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Ashley: Welcome to The Know. I’m Ashley Jenkins
Mica: I’m Mica Burton Ashley: If you thought the console wars were bad wait till you get a load of how bad the fighting’s gotten over PC graphics cards. We laugh because it’s…it’s ridiculous but we also have to do it to keep crying.
Mica: Yes. In news that could have only happened in Russia, one man has just been sentenced to prison for murdering his former coworker over an argument about GPUs. Ashley: And no, they weren’t arguing about a stolen or broken GPU. They were literally arguing about the same thing that gets argued about in the comment sections all across the internet. Which manufacturers GPUs are better? Nvidia or AMD? Mica: The gruesome incident took place in the town of Saransk, Russia last September, when the former co-workers got together for beers to celebrate National Programmers Day. Ashley: And why wouldn’t you? That’s a great occasion for a bev. At some point during the evening, an argument broke out over Nvidia vs AMD and rather than sort it out with a good old-fashioned flame war the defendant thirty-seven-year-old Aleksander Trofimov decided to attack his AMD loving friend. Trofimov grabbed a knife from the kitchen, hit the victim in the head with it which killed him and then proceeded to after he’d killed him stab him like 11 times and unfortunately it didn’t stop there. Trofimov loaded the victim into the trunk of his car and then drove him outside of town to bury him. Mica: The next day, he got spooked when questioned by the police and decided that, you know burying the body wasn’t enough. He went back, he dug him up and proceeded to, you know what anyone normal does, set him on fire. Trofimov tried to play things you know pretty cool for a bit longer after that but he later admitted to the crime when police questioned him again. So he went through all the trouble of burning a body only to have confessed. Ashley: So in all these months after the crime, the news is actually making the rounds now because Trofimov has just been sentenced. Now according to reports, Trofimov is being punished with- get this because he killed a dude, knifed him in the head which is a lot and then buried him and then burned him Nine-and-a-half years in prison. Mica: In actuality, part of the somewhat lenient sentencing was due to the fact that Trofimov did ultimately cooperate with the police. He even surrenderred the murder weapon and told them where he dumped the bloody clothes(gross) plus the victims cellphone. Although they never found those. Ashley: Now, look, we’re- Ok, so we’re making jokes about this and its in poor taste. It’s obviously the whole situation is really really awful but can we just say it’s also utterly ridiculous that an argument we see play out all the time on the internet went this far. That’s crazy right?
Mica: It’s pretty crazy. Because you know the human race can as we’ve seen be really, REALLY shitty. Ashley: We’re good at that.
Mica: We are really good at that. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen completely disproportionate real-life response to an argument that typically stays online. Ashley: Yes so it’s not exactly the same but a remarkably similar situation did play out back in 2010 when a French Counter-Strike player tracked down another online gamer over a beef the two had established in a game of Counter-Strike and it all started over you know the traditional Counter-Strike knife round. Mica: In that round twenty-year-old gamer
Julian Barreaux felt he was embarrassed by his opponent who killed him to win the match. Following that, Barreaux spent nearly seven months, that’s not obsessive at all tracking down his nemesis known as Mikhael. He found out that he lived only a few miles away.
Ashley: So, as you do, Barreaux went to his house knocked on the door and then stabbed him in the chest.
Mica: Wow.
Ashley: He did miss his heart by a few inches at least. Police ended up arresting him within the hour and the Counter-Strike player confessed to what he had done. Mica: During the man’s sentencing the judge said : (highlighted) Ashley: Which it sounds like a setup for pretty stiff sentencing but after all that he got two years in prison for causing egregious bodily harm.
Mica: What?! Ashley: So apparently stabbing people over a stupid internet fight carries pretty light sentencing around the world if you’re curious. Although, also the rest of the world says that the US sentences too heavily, so take that as you will. Mica: But please don’t stab people over the internet (yeah) Ashley: Regardless of sentencing, don’t stab people.
Mica: Don’t stab people.
Ashley: In the head, near the heart…don’t do it.
Mica: Just don’t do it. Keep your knives to yourselves. But, back to the first story. If the two men’s argument over AMD and NVIDIA had taken place now, they might have just a little bit more to talk about.
Ashley: Wow. Mica: AMD today announced a special event at GDC next week to unveil details about the Radeon 500 series Vega GPU so. Ashley: The reported graphics cards, the Vega 10 and 11, those will reportedly launch in May. Both are meant to serve as competitors to Nvidia’s dominant GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 line. Now some early tests that the hardware supposedly showed that the Vega 10 is set to out perform the GTX 1080 by at least ten percent.
Mica: But not to be outdone, many are expecting a possible unveil of the GTX 1080 Ti by Nvidia at GDC as well. The GTX 1080 Ti has been rumored for a couple of weeks now and Nvidia just happens to be hosting their own event on the same day as AMD’s Vega reveal. Ashley: Yeah Nvidia’s announced new hardware at GDC in the past so it’s not like this is new. They unveiled the SHIELD TV console at GDC back in 2015, for instance so it’s possible they could announce the new iteration of the GTX 1000 series next week as well.
Mica: So it looks like there will be even more hardware to argue about between-
Ashley: And hopefully not stab each other over. Mica: Please don’t stab each other! It’s just, you know, a fight between Nvidia and AMD. They’re both graphics cards. It will be fine. Ashley: They don’t need you to defend them at knife point.
Mica: No.They are non-sentient.
Ashley: They’re fine. Mica: They won’t get their feelings hurt. So, you know, next time your coworker invites you over to talk shit about your GPU of choice. Just in case, take a raincheck on that one. Ashley: Yeah so what do you guys think of this insane story about a PC gaming hardware argument gone wrong? Is nine years light sentencing or you can just say that the US penal system is too harsh. Let us know all of those thoughts in the comments. Mica: For future updates on the ridiculous steps of PC hardware wars, like this video and subscribe to The Know. Ashley: If we ever have to report something like this again, I might, no, I won’t stab someone because that’s not nice. Mica: That’s not nice! Don’t stab people! Ashley: But I’ll leave some firm internet words! Mica: Harshly worded letters. Mica: In that round, 20 year old gamer Julian Bordeaux- Barreaux? Mica: That’s not extreme at all.
Ashley: No, that’s pretty extreme.


