Graphics Evolution: The Future Begins with 1.0

July 30, 2019 posted by

Update 1.0 happened at last! A huge amount of work, thousands
of man-hours, millions of nerve cells— all for the long-awaited release. New graphics, visual
effects, engine, music— you’ve already seen all of that. But what did the developers
feel during the release? In general, I feel very
similar to the way I felt when World of Tanks
originally released… This is a huge event for me because all the work
inside of the company that hasn’t been available to players,
is finally available to the public. A lot of hard work… And, in just a single moment, you finish
it, then sit back to see what happens. I can’t recall the initial feedback. It was a really long day, we
released the update ahead of time, more specifically,
we released the update in Russia. The first thing I can recall:
I watched somebody’s stream. I don’t remember who was
streaming, Neru or Gran, one of them. They were driving vehicles and
saying, wow-wow-wow-wow! That’s the first bit of
feedback we got from streams. Somebody noticed
that performance was ok. Somebody said
the new graphics look nice! Players liked our approach,
and that was really positive for us! At the start, players
went through the roof: wow, how cool, WG,
dears, the best WG update! Then time passed,
people started to take the current graphics
and optimization at face value, they started to look closer: there
was some freezing here and there, we don’t like
this particular music track… And that’s true! It’s impossible
to detect all the bugs in the tests. However, your
feedback helped us solve the majority of the
post-release problems very quickly. There was so much feedback.
We started investigating these issues, i.e., looking into
what actually happened. We received a lot of bug reports: something is hanging in the air,
a stone is levitating, bushes are huge… But bushes should be huge because sometimes those bushes
can hide even the Type 5 Heavy. This is just a gameplay thing. The majority of players experienced long loading times
on the maps after the release. The explanation is very simple: there’s ten times
the amount of content now, so players with old fragmented hard
drives might experience this problem. We’ve also encountered cases
when the armor penetration system wasn’t working
properly in all the vehicles. The KV-5 could even appear on
the map upside down in some cases, i.e. it was just lying upside
down at the respawn point. Don’t ask me. I don’t know. No. No-o-pe. Moreover, it was actually
physically lying upside down, it wasn’t just a glitched model. There were issues
with FPS in the sniper mode while looking through bushes. We fixed some issues very promptly.
There were micropatches from day one. But there wasn’t anything major that
would stop you from playing the game. Preparations for releasing Update 1.0
were long and thoroughly planned. The probability of forgetting
something crucial was extremely low. In general, the release was smooth
from the technical point of view. Players continued
to play at different settings. Step by step,
we’re approaching a time where it feels like
it’s always been like this. It’s a good feeling because I sometimes watch
videos with the older graphics and it feels like, phew,
it’s high time to change the visuals! Well, of course,
we won’t film this all again, but it’s a fact that the new graphics are
something homelike and common for us. But where the graphics are,
there are also the locations. Hence the question:
what about the maps? From the artistic point of view, players definitely found
all of our maps to be good, but we continue
to follow the feedback on the most problematic
maps prior to the update. Erlenberg, Fjords, and Cliff
received the most complaints. We’re comparing the before and after
results, and we’ll continue doing so; we’ll continue taking
the required steps. We’ve returned Overlord to the game; now we’re monitoring
the feedback on the map because it was
quite a negative map before. Monitoring and
reacting accordingly. The main surprises
for players are always similar: as soon as a new map
or patch is released, players start to act
like mountain-climbers. It’s clear that every player
wants to climb somewhere to get an in-game advantage. But, on the whole, it’s not ideal to spoil the game for 15
or sometimes even 29 people. Therefore, a lot of
drive-throughs will be blocked. They weren’t planned—
sorry, guys. It will all be blocked. Definitely, the gameplay
has slightly changed. But now we can say that
we haven’t broken anything. We’ve changed some
minor aspects on the maps; players will definitely spend some time
getting familiar with the new maps. However, I don’t see
any feedback saying that some new maps are
worse now than they were before. Based on the surveys, players
liked all the reworked maps; even Erlenberg got more
than 70% positive feedback. We’ve discussed this
with the Level Design Team and decided that it’s too
early to introduce any changes. How to modify
some things were clear: close some shoot-throughs or put
some bushes on the Ravaged Capital. Map Balance Changes are coming. We’ll implement Balance
Changes on roughly 10 maps; the changes will be light, we
won’t rework the maps completely. We have data that says
it’s not needed at the moment. We can’t say that we’re
happy with the reworked maps. We can’t say that we’re
100% satisfied with the Glacier because there are some issues on it. We’re going to continue
working on these maps, collect feedback on them,
