads Skylake h 45 watts 675. I got to tell you all That way you were caring for that you know XPS 15 No, you get six seventy five or six eleven damn of course kb lake is 714. It’s like almost 2 pounds more isn’t it? Yeah, at least it. Definitely is four and a half pounds and these are about like 2.75 yeah, they’re the XPS you once you put if you put it in touch and 4k can get it can get pretty Pudgy so mm we got a question Sorry, go ahead bread that all this makes me all the more appreciative of my giant hard drive laden work issued laptop I gotta say Is appreciate the right word Brad Appreciate Do you even have an SSD know? Itt department cuz I just I couldn’t I couldn’t handle it anymore. Yes, I mean Yeah, I actually asked for a desktop, and I because I could not get a large enough SDI I actually asked for an octane drive believe it or not I’m serious. It’s just sitting over there after break it out and settle out. I just wanna say way real quick I’m gonna stop this segue cousin the neglect X says So does the chart say it would be a better investment to buy a KB leak? refresh laptop or an Xbox one X This is like this is quad-core performance in this form factor, and I swear on that again no Dollars but look this this this spectre x360 HP just updated they changed the whole design They somehow squished a quad-core CPU into something dis thin, so I I don’t know But I would I gotta say I would definitely take a nice laptop over an Xbox one console. I have a question for you, though You think AMG will be able to compete with this oh? Yes, yes, so that is the question yes, yes And of course the other news and in all things CPU is AMD has finally announced rise in mobile Rice in seven and rise in five they’re not really called mobile, but we call them that just because to differentiate They are ap use. They have what a 10-10 see you version, and they have an H. See you version rising five has eight to use I’m going off memory, so I’m probably totally wrong and Okay, and they’re both, and they’re both quad-core parts and AMD is another thing very impressed. I’ve not seen a part though, but they are saying like look Hey, we got our Vega cores And we’re giving you Zen cores Four of them with SMT our scoreboard Center score you probably have right for their Cinebench score They actually get to scroll down there. You got a scroll down and this is gonna Tell you what its gonna be like though. I this is here first. I have it I’m telling what it is, but here’s what AMD says are gonna come out with Men Cinebench 15 one thread AMD risin seven twenty seven hundred you is a hundred and forty four Multi thread is 719 mmm yeah 719 so that is above that is above a an eight core 45 watt cable a cage These parts supposed to be 15 15 Yeah, so that is what they are saying so I guess you know that’s the mouth writing your check Kenny Can we cash that we’re gonna find out, but I gotta say risin 5 risin 7. I think it’s it’s no joke What kind of? What’s equivalent? I guess graphics wise what they’re saying stay basically because I said well what you know they’re like hey look or No surprise at NC you Vega Vega, core craps all over. You know integrated graphics. You know 620 HT 6 20 By said well, how’s compared to discreet, and they said oh? We got some numbers. We came back and they said like uh our numbers show I think I don’t have a skydiver firestrike, but basically the equivalent of a 944 spark Which sounds about right? Oh wait? Maybe 950 was at 950 or 940? I forget it’s on that It’s in the story the numbers here that you have from their slide deck okay, but I believe that yeah go ahead so gaming and ljust and monitor They have at 1080p on medium for League of Legends 60 frames a second 1080p on fastest settings in DotA 2 49 frames a second If you go to overwatch you got to drop it down to 720 low but you get 66 frames a second all of which is pretty respectable for a You know a mobile part. I mean, that’s I think it’s a little bit below what I got with the rise in 550, but not too much slower. Oh Here, it goes. Okay. I found it So they’re saying 3dmark time spy 8585 50 you basically the same cpu in this Dell, but in a different platform so the performance could be different in time spy 350 and compared to a 7500 ukb like same same demographics course 377. They are saying they are 915 versus 350 out of this you know a similar platform, but that is equivalent, and I was way wrong, I’m sorry I apologize They are saying their performance in time spy which is you know synthetic benchmark is equivalent of a 950 m? Damn, yeah, that’s pretty good 950 M is respectable part CPU yeah my 40 