GTA San Andreas – Ran Fa Li (V Graphics)

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  1. splitterpoint says:

    2:30 That's the motherfucking Green Sabre

  2. Noaman Atassi says:

    5:20 Flies and lands on another car

    CJ: Ey look where you goin'

  3. caitlyn who r u says:

    Can't wait for the Las Venturas missions!

  4. LB 2.0. says:

    CJ: Express yourself cause I'm from grove street. 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Lucas Gabriel says:

    Change clothes bro a

  6. Muhammad Musa says:

    first time i look he crashing the car

  7. Cristian Ion says:

    does anyone know how to install the vehicle pack?

  8. Dr. Stephen Strange says:

    How you doin??


  9. Willyam Jordan says:

    Ran Fa Li: GrUnTs

  10. Benny Berg says:

    GTA SA becoming more chinese as time goes by

  11. Mr. Skarloey says:

    Funny thing is that the corvette stingray doesn't have a trunk 😂

  12. rudy zaidi says:

    I saw green sabre

  13. Thisthat XOTWOD says:

    Why do missions/videos have modded cars/different graphics and some don’t?

  14. •Kriss-Oferr• says:

    That manana is flying damn

  15. ryan2t4 says:

    How manana change from HD manana to C3 Corvette?!

  16. Josh Drake says:

    Carl: "Thanks for your support."

    WuZiMu.exe: stops working

  17. KoreanWetty says:

    i know for a fact that isnt a manana!

  18. ryan williams says:

    Couldnt you do a misson with a 2000s vehicle Pack?

  19. The Fidget Spinner says:

    Isn’t the manana(red car)a 66 corvette with gta 5 graphics

  20. caalcb7 says:

    This is why I love modding cars on gta sa, if you're lucky you get a really fast car.

  21. Lia Kagami says:

    I know this maybe an unpopular opinion but I'm glad you insist wearing the same thing of what CJ wears initially in the game (good choice of changing his white tanktop to white t-shirt)

  22. Carl Johnson says:

    I use to hated this mission!

  23. Jake Yatta says:

    Ran! Fa! Li!

  24. Ghost Gamer says:

    The red car (manana) wasn't that fast when i played the game

  25. Savage Stingy says:

    Anyone know the outro music?

  26. Maximilian Yates says:

    Hey, you should honestly change CJ’s clothes more often in each episode to make it look a bit different….and to see how the clothes from the original un-altered not modded game would like like with all these new great HD visuals and Mods. So CHANGE CJ’s CLOTHES or go back to white tank with blue pants.

  27. Alex Russell says:

    Ain't nothing but G thing Baby 2 local out niggas going crazy

  28. Esta Subtitulado says:

    [Grunts in Triad]

  29. Welcome to The Mlife says:

    How do you resist running over people on motorcycles when driving? There's just a satisfaction of ramming into them and watching their corpse fly! ( Except in V though with the Lost, always hated that mission existed.)

  30. PlayBoyGreg says:

    “Hey CJ”

    Siri activates 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Marcelo Teixeira says:


  32. MassMan Pro says:

    5:45 gotta love video game physics 😂

  33. GY says:

    I love it when CJ sings

  34. iamlazycatxP says:

    4:54 – S T O P⠀T H A T⠀C A W

  35. Down Fall says:

    Thank you for doing a playthrough man. Nothing better after the gym to watch some Gta sa on ultra HD

  36. Mooing Sage says:

    Brow can you get a flatop haircut, and the red varsity jacket from prolaps and don't change the pants and those white sneakers?

  37. Muramasa S says:

    “Hah he is Triad? A Mountain Boy?” I just laugh at this part all the time lol

  38. Xo Kilo says:

    I know this is a random question but what is the outro song

  39. RGR29 says:

    Awesome video mate

  40. GamerZ Logic says:

    4:28 Someone seems to be holding something in for woozie.

  41. MudaSir Magrey says:

    What a stoppie! 5:45

  42. Fer Gameplays y tutoriales says:

    CJ the grove street rapper before entring Woozie's house to meet with Ran Fa Li

  43. Donte Brown says:

    Keep The Clothes Man💯🔥

  44. Rendang 007 says:

    H O T W H E E L S

  45. iSoriRo says:

    Nice work MAN

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