and modify them accordingly. Based on six weeks of results, we’ll
collect the big data and heat maps, and we’ll react accordingly. Again, it may lead to the
lightest Balance Changes possible. As pretentious as it sounds, we’re
constantly staying tuned for more news and we listen
to all of your feedback. We aren’t going to confine ourselves
to the graphics and gameplay. A new engine leaves a lot of room
for technological development. Our friends from Intel
are helping us with that. Yes, during the release, I was at GDC,
International Game Developer Conference, where, together with Intel, we presented our work and vision
for World of Tanks for the future. The new engine
opens up new possibilities in creating new
visual and physical effects, as well as increasing the efficacy
of code execution on new processors. I mean, this is work on improving
physical simulations in the game using multi-core rigs, as well as usage of the multi-core
feature to accelerate in-game rendering. All this is needed to increase FPS
if your rig has four or more cores. The results that we’ve achieved in the last 4 years of our
collaboration are impressive. However, the Core 1.0 engine
opens up completely new possibilities for continuing our partnership
and creating new visual effects, and new player experiences that will
definitely put the game on a new level. Thanks to the collaboration that’s
been taking place over several years between Wargaming and Intel, we’ve been able to implement
new features within the upgrade. And after that there’ll be a lot more
coming over the next few months. We feel that will allow gamers to get
the best gaming experience possible. And we’re talking about the level
of realism, graphics, sound, maps— the overall experience
is going to be improved. And I’m sure everyone will enjoy it. Multi-core? Sounds excellent! But it’s much better for us to stay
strong in the pursuit of our goals! Update 1.0 was really important. But it has already happened,
so that means it’s time move on. To be honest,
we have a ton of plans! Well, our plans for
the maps are no secret. The Province map
was for the Italian Tech Tree. So to say, it’s a specialized map. Province is already being tested, and it’s possible that
many of you’ve already seen it. Of course, the map isn’t that big even after we’ve increased
its size to 850 by 850. We’ll see how it will be played, but, from the artistic point
of view, it looks very cool. We’ll see. Studzianki will be
for the Polish nation, obviously. Studzianki is a Polish map, give or
take, judging by historical location. But it’s no city, so it’s easier. It will be a rural map, quite open. There are two primary
options regarding Kharkov. The first is to update
the old Kharkov, and the second is to move the
map, and make a new Kharkov, but the Gosprom
will be there nonetheless. We’re trying to
reanimate several old maps. I won’t say their names,
it’s definitely not Dragon Ridge. We’re now trying
to reanimate very old maps that have been out of the game for quite
some time, to give them a second life. Old maps… We have the idea
to return Port back to the game. A curious thought, two-in-one. We’re working on new maps as well. We’re working on
an urban map, semi-rural map, and on some
specific regional maps. Of course, our engineers
are going to fix issues, add different visual effects, etc. We can make a lot of
interesting stuff using Havok. We’ll see, there’s a lot of
experimentation going on right now. We have the technology,
and we’ll use it naturally. We’ll be adding new things. There’s no reason to specifically
promise night battles or twilight, or any destruction features
and weather effects. If players like those,
then we’ll add some of them. You should understand
that 1.0 is no new frontier, it’s just a steppingstone
for making something new, because the new engine
allows us to do much more. There are new
optimization possibilities. The new optimization
implies new features. Graphical improvements, interactivity. World of Tanks 1.0 isn’t a patch
that we’ve released and then relaxed. It’s just a new countdown. And that countdown
has already begun. We thank you all for your dedication. For your feedback.
For your positive criticism. And for the chance to make you
happy and do what we love to do. The graphics were just a step.
We’ve made this step together. And now we can move beyond. The graphics, we think, are good.
The graphics, the sound design. Now we have other priorities. I mean,
we’ve released some components, now other components
are more important for us. Now we’re releasing new content: the Italian and Polish Tech Trees,
we’ve mentioned them before. The Italians will have
a new gameplay mechanic; the Polish Tech Tree will have
several interesting vehicles, the Tier X vehicle is very interesting,
the Tier VIII vehicle is also good. There will be new gameplay
features, new modes this year. There will be several interesting
gameplay things as well. Personal Missions 2.0;
we mentioned them in February. We’re working on them,
and we’ll release them this year. We’re going to work
on new crews intensively, we’ll see, will it be this year or next
year? We’re trying to do them this year. We’ll work on
different events for fans. Additionally, we’ll work on
the discount Premium vehicles. Now the KV-5 is going to be tested; while the updated version
will go for the Supertest. Matchmaking issues, the number
of artillery and light tanks in battles, these types of issues. Actually, there’s
still a lot to be done.