actually if I remember right iris pro iris plus was kind of like Getting up there so 940 was getting pretty relevant so 950 M is Not bad baked into it yeah baked baked into the core. I mean you know. It’s crazy, so Ali’s asking on YouTube do we do we know if laptops are coming this year? Yeah, I would expect there are three models announced, and I should give them a shout-out because what the heck why not? there are three models a Lenovo IdeaPad 720’s Acer Swift three and an HP Envy x-360 so here’s the thing that I found super interesting when I read that part of your article and For something that’s supposed to be going toe-to-toe with Katie Lake refresh It’s all going into the mid-tier laptops. Yes. I think it’s really weird positioning for for the chip well I don’t honestly believe that’s a positioning by AMD I think that’s the only port open to them, maybe but I just don’t know if that’s really going to give them the Exposure or the type of exposure they want yeah, it’s not you get into an XPS 15 you get into a spectre x360 That’s a different game These are you get into a MacBook Air damn the world changes, right? But I think they have to prove themselves first And I think the problem is you know they’re coming back from AMD is the equivalent of you know trash processor for years and years and years and years is an is a real deal Are people but are people gonna buy a thousand of $1200 in a laptop with it? I don’t know if the consumers are trained to believe that AMD is equivalent. We know it were nerds We follow this our listeners know this if I could get an XPS 13 With a risin 7 or aizen 5 and be like yeah, why not right I mean If if it’s true if they can really hit the performance levels up at that wattage I mean, but people don’t they’re gonna go oh, I want the Intel part because Intel’s premium though I mean if If it was like on price cuz you know back in the day when AMD still had skipped like actual skin in the game You would see Let’s say the equivalent of an XPS 13 out there And you would have the Intel versions and then for like $200 less you would have the AMD version That’s still performing pretty much as well, so I could still see it consumers going for that again cost-effective option in that tier yeah But I mean that’s that’s why I think it’s medium because I think the medium tier like you’re saying because I think once you get up to the XPS 13 level kind of style laptops, I don’t think Dell wants to offer a step down Rison version of that That’s like one of their flagships Whereas they take a gamble on new rise and chips and something more mainstream? I guess because I mean everybody you associate me at least I’m thinking a lot of people do associate Rison or AMD APU s and laptops with the $400 and less things you get a best Christian right because the past few years yeah, that’s a decade This is really bad. You got to get past that image You know they have to they have to rebrand themselves reacquaint themselves with consumers that we are a premium performance part You know consumers don’t turn overnight gamers Yeah, they read the reviews they they watch the full nerd they they know these things But I I gotta say the average person going Best Buy. They’re getting like yeah I’m why am I paying extra for not as good. You know? But you wouldn’t be in theory if it’s if it’s definitely from a value. I’m just saying in my mind how it used to be at least Because if you had both the core i7 version up against us a horizon 7 mobile version Then one would be cheaper than the other but in theory performance would be the same yeah And then and I gotta say also people have to remember You know if you think that Intel has my market share on desktops. You ain’t seen nothing yet. You look at laptops Intel is like probably 95 percent of laptops sold out there 90% I mean
There’s the only place that AMD has room right now is in these $300 Warners on Amazon and Best Buy right now really? That’s about the only places they play, but 95% 90% of all that sold our Intel So it’s it’s it’s a it’s gonna be a climb to get back there But I do know that they said hey we got three laptops It’ll be coming out this year in time for the holiday Christmas and They did say Expect more clearly there will be more design wins so you know and Rison itself is really sort of helped salvage You know really turned the image of AMD around so oh Yeah, I would have I of course I want to see it I don’t know you know, but I if they’re really telling the truth. It’s really gonna be a game changer Which is why we have this part, right? I really like the idea of a thin and light laptop That I can