Graphics Card Pricing | A Low Budget Perspective

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hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and in this video I wanted to talk about the graphic card pricing and what it
means for the low-budget gamer now in the last year 2017 because of the craze
in cryptocurrency mining the graphic card prices have gone up especially the
AMD cards and that is a bit of an issue for us gamers because the graphic card
prices are insanely high in my opinion now right now if you want a decent
graphics card like if you are building a new PC and you want a good graphics card
the only good option for a budget gamer is the 1050 Ti and even that is too
expensive in my opinion so so I’ve selected a few Amazon pages from
different countries to show you the problem
now the 1050 Ti in the US is currently at $159.99 so this is the GeForce
gigabyte model and the same card in the UK is for 158 so this is about 214
dollars and the same card in India is twelve thousand 739 rupees which is
exactly $200 and I think this is too expensive a budget card now this is a
card that can play all games at 1080p at medium to high settings and in 2018 I
think that’s not good enough we should be able to handle 1080p easily for any
card at least in the mid-range category they should be able to max out 1080p and
maybe even do a bit of 1440p now with 4k being so popularized in the media I’m a
bit unhappy and the problem is of course the cryptocurrency mining situation Plus
NVIDIA has been so far ahead in terms of the graphics card recently that they can
charge whatever they want and they can pretty much get away with it so if you
look on YouTube at some of the major tech channels they only seem to cover
like the bigger graphics card like the 1080 TI than the 1080 and the Titan
XPs and to me this is confusing because the vast majority of us the
gamers we want a decent sub $200 card which is a thing a bit too much I think
the 1050 Ti should be under $100 it should be similar
what the 750ti was a few years ago about $90 – $100 something like that if you look at
steam hardware survey this is for the last month December if you can see here
we have the 1060 that 750ti is still being used the 960 and the 1050 ti so
these four cards alone they account for about just over 50% of all video cards
used by steam users at least the people who voted in this survey so it’s clear
that the vast majority of us are low-budget gamers and budget gamers and
if you look at here the 1070 is only one point seven percent the 1080 is 0.9
percent and where is the 1080 Ti okay 1080i here is 0.4 percent so it’s a very
very small number of people and unfortunately the prices seem to be just
going up and up because I remember when I bought a first graphics card for
myself back in 2004 it cost me about 80 pounds and it was the GeForce FX 5200 I
believe then I bought the 5770 in 2010 for about similar 95-100 pounds and then
upgraded to a 290 r9 290 which was again 130 pounds or something msi version
unfortunately the prices just seemed to be going up and up and those are good
cards at the time the current 1050 TI is a budget entry-level card so in my
opinion it looks bad for us gamers for the immediate future at least because we
would need the cryptocurrency mining thing to explode like completely
collapse and that might bring the prices back down at least for the AMD cards and
NVIDIA unfortunately they can charge whatever they wanted people seem to
defend them so if you are a gamer it is not looking great as far as the graphics
are concerned graphic card prices my recommendation is to just sort of wait
it out and if you have a half-decent card just stick with it for now look at
slightly older games so let me know what your thoughts are on
this issue the graphic card pricing I’ve seen a steady increase and I’m not happy
about it and yeah what card do you use and are you planning on upgrading and if
so what what do you think is the ideal card for a budget gamer of these days
anyway thank you for watching see you in the next one


11 Replies to “Graphics Card Pricing | A Low Budget Perspective”

  1. BelgianDan says:

    Interesting video

  2. Sunny Jim says:

    I don't understand – how does crypto currency mining effect graphics card prices?

  3. I play too Many games says:

    Imma build a pc do this is helpfull

  4. Diseasel says:

    Graphics cards have been priced outrageously for decades, Nvidia especially. I haven't used an Nvidia card since they had 64MB of RAM on them because of the low comparative price of ATI/AMD cards.

  5. himanshu modak says:

    Waiting for GTX 2060 with GDDR6

  6. vivi says:

    Right now, AMD cards are better in mid range. However, they don't have shadowplay, which is a deal breaker for me. Going to stick with my GTX 960 (which is the performance of a 1050) until the next generation of gpus from nvidia come out.

  7. vivi says:

    Thankfully, even though the GPU prices are going up, the Ryzen 3 and 5s offer better performance and a lower price than i3s and i5s. This kinda offsets the price increase of GPUs, but they're still too much, I agree.

  8. BadrO_RambO says:

    LGB, im working on building a new PC for me, but i know how to build PCs. What would be your advice to where i can start off ?

  9. Ole Cranky Gamer says:

    I am so glad my GPU will be good for at least 4 years

  10. Tenferenzu says:

    Fully agree! I got my 1060 3gb for 210€ (gigabyte 2fan version) ! The 1050Ti is about 170€, definitely worth the upgrade for roughly 70% more power!
    Keep it up! Really like your videos!

  11. The Average Kahli says:

    The thing is it isn't just graphics cards that have gone up. My motherboard when i bought it last year was £50 and now its £300! ram has doubled in price over the last 6 months and the same with graphics cards. if i was to build my pc now it would cost me £600 or more, whereas a year ago it cost me under £300.

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