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    Remember that we read your comments and forward constructive feedback to the developers who are constantly working on improving the game!

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  6. atchie hightower says:

    ok love the new Graphics or killer. but the mines map is to small for tier 10s battles needs to be a larger map. and could you please put the mg 34 or the mg 42 back on the German tanks cupola. and add some tank tracks to some of the German tanks turret or gas cans, bags, smoke, launchers ,camo nets the German tanks don't look right with out them. o and we need German tank numbers tanks don't look right with out them. and please make a way yo add camouflage to the premium tanks like the m41, scorpion,malbreaker becase not ever body wants there tank to look the same as other players. ps and we need more girls crews

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  11. Nick Vivaldi says:

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    WoT is a PVP game.
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    I can NOT suggest to play this game until it is unbalanced.

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    I sincerely believe that this should be the main objective as of this moment.
    As I said on other occasions and in other videos the game should be fair and clean,
    so there is fair play between the players.
    You must allow players to evolve and progress.
    And if there are players who do not care about winning or losing, they can play with each other without problems.
    In this way they avoid the insults, the traps, the teamkiller and the disappointment of some players who are forced to play with very different levels and who really want to learn.
    It is not fair to force someone to play with someone other than your level.
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    Thanks and best regards

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    From the first battle as new client, I have experienced, that I am not only fighting against RED team, but also WOT match fixing. As new client everybody has been shot of WOT and not of Red Team. Often in the end of the Battle. Even with crew full trained (132%) and best equipment you fight WOT instead of red team. WOT is slowing your tanks without anybody from Red team having hit you. And when you fire, you fire yourself, even in high tiers. You can get penetrated from a tank with the gun pointing in another direction. Fired on and penetrated through rock. Even an invisible tank 50 m in front of you, can fire on you. You have no chance, no faire game. That is normal match fixing in WOT. For one reason only: You pay and get no credits. WOT is a one-arm-bandit game. It is not e-sport with fair battles. WOT says they have chanced it a year ago. No, no, just hidden it a little bit. WOT is stealing your money! Try western games. They are e-sport games. WOT is White Russian one-armed bandit game. WOT is the same as White Russian trick-thieves in the streets of London!
    WOT IS fixing Victories!
    This week I played 409 battles. It came out with 136 wins and 268 defaults and 5 draws. But my win-ratio went up !!!!!!

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    -Fix hitboxes on the maps
    -Reduce or remove the 25% penetration RNG, just why?
    -Give the T110E5 9 degrees of gun depression and remove the pixel weakspot next to the gun mantlet.

    There are probably more things, but everything I mentioned above would be a great start.

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  71. Wot Gamer says:

    So you actually read our feedback? Ok then. To be honest, the best thing about WoT right now are the graphics. The rest of the game, some of its vital ingredients, are far behind and below that.

    There are two major issues with WoT which are totally separated from the graphics or physics engine or the maps, and that is the awful match making and the, sorry for being so blunt, simply retarded new Russian tanks (Obj.268.4 and Obj.705A). One particular nasty effect of the meta "development" (a.k.a. power creep) is that German tanks are more or less obsolete these days. For every player who has ground German tier X tanks this is just an invalidation of his efforts, a true slap in the face. Please for the love of God stop using Russian patriotism as an input into what is simply a computer game with a lot of different game assets ("pawns"). If need be, create two different tank balances: One (Russian biased) for the Russian community, and one (actually fair and balanced) for the rest of the world (except China who are doing more or less their own thing with their WoT license).

