49 Replies to “GTA San Andreas – Amphibious Assault (V Graphics)”


    In future, It Will Be For Android But That Day Is SOOO FaR Maybe I'll Die But One Day It'll Realese for Android and my soul will play it

    Someone: Ha, This Poor Guy Can't Even By A PC 😂

  2. Miracle says:

    FYI If your gta had 60 fps its will cause bug that when we swimming it will be slower

  3. Infidel says:

    Without frame limiter on, you'd be swimming at a snail's pace.

  4. SwagStayStrong says:

    My fav dialogue all time 😂

  5. caalcb7 says:

    Try to do it with more than a half lung capacity, it was still kinda hard avoiding those Vietnamese boat.

  6. caalcb7 says:

    I'm blind Carl not stupid. Lmao. Savage.

  7. MCMXCIII says:

    That sunrise on San Fierro.

  8. devian setiawan says:

    7:41 YOU LITTLE PUNK !

  9. Adhityarama says:

    Hello princey I have some problem that may you can help me
    The problem is I have GTA San Andreas cracked version and then when I use v graphics or directx 2.0 when I play GTA San I only got 9 FPS and then I open task manager and I saw GTA San only use 0-0,1% Cpu Usage and only use 100mb Of Ram Please Help Me I'm Struggling With That

  10. Leonardo David Garcia Perez says:

    – I have a eh… confession to make. I umm… I'm blind.

    – No shit!

  11. Muhammad Musa says:

    stuck lul 🤣

  12. Benny Berg says:

    Im blind carl not stupid oh yeah

  13. Benny Berg says:

    He scared of seaweeds??

  14. Szlesiu says:

    Instal anisotropic mod pls

  15. NKS says:


  16. Severus Snape says:

    RTX On

  17. Gaming Panther says:

    Bully scholarship edition

  18. tripleh201224 says:

    씨발 광고 작작 처넣어

  19. Viper Raptor says:

    Ones a CJ, There Always a CJ

    Please tell me what's the song at the end of the video ?

  20. caitlyn who r u says:

    I love this channel

  21. caitlyn who r u says:

    This mission took me like an hour

  22. Abhitosh Chowdhary says:

    Amphibious Assault💦, I do remember as fresh in my mind this mission was sneaky AF, loved this upload!👍😃

  23. NiqhtBam YBK says:

    Cj you a busta straight busta!

  24. Diego Rodríguez says:

    "When I was a kid, swimming on the Santa Maria, once I got a condom stucked on my face"
    "Uh, one last thing, you know that I'm black, and not chinese"
    "I'm blind Carl, not a Stupid" The real awesome phrases on GTA ever LMAO

  25. Akeem Terrell says:

    Love the vids. But if the mod is on, shouldn't CJ actually have fingers. I think this is a different mod.

  26. Drmcx says:

    CJ is one tough son of a bitch. He swam across a harbor at night, stole a military jet, broke into a secret base, learned to fly any aircraft, and stole weapons from the army without any training whatsoever.

  27. harizotoh7 says:

    Please do all the side missions, races, and other things.

  28. Willyam Jordan says:

    Woozie's scared of seaweed? It probably means he never ate sushi since there are seaweed used for them 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Esta Subtitulado says:

    No shit!

  30. Donte Brown says:

    Everytime I Watch Your Vids It Brings Back Alot Of Memories When I First Played GTA San Andreas💯🔥😈

  31. feathersprinkles says:

    Minecraft Clear Water Mod [1.14.3] oops i thought this was google search

  32. Audacious Fellow 101 says:

    To be honest, I literally thought that was GTA V until I read the title.

  33. Ggdrgvhhn Founffg says:

    I m from Kazakhstan! thank u to videos!

  34. Ggdrgvhhn Founffg says:

    wow content))

  35. Tristan Shaw says:

    Finishes Mission
    Ceasar calls: "The cash is leaving Los Santos".
    Me: Enough Ceasar, Stop calling!!!

  36. BluePlex22 says:

    Been watching your videos for the past couple days..brings back memories cuz, loved this game lol

  37. Umer Rajput says:

    This mission is my favorite and still amazing

  38. Detixe says:

    9:50 Damn, that looks great!

  39. Flooodzeyss says:

    how you never hit the car !!!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell
    you're a legend nvm

  40. Afonso Silva Junior says:



  41. Richard Bardalez says:

    Woozie: I have a confession to make…………………i'm blind
    Carl: NO SHIT !?

  42. Alex V says:

    Still waiting for "V graphics" at this video

  43. Jonathan Lopez López says:

    CARL: Um.. You do know that I'm black. And not Chinese?

    WOOZIE: I'm blind Carl. Not stupid


  44. Yog Sothoth says:

    Condom to the face 😁

  45. De_ BritishMan says:


    the cash is leaving lost santos again

  46. Kenan Marvel says:

    This is one of the best cutscenes

  47. Dez says:

    Lol gotta get better with that lung capacity.. boy yo ass was finna die😂🤦🏾‍♂️ But man your aiming on point omg!!! 🔥

  48. ах Да says:


  49. XxKnuckles_the_echidnaxX says:

    Hey how do I take the lag from the game?

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