100 Replies to “Graphics Card Murderer Sentenced to Prison – The Know Tech News”

  1. LuxAlbedo says:

    This is why you NEED the death penalty, that is to teach the meaning of MERCY! A life sentence for murder is merciful. Anything less than a life sentence is unjust.

  2. René Albrechtsen says:

    This title is hilariously misleading 😂

  3. ZerqTM says:

    HA! Nvidia fanboys have to resort to murder! this clearly proves AMD is superior!

  4. GMoneyMacFresh says:

    So who won? Nvidia or AMD?

  5. Serious Face says:

    AMD = A man down

  6. Calvin Wiseman says:

    WOW…these are video cards used to play video GAMES…WOW…this is supposed to be fun and enjoyable…COME ON PEOPLE… lighten up… and quit taking GAMES so seriously… there's enough problems in the world don't let your behavior make games one

  7. FynnFTW says:

    Why im not suprised that happend in russia?
    Well… to add my sarcastic comment to this:
    Seems like nVidia won the fight ……

  8. HA HA HA AH OH AH AH HA HA says:

    saying AMD is better than NVIDIA is like saying an xbox one is better than a ps4. its just impossible.

  9. Hassan says:


  10. Crispman 777 says:

    What's the difference between the two cards?

  11. LordX says:

    so who is dead ? AMD dude or NVIDIA dude ?
    and any GPU company help to the fan family with funeral ? at last he fight to the death for a company.

  12. JAJAvsWORLD says:

    if the guy was black he'd be in jail for life

  13. Mokinjinn says:

    I got a gtx 1070 😉 fight

  14. JustABearGaming says:

    Only 9 years for murder? Clearly the judge likes his PhysX.

  15. PLAYER1 says:

    Not gonna lie. This is one of the weirdest stories you've done. It's all over the place and doesn't know if it's tragic, or funny….

  16. One Man Kebab Remover says:

    This just shows that team green are psychos.

  17. neon4706 says:

    I would think the harshness of US's jailing would have to do with drug users, not aggravated assaulters and murderers.

  18. Viran Victus says:

    So wait… someone died.. and we dont get official confirmation on which GPU won? Cmon.

  19. Joseph Nolan says:

    for the honor of nvidia, i demand trial by combat!

