36 Replies to “GTA San Andreas – Lure (V Graphics)”

  1. Éder Game plays says:

    what beautiful graphics do you have mod installation tutorial? would be forever grateful!

  2. Jeff Cherubin says:

    You know if this mission happened in real life, you think the Da Nang Boys would've realized something isn't right the way CJ's driving.

  3. Alex says:

    3:21 noob

  4. Rudy Ramadhana says:

    thats a nice Cherokee

  5. Carl Johson says:

    i hate this mission

  6. Kemstar says:

    Me: I wanna try the GTA V Graphics
    My PC: Someone call the cops

  7. SOWECK RDZ says:

    Exelent graphics! me gustaría Tenerlo

  8. Viper Raptor says:

    Dude Prince, What the music name at 7:00 man ?

  9. Sajjad Mengal says:

    best graphics

  10. caitlyn who r u says:

    This mission is one of the easiest missions ever

  11. eduardo triana says:

    Only wish that you put the spanish subtitles please! Thank you!

  12. Donovan Fox says:

    I am lure leader of omicron persei 8

  13. Saint Akins says:

    CJ: Dumbasses (laughing)

  14. Carl Johnson says:

    0:04 Me: Tell it to your Daddy, bitch

  15. L-STORM The MC says:

    Always fucking failed this annoying mission 🤣🤣

  16. Guy Named Adriel says:

    Who voiced Ran? XD

  17. Adrian Sandy says:

    GTA best moments: Hmmm mhmm grmm

  18. kylem1112 says:

    lol i love ran fa li just grunts and they know exactly what he is saying.

  19. Ayo Ghetto says:

    Holy phucc this is fire 😎🖖

  20. Willyam Jordan says:

    6:44 "It'S dEcOy! BaCk To ChInAtOwN!!!"

  21. Isaiah Paschal says:

    How much longer till end of the line

  22. Esta Subtitulado says:

    -Don't you think that you have watched enough videos of PrinceY?
    Me: 0:06

  23. Eiwar II says:

    No 60 fps?

  24. Fares Hamdi says:

    Mod god of war sa sa directx 2.0 ?👍

  25. Demetri Jones says:

    Nice Jeep Cherokee

  26. Glory Manz says:

    This might be the best graphics update yet

  27. bynume55 says:

    "Tell it to ya daddy….BITCH"

  28. Agus Prastio says:

    Klo di hp cara nya gmn bro

  29. Stefano Lotti says:


  30. Ryan Malik says:

    Still waiting author upload his gta

  31. Matthew says:

    Mr farley

  32. Brian Cartier says:

    How do you download the mod and put it in the game can you do a video ?

  33. Fer Gameplays y tutoriales says:

    Tell it to your daddy bi#ch

    Carl Johnnson 2019

  34. Yuri 143x says:

    I like!

  35. Shawn Clinton says:

    “Tell it to ya daddy, bitch!”

  36. Donte Brown says:

    It Always Gets Better And Better Keep Them Coming💯🔥

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