    Another issue is that obnoxious match making where you are hardly ever top tier in a tank below tier 9. This is extremely annoying. The mixture should really be 1/3 each for being top, mid and bottom tier for tiers 1 to 8. If need be, create more 15/0/0 or 5/10/0 matches for tiers 9 and X (and for the tiers below too if it has to be).

    As I am writing, more things are coming to my mind. Afaik, a couple of years ago, shot dispersion calculation was changed from a Gauss function base to a model using concentric rings similar to a shooting target, with each ring having a certain probability of a shot going in it. It is obvious that this mechanic has subsequently been used to rig tank accuracy, resulting e.g. in the (in)famous "Russian accuracy" (high dispersion on paper, but an amazing amount of shots fired from Russian tanks hit the bull's eye right on). On the other side, tanks which are very accurate on paper, miss the center amazingly often. Please stop this god awful rigging at the cost of tanks relying on their accuracy to satisfy, again, some out of place patriotic demands to WoT from your biggest community (the Russian one). You are deceiving your customers. The entire accuracy nerf that took place a few years ago only benefitted tanks with high dispersion (and more so looking at the obvious accuracy rigging I have described – don't deny it).

    Another thing is your approach to premium tanks. I understand that the argument for making them worse than their elited counterparts is that they give you additional benefits, but if you take a closer look you will notice that a tank that performs badly will not live up to that promise, because it will generate sub par damage and hence XP and credits. You should also consider that players pay real, good money for such tanks. Too often they receive sub par goods for their money (STG, STA-2, Mauerbrecher, to name just a few). Don't forget that it is these players who pay your salaries in the end, not the die hard F2P players who complain about WoT at every occasion, demanding the perfect tank game for free for them and denying you the reward of your labor, and that is your income from the game. I am actually wondering whether the people at WG somehow look down on paying players as "premium noobs" and have a mind set of "real" and "good" players hate having to pay for a game, and rightfully do so. Guys, that's not the right approach to a commercial product and its customers. Please also buff the old premium tanks that have been left behind by the power creep in WoT. The Type 59 and the SuperPershing e.g. could well be rebuffed to their stats from their initial release and would feel perfectly normal today.

    You want to solve the premium ammo problem? Simply revert the standard ammunition penetration nerfs from a couple of years ago and let every tank have reasonable weakspots (not some microscopically small area that still has 250 mm armor).

    Some ideas about map design. Something that does not work in WoT is a huge open area with little cover allowing to traverse it. Prokhorovka and the open field on Paris are prime examples. Such areas lead to prolongued camping, waiting for the other team to make a mistake, and takes all dynamics out of a match. The same is true for maps that are basically divided into two halves with a few choke points connecting them (like e.g. Monastery). Imo the ideal map for WoT has numerous paths connecting various areas of the map, allowing tanks to change their position and surprise their opponents. You should be able to retreat from a position, disappear and appear somewhere else unseen. Ofc this would demand better situational awareness and creativity, but honestly: The majority of the WoT players is overly challenged with WoT regardless of how simple the maps are. Please make a challenging and entertaining game for every player, not just the below average masses. I am not wanting to appear arrogant here, but facts are facts.

    Something I would like you to consider is making tier X premium tanks available for good customers, and do so within reasonable bounds (and not like WoT China, where you have to spend crazy amounts of money on the game to be even allowed to purchase a Chieftain tank for another crazy amount of money). Let's say 100€ for a tier X premium tank once you have spent 1K Euros on the game. The game would certainly not get flooded with such tanks, but they would be a nice incentive to pay some more money to WG and a thank you to the people supporting you the most.