play overwatch on while I’m traveling for work or whatever and this will do that So I’m really intrigued to see what it does I’ve always been a big fan of the apu idea and it looks like if they can you know cache? Everything that their mouth was doing then this looks like a pretty interesting part to me. Yeah. I have to wait though I think because something for example like I know that MV for sure is definitely chunkier. Yeah line yeah But rourou – on youtube s. But will the AMD APU game better than the Xbox 1x Yeah, because it’s cheaper because it’ll come with the television a Controller and speakers, and it has the keyboard and mouse built right in a keyboard mouse, built right in what a deal and Wi-Fi? Xbox one X does have Wi-Fi garden hose, they got that no I Found out your city. I was like I couldn’t believe it. There’s 64 player Battlefield Maps I can I just like what really because I remember that was like the biggest things like all battlefield 4 is out What there’s only 32 player maps on? Xbox and Playstation and it turned out I they actually did eventually add 64 player Maps Xbox and Playstation Yeah, they’ve had type play count games before I know I’m not sure I think there were those 64 player Maps also running at 1080p I’m not on the XD I Hope there are we go out that door and there’s lawyer standing right outside that will just be like no I didn’t say it Alright, let’s move it on to the last one last subject getting hungry. It’s gonna be it’s gonna be real short I just want to mention it of course obtain 900 enthusiasts obtained drivers out Pretty awesome incredible You want to play PC you gotta be So obtained the enthusiasts version of Optima of course originally obtained only came out in a caching Drive 64 gig 32 gigs pretty cheap though? That’s how many bucks what were they thinking? On the original. I don’t know when they’re thinking honestly I ate I Don’t know how was it that was just saying it was crazy They shouldn’t have done that this is the drive I’ve been waiting for yeah, I gotta say I mean But it is tough because octane so basically stupid incredible latency and of course stupid You know endurance which frankly no one should I don’t I don’t like to mention because it doesn’t matter Because it just doesn’t matter you’re never gonna wear an stl so why even talk about it Well if for that crowd who likes to think they’re gonna be riding terabytes of data to the drive this thing will basically last forever And of course stupid low latency and actually I got to see sequential writes reads and writes not bad 2.5. Gig to gig to Gig writes it so it’s gonna come out in a in a by 4 gen 3 PCIe card up to 480 and there’s a 280 version, and there’s a which is a little odd. There’s a u2 version and only 280 gig capacity the thing that really like is probably gonna be the deal breaker for a lot of people I’m gonna say the price I think Elena already saw it if you saw her frown already is a 480 gig version has a price of $6.99 280 is 389 the bleeding edge is not cheap. Yeah, but the thing is I don’t know Are we gonna have a review of this? well, we’re so they they did a small seed to like storage fetishes and That’s not fair. I just called jeredy for for like highly focused storage sites And they said that it rates just as fast at the end of a massive rate as it does at the beginning of a massive rate which is Amazing oh, I know I gotta say one of the problems with this drive And it does like let me just give you an idea And this is the thing that did for me because I saw this thing in March or February They basically did it a render job running a Linux And they they were rendering 1.1 billion particles And they were saying that same job if you run it on a competing SSD which pretty much is a 960 pro Right samsung 960 Pro. It is a 17 point for our job If you move that render to an obtain 900p that goes to a six point three hour render whoo yeah ridiculous Storage isn’t supposed to affect that that much yeah, that’s that’s the thing right? It’s just like they’re like wow that’s incredible right of course as a consumer I’m not really rendering 1.1 billion particles in some Linux renderer, so it is it is a is a problem message I think for a lot of consumers. It’s it’s like am I gonna get battlefield one level load times faster I’m not sure if you are I Think if we saw that they would have pushed it That’s already a problem even with nvme drives say. I mean you don’t really go that much faster unless you’re doing massive amounts of work to that Hardware right and you know one of the The things they like to say about often is like yeah, you know a lot of