  20. thetruth says:

    Dont stab them shoot them. This is america dam it. Exercise your right to cause harm i mean bear arms.

  21. Dougaroo says:

    With this title I was expecting
    Someone killed a graphics card
    Someone killed someone with a graphics card
    Someone killed someone's graphics card
    Or someone killed someone over graphics cards

  22. Valquist Velx says:

    9 years? For MURDER???? Talk 30 years to lifetime and things will make sense.

  23. JonatasMonte says:

    You can complain about ping as much as you want but at least the risk of being knifed by a fellow neighbor is way smaller

  24. burns0100 says:

    I don't know if 9 years is light but for Murder the punishment should always be Life.

  25. tenderwolf says:

    So the guy stabs person just because he lost to his opponent and got only light sentences (2 years in this case).
    I just hope this won't encourage others to actually commit physical abuse to other players in real life.

    Like "This f***king guy I know in real life was tea-bagging me the whole match and told me to uninstall the game cause I suck and loser in real life, I might pay him a visit and beat him to near death. I'll only get less than a year sentence but it'll be worth it" kind of way.

  26. RangaRiis says:

    @3:35 WHAT!? That's 1st degree attempted murder! In America, that'll get you put away for a very long time.

  27. Shin Jorai says:

    When i hear about stuff like this idiocy, i remember why i became a professional hermit. People are batshit crazy beard.

  28. suca cast says:

    who won?

  29. mesa S says:

    you got it wrong, the us sentences to hardwhen it comes to drug usage. when we're talkin about murder etc sentences cant be hard enough.

  30. Nallid says:

    I thought it was going to be a serial killer who lures in people by saying he's going to sell a card and then kill them when they meet. Oh well.

  31. Tim EJ says:

    so… Nvidia wins?

  32. Erufen Rito says:

    "The human race can be really really shitty" – Mica Burton as she giggles throughout the video.

    Please, stop showing up to work.

  33. CoKane says:

    From the title I thought it was some bizarre story about someone going to prison for destroying a graphics card and somehow it constituting as murder.

  34. Gaming Cavies says:

    I mean… his friend did like AMD… just sayin'

  35. Alec says:

    Too many people are unwilling to understand the viewpoint of those who disagree with them. AMD vs Nvidia, Mac vs PC, Republican vs Democrat. Yes, of course you know everything and anyone who opposes you is dead wrong. With that being the case, what are you afraid of? What are you so desperately defending by arguing? People choose sides for a reason. Maybe you'll be a less miserable person if you take a step back and try to figure out why, rather than creating unnecessary conflict.

  36. TerraBys says:

    You see, NVIDIA is better!

  37. foomp says:

    PC master race WOO!!

  38. Robert Hall says:

    "keep your knives to yourselves"
    Is she suggesting we cut or stab ourselves?

    wait that means if I do it I can sue her…

    does it.

    bleeds out.

    The Know news is officially sued in court by a ghost in what goes down as the first successful Sue-ance since the failed attempt on March 14th, 2012

    only plausible outcome really…

  39. AJ MP says:

    Yay, my country in the news… Oh, wait…

  40. Ben Wilson says:

    The title is strange I thought someone murdered a graphics card

  41. Kian Grey says:

    Yea the USA is pretty hard compared to other countries, but Our prisons arent the worst in the world though.

  42. stevenmael says:

    Didn't know Ashley rhymed with console peasant ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  43. Monopoly Billionaire says:

    Lets hope he likes the Gameplay in the Prison Showers. its an RPG called, Back In, And Back Up. you need stealth to not get a hot rod up your ass.

  44. BGM says:

    next time when someone say amd card is better, i say "yes it is". then it will end there….hopefully. don't kill meeeee

  45. Divergent Evolution says:

    Well, is it wrong to punish liars? I think not.

  46. MasterYoshidino says:

    Man… I was hoping an NVIDIA vs AMD post would have been pinned by The Know for a tongue-in-cheek humor and see like 500 replies bashing at each other.

  47. Unchosen Swagson says:

    A man is dead.

  48. Daniel Hesse says:

    There is no argument to be had…

  49. zoob m says:

    now I'm surprised no one has stabed anyone over social justice in games. that's an arguement I get into the most myself, and both sides have sent death threats to the biggest names on the other side.