    Btw, I own almost all tier X tanks and almost all tier 8 premium tanks. It's not that I would be too lazy to grind tanks (I actually like grinding tanks). However, having a few tier X premiums would allow me to be top tier in a premium tank more often than I am now, and rewarding good customers is not an uncommon thing in the economy, and economically probably much more reasonable than throwing game resources and the best tanks at players who just play so good that they do not even have to spend money on the game, because WG gives them everything as a present. I have nothing against this practise, but you are neglecting those players who are actually your economic base. Think about it.

  72. Deepak M says:

    Pls fix this ruinberg and elenberg

  73. KARKHOV _ says:

    still waiting for wot that players to not show is stats like on wows

  74. Darijus Jankauskas says:

    Sounds good. Graphics are cool. Nice job visual team!
    But there are some things, which could be reworked:

    1) Gold spam: Limit gold ammo capacity in the tank to 20%. When it will require some skill and knowledge when to actually use it.
    2) OP tanks: rework some tanks, that players with the same tier could have atleast a chance to penetrate their frontal armor with regular ammo.
    3) Missions: add some missions, in which players would be able to earn small amouts of gold daily. ( for exp: 30-50g)

    In general, Wargaming is doing great stuff, but players have constantly give feedback, that developers could fix issues.
    By the way: WG – don't be afraid to test new mechanics at sandbox server. Players love to test new things and they would love to join the project, there they could make the game all together.

    This is my opinion atleast. Time will show…

  75. Jaajo Linnonmaa says:


  76. Jaajo Linnonmaa says:

    Erlenberg E0 is ridiculous now. I was in D8 with a tank that has 460m viewrange and got shot from there by a 50B. Somehow, he didn't get spotted even though that tank has absolutely horrendous camorating, and firing makes it non-existent almost

  77. rado cela says:

    wg dobre rano zvuky treba opravit nepocut casto strelbu!!!!!!!

  78. Corentin Fabry says:

    Hi WG,I have 21 000 battles and this is my feedback :
    1) Maps : -There is a lot of hitbox's problem with rocks and many things, pls fix it.

    – In my opinion, I like the middle of Erlenberg BUT I hate the 2 sides, It's to much open. Every map in 1.0 are beatifull.

    – I wish the return of Kharkov, Highway, Stalingrad …… and why not Port and others !

    – PLEASE ! Create Map editor for the community. You can create a new hub as for mods, developers can put their creation on this hub, players can download it and try it in training ! For the most rated map, WG can verified it and every month 1, 2 or may be 3 maps are adds to the games.
    Players always want something news, Maps of the community, by the community, for the community will be a great idea.

    – Maps needs more ambiants sounds, war sounds. As machine guns, long range artillery, battleship, planes etc…

    – I give examples of interesting historical maps : _Provence,Allies landing in Souht Of France ( operation Anvil Dragoon in 1944 ). _The Ardennes, Allies fight in the East of France and Belgium, ( Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne etc…). _Operation Market Garden in the Netherlands.
    _ Battle of Sicily. _ The crossing of The Rhine in Germany etc…..

    (I love in-games music)

    2) Tanks :- In my opinion pls nerf Obj268.4's front armor.

    – PLEASE GOD ! STOP PREMIUM AMMO !!! Just try without, you will see the real advantages and disadvantages of every tanks, after that, you will see who need to be nerf or upgrade.
    I give an example, I play with type 4 HVY, im in dual with another hvy tank, he use gold and can penetrate the front of my turret…. my tank is totaly useless….

    – May be you can try to introduce this nations; I know it will be difficult; Hungary,Romania, Bulgaria etc…. may be Greece ????

    3) Artillery : Im not against BUT when I play it sometimes I want cry… to much shell miss with the maximum accuracy….. you can try artillery with better accuracy and increase the reload time.

    4) In-game options : – Some people insult other players for their nationality, I tkinh about Polish bashing and sometimes French bashing ( Im French and im tired of that, its why I understand Polish people). We should can report people for racism.

    – We need the possibility to stock premium day when we won it. Its happen we won premium account and the next day we have a lot of work… the premium day become useless.

    5) Frontline mode : I dont have time for try it on test server but it look like very fun and im very exciting. Play with all your tier 8 with objective, its very cool, I dont understand why it is an event. Its should be permanent as 30vs30 in tier 10.