these nvme drives their their performance is sort of over-represented because they’re it’s all based on writing to the controller and in parallel you’re just writing everything parallel to To the controllers writing all this massive amounts of data to their eye roll. You know what the vast majority of consumers sit there And it’s you know it’s just simply or was a one thread two threads at that and it really the performance of those other drives gets destroyed by Even the the the original caching drives because the vast majority of things people do are not you know writing to all those you know multiple multiple levels and parallel writing to the drive it just doesn’t happen so but that is a pretty hard message to market to consumers I have We’re doing this rendering on their million particles or sorry billion But are they really trying to market these to to consumer your son well yeah for enthusiasts This is clearly enthusiast part, and you know I I gotta say to be fair. I’m you know I this is what everybody wanted right we all said hey give us a high end part I will say I as much as $700 for 500 gig drive seems like oh my god. That’s crazy. That is like really reasonable I gotta say I that is not bad because I thought it would be like Performing for the performance and also for the technology. This is this is bleeding edge technology for $700 I really thought it was gonna be like a thousand or 1500 dollars and people were yeah That’s what I thought right and so like for $6.99. I gotta say that is not bad You know and you know if I were doing maybe the most crazy build ever prove hey I got more money than you yeah that that’s not a bad probably not a bad thing to say I got opting you know so So if you’re say like video producer or a streamer though like someone who’s streaming and then Doing video processing move your things over YouTube and stuff this could theoretically drop that job downtown I don’t know see that’s a problem is maybe we should test them we should well we are gonna get a driver I’m not sure it will I I gotta say. I think one of the one they’re problems with octane Is like how do you? How do you convince like it’s a just does any of this apply? I mean if I ran data center like oh Man this thing is awesome to the average person it may not make that much of difference It’s just like as you mentioned going from an nvme Drive You know to a SATA Drive a lot of people don’t really see that much of a difference right or an nvme drive to an HCI drive, it’s isn’t you don’t really drive performance. Isn’t really everything all the time, so there might be some things that effects Yes, basically what I was gonna. Ask, which is I mean it sounds great and really exciting on paper, but in terms of application It seems like one of those things you would buy just to say you have it as a normal consumer Not you know I know it’s not something that you’d buy and say like yeah I I spent some extra cash on it, but I will get something out of it It just seems more like hey look at these expensive. Gold-plated fins on my car Yeah, or you know you put it in alongside your you know ten atti box right so Good So the original the Intel obtain cash drives are Locked to KB Lake can’t work on rides and can’t work on old systems You know this is more of an SSD form factor does it work on other systems, or is it also locked 2, KB leak? No, it should this is just plain old. You know a PCIe interface. It should work with everything I didn’t specifically ask that but I’m a 99.9% sure this will have everything that original KB Lake thing was really They did that because they didn’t want to go back and say oh, man We don’t have to certify this for broad oil and has well and z77 it’s like no We’re gonna certify works on z170, or was Z – yeah, Izzy 170. We’re not gonna pay to backdate everything because you know again There’s a lot of Mickey Mouse lawyers, and Intel that’ll say So they like everything has to work, otherwise they’ve got such deep pockets everybody wants to launch a lawsuit at them They didn’t want to go back and say oh my god. You’re losing data on your c67 border you know no they don’t want to doing that so that’s why they only did that I Forgot so and you know wasn’t really wasn’t gonna be a huge huge, so it would suck if you couldn’t use your $700 SS Like yeah, that would be that that would just be like Well, you just wouldn’t buy it that you know yeah, but it is also an nvme PCIe Drive You know a lot of older systems may not boot nvme so you do need something more modern But you you certainly could address it as a standalone Drive, so but cool Question reading this I’m glad glad to hear that yeah, yeah, sweet, so we’ll see you know I mean, I really do want to see if it has any practical Applications for consumer we have somebody here who would love to help you with that yeah Isn’t gonna be anything viable for consumers for years to come, but it’s still badass. Yeah, it is right there Yeah, you know for and I gotta say. I’m I’m I’m as much as I am pleasantly surprised by the price 742 bleeding edge technology that ain’t bad, so Any questions uh Just you know one one last good one from a mouse behind, Kelly, yeah neglect, Texas Uh will you ever have a show where each one of you use the voice of a cartoon character throughout the full nerd I? Don’t who could actually do what cartoon characters, can you all do I don’t know if I’ve ever tried I? Ran my dad did a really good Daffy the duck I could try to let’s show this here it. No not right now He’s not his dad yeah Oh well cuz it’s in the genes One of my kids are gonna like bust out do a Mickey Mouse imitation one day I? Think I could work I’ve done a Cartman before I could do macho man. I know he’s not cartoon macho man snap into a slim jim You know watch a man randy savage Kind of a big cartoon Real life in cartoon is he also was he and they live no, that’s you’re saying Is the best movie ever I don’t know if anybody’s ever seen it. It’s a good movie, John Carpenter That’s before John Carpenter, and I I gotta say all great directors. Eventually they go off a cliff That’s but yeah. He went off a cliff. Man. I remember reading about that fight scene Do you remember the about the fight scene like how they just kind of did it in one take and they just like like? Went at it and just kept going and going and going they had so much fun with it That’s our recommendation, so yeah, there’s gonna be you have a lot of downtime over the holidays rent. They live That’s that’s my that’s my movie wreck of the of the break so so there was totally off topic but there was an episode of South Park where Timmy and Jimmy get into a fight and If you pay attention to it it is exactly matching I’m gonna find that now that isn’t now of course Elaine is like. What are you talking about you old man? Perfect written on blu-ray Yeah, what why don’t we why don’t we wrap it up at that and also once you let them know what’s coming in the future Cuz you know we’ve got a back load. We have a backlog of questions You’ve been sending to us. We’ve been saying we read it. We are going to actually get to them We’re gonna try to do an all full nerd reader Question episode and next week we’re gonna try for next week if everything works out We’re not sure if that will or not, but we’re gonna get in with Black Friday coming up. Oh Elena can flex your muscles and and show off some some deels Next week might be a little No, I would love to see it like real time Black Friday like we just sit here like war room and kind of like I Would be here in pajamas like my hair. It just feeling would pay for that. I’d still be hungover so Although I got someone who tweeted at me this week who actually said hey I saw your build a cheap gaming PC based on Black Friday sales article from last year Are you gonna do it again this year and I said? I really want to but it’s just gonna depend on what I see turn up for deals. That’d be awesome. It’s awesome One person actually saw my article Winning Also a Maxine On youtubes asking where do you guys announced dates for the fullness fall nerd episodes? What’s the best way to find out yeah? Schedules we need to try to get back Yes, because we used to do we used to be regular It’s gotten bad this summer But if you tune into PC worlds Twitter account well often let you know there at the day before Which is just PC world or is it PC world something at PC world okay? And then we also announced it on our Personal Twitter accounts as well you should follow each and every one of us you’ll get a lot of Mickey and person a Shinzon on Gordon’s My Mickey impersonation is actually the impersonation of Mickey from South Park perfect That is the best Mickey Mouse impersonation ever around South Park I forget. I don’t know I don’t understand any of this Are you listeners subscribe to us on iTunes Anyway Google Play or stitcher Same questions and comments to the folder and a piece of work. Thanks for coming. I’m going on with bad Turkish Come on Starwars operating system on your phone don’t forget marvel today on marvel – of course yeah, of course they do Damien says Gordon is naturally drunk Oh my god, they’re gonna fire me yep For the last time hey everybody have a great weekend play your xbox one axe