    Pls continue devellopement of new game mode.

    6) Platoon : MM is not realy good… and there is many times I think stop play platoon.

    May be can you give us an awnser at this comment WG ??? :p
    I love this games, stay on the good way WG !
    (Sorry for my english)

  79. Lunar_Valkyrie says:

    WG: No maps have become worse. Me: Looks at Mines HMMMMM?!??!?!!! Seriously though i loved 1.0 and can't wait for what the future may hold, especially a reworked Pearl River. 😀

  80. Formulka says:

    Erlenberg, Fjords, Fisherman's Bay to list just a few maps that used to be bad and are undeniably worse in 1.0. Mines, Prok, Malinovka are still basically as bad as they used to be. There are still maps with little to no artillery cover, unbalanced maps where one side has overwhelming advantage. There are broken bushes that conceal even when fired through from right behind them and others that don't provide suffcient concealment, there are bigger and many more bushes in the game (reverting many of the changes that were introduced when the TD meta became unbearable) to list just a few issues. I have hard time believing Erlenberg has 70% approval rating, it's disgusting.

  81. Sip says:

    What with Pilsen?

  82. Bert says:

    I can't imagine anyone being happy with the changes to fisherman's bay, mid is nearly unplayable now imho. Aside from that, I loved update 1.0.

  83. Johnny Baker says:

    What would be nice? What you promised, higher frame rates instead of being locked in at 60 FPS, no matter what I do.

  84. Faragó Ákos says:

    They are working on unnecessary thinks. Who cares the graphics when you set in low for a high ping. The game mechanics is a garbage the MM is a garbage and the RNG is an unfair garbage. The WG wants to decide your gameplay. Spend your money on it for receiving unfair game..

  85. Johannes Pralle says:

    Please add object 292.

  86. BackWard Adventures says:

    Just ners a little bit Obj. 267 v4

  87. BigBadBeef says:

    I do not accept wargaming's explanation for slow loading times, my WoT is installed on NVME, which is top of the line technology!

  88. Štefan Ružbašan says:

    "We havent broken anything,, So u mean tanks like OBJ 268 4, Obj 430U are totaly balaced….

  89. GSNK says:

    My comments on this update are lack of dynamic weather effects, music that somehow is worse then very original from 2012 and the balancing of premium shells. Apart from that it's quite a nice update, with some maps totally unrecognisable with stunning graphics

  90. IndianaDel1 says:

    The usual self congratulatory oxygen theft

  91. xidex says:

    WG "reading comments and constructive feedback", bhahaha, that's why T-34-2 has not received buff after what? 3 years of being the worst T8 tank in the game? GG WG.
    Edit: and yeah I am not even talking about monstrosities like Obj. 268 v4, Type 4/5 heavy, Obj. 257 etc.

  92. Ferao Mara says:

    Hi. A good think would be to change the rock mechanic. It slips too much, like we are on ice. It's a small fix, but now we have true-looking maps, it would be nice to have true physics too

  93. Tomáš Chochola says:

    Erlenberg is much worse then before, 70% positive responds is nonsense.
    Sometimes loading in to hte batle takes a lot more (and it is not just on one map every time, sometimes maps load fine, sometimes it takes 2 min.), and answer buy SSD is not solusion.

  94. civertron says:

    1:12 Mr. Spock?

  95. Stanislav Coros says:

    Just now i finished playing World of Tanks for about 8 hours,…. in 50% of games… top tanks by damage and experience was obj268 v4,… on BOTH sides… Now I need to ask,… if u are RETARDED or u want to LOOSE milions of players ? … Action is on Your side,….. RUSSIANS. I will NOT pay a single euro, until u fix obj268v4, u dont watch and listen to feedback i guess.

  96. r4plez says:

    ring back SWAMP map o/

  97. Salvatore M. says:

    Without a doubt I will be pleased to see old maps reelobored and adapted to the new update.

  98. gfhfmf says:

    You have almost killed T110E5 and it needs reborn…

  99. Carrion Hound says:

    Shiny exterior wont hide the rotten core.

  100. Word of tank, TheBigBoss2016 says:

    Ses magnifiques ces graphisme. 😊😊

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