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    Brad, great analysis on 1070ti positioning. But a comment on mining: GPU mining is a good thing, and like the technology they power, it will only keep growing. New uses for GPU's may disrupt traditional pricing in the short term, but increased demand and market space will surely drive competition, innovation, and ultimately better relative pricing in the long term.

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  32. wneubert2 says:

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    a 1070 should by now cost around 330-350 by normal market standards, but since the Bitcoin-rush its impossible..

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  42. Crzces says:

    Love you guys, but miners are not buying up all the cards. In fact, it is the polar opposite. The best card for mining is an undervolted v56, and best case scenario is about a year return on investment (compared to a 2 month roi on an 8GB rx580 February-August of 57-59 days; with a small blip in July). Then a 1070ti, then a 1070 (some core oc’d, some mem oc’d, depending on what you are mining), with a return of a little over 1 year per card.

    Essentially, it’s just not a good investment right now. If you have the hardware and it’s mostly paid off, great, mine cryptonite like a nut, but this is the time to invest $ in crypto, not the hardware (unless you are investing in ASIC miners which are obviously completely different than gpu mining).

    Edit: The price spike is do to retailers holding as much profit as possible, and so many people are ignorant to the state of mining, they still over pay because of misinformation which is rampant, even in the tech enthusiast community. It’s frustrating.

    The only cards worth buying atm are the v56 which you can flash to 64 levels and OC insanely easy, a 1050ti, or used. That’s it.

    No way I’d pay for a 1080ti, as it’s 18 month old tech, built on 18 month old tech…it is pointless considering it’s certainly not a solid 60+FPS high settings card on most graphically intense games not built on Vulkan.

    Just buy a v56 for $400, or a 970 for $135-$145 as a place holder until new tech drops. I just see no point in blowing $500+ on a gpu that is this old.

    Btw, in March and early April, the 8GB 580 was available from almost every brand for $199-$209, and the 1060 6GB was commonly $209-$219.

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  48. TheSinisterEyes1 says:

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  49. hvd iv says:

    its to early for and ms are pushing 4k tv's.if you dont already own a 4k hdr tv and have to buy one for a xbox one x its best to just buy a pc for 1080p/60fps.the cost of a 4k tv and xbox one x will be around $1000 or more and most of the games will be still 4k/30fps which is the same as 1080p/ me.if people were whining about 1080p/30fps they will be whining about 4k/30fps.

    so to sum it up up unless you want to drop over $1200 for a 4k tv and xbox one x its cheaper to build a 1080p/60fps pc it it will be so much smoother.

  50. Michael says:

    Xone X does not do 1080p/60 fps on every game. It's not a Pc,it can't scale with every game like that.

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    I’d say 🤪 darn tooting

  57. ProgamingLeo345601 HD says:

    Timeline 29:40
    I personally DONT want mouse/keyboard on my Xbox
    Prefer to sit back and use controller although it is annoying when people are using illegal M/K on Xbox PUBG

  58. ProgamingLeo345601 HD says:

    Timeline 34:00 there’s Always been console WARS “Gordon” , the only thing that consoles will lose in future is the optical drive sadly 😢

  59. J. Mac Jordan says:

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    Intel & AMD are destroying themselves; Intel, the biggest name, is pathetic now; volatility in cryptocurrency can't be tolerated by a company like Nvidia long-term, so they will find a way to isolate their cards (cloud services…they've been throwing money at it, its consistent revenue, & an Ally with a strong retailer…Steam?); their GPU tech is unrivaled; and ARM is barreling forward and will soon smash through x86.

    Expect it; look at the market – where's the opening? Where has everyone been investing? Even games themselves have proven the concept of GaaS & it is not a huge leap to map gaming quality computing to the formula… Investors don't want the risk of cryptocurrency, companies don't want to be vulnerable to it, and gamers want to play games…not masturbate to an inflated GPU at 4msrp they'd be insane to spend that sort of money on. And cryptocurrency is here….so what will be the reaction…? First paragraph.

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