  50. Blank Blanky says:

    pc masturbators in a nutshell

  51. Mr Strike Freedom says:

    PC Master Race? More like PC Murder Race

  52. Emanouche says:

    Nvidia… duh…

  53. Tim Funk says:

    Obviously the Judge was a NVidia fanboy.

  54. ttjjss says:

    People. Relax. Let the bloodthirsty lawyers take care of all the GPU fights from now on.

  55. Ivanna Die says:

    Atari 2600 is master race.

  56. TurboCMinusMinus says:

    9 1/2 years, just think how amazing GPUs will be when he gets out. Oh wait, he'll die in the Russian prison. Maybe.

  57. Royal Death says:

    lmao pc really

  58. Sadly Said says:

    so who wins nvidia or amd ?

  59. Trainboy1EJR says:

    He brings shame to Nvidia! We know we need AMD to step up the game, to keep prices down! I love my Nvidia GT 220, but I'm not going to fight whether an AMD or Intel integrated laptop is better than my card. Because a HD 4000 is slightly better in raw performance, but my card has better driver support, so it is pretty much "ehh". Like, an i5 2430m has better performance in Lost Planet Extreme Condition multiplayer, because my Pentium D 840 is a sad potato, weird online hosting system is really CPU intensive. PC Potato Race!

  60. WertzOne says:

    Can the black girl stop her overreacting? It's annoying.

  61. Devin Walters says:

    Why are they laughing about this???

  62. Sibercat x says:

    Only murica has crazy sentences.

  63. DarkRickle says:

    to be fair nvidia is better then amd , so makes sense why he only got 9 years if it was the other way around 18 years would be considered little

  64. Blueman Welder says:

    just master race things.

  65. Mini Mantis says:


  66. John Pilgrim says:

    The murderer had to be the AMD fanboy. He probably couldn't take not having a valid argument as to why they were better so he just killed him.

  67. A.J Restoration says:

    I guess this settled it, nvidia truly is the best 😉

  68. Trueflight Silverwing says:

    meh, its Russia. being force to live there is way worse than prison. If anything, he's getting a 9 year vacation from having to live in Russia, lol.

  69. Sean Stewart says:

    pretty sure it wasn't just about the argumentXD

  70. b0bfr0m4cc0unting says:

    Wait. I shouldn't be stabbing people? Huh. There goes my weekend.

  71. Curtis McGee says:

    Whatever graphics card gets me a date with either one of these ladies is the best graphics card.

  72. Prysm Kitsune says:

    something you have to realize though…9 years in a russian prison may as well be a death sentence from what i understrand.

  73. teddybruscie says:

    Gamers care too much about graphics. Just play the damn game. You're not missing anything special. So you got 2 extra FPS and pixels. Does it make your game better or does it make your ego better. Even better question. Is this getting you any action with the ladies? Exactly. Life has way better graphics.

  74. bojack outlaw says:

    Murder weather first or second degree should be punished with death.

  75. Galen Firestone says:

    EDDY. Eddy. Eddy, buddy. Eddy. Ashley's "wow" to the tone shift was pretty warranted. Like, you're putting news about graphics card unveils in a new story where someone stabbed people over graphics cards. It looked like she wasn't… I dunno, warned about that? Like… maybe save the new cards for another video? Just saying?

  76. glug 1252 says:

    I only came here to see mica!!

  77. Dustin Rodriguez says:

    Hey now, this is NOTHING like the Counter-Strike killing. The Counter-Strike killing made sense. Counter-Strike players are the most craven, unevolved troglodytes in the world. As the judge said, the killer was a menace to society, just like all the rest of the players are. The inability to move on from a game that went stale 10+ years ago is very telling. They're barely human. They're basically just an amygdala leashed to an ocular nerve and a mouse.

  78. MR. AWESOME says:


  79. badaz181 says:

    he was sentenced to 9.5 years the same amount of teraflops his friends computer held xD

  80. John Smith says:


  81. UnMaskedVizard101 says:

    Who is going to stab me for this comment?

  82. RegiisNovem says:

    The title is hilarious.

  83. CrepaKappa says:

    Personally I Nvidia person. I trusted the company even before buying any products with their GPUs. I can't really state an opinion about AMD cards because I never had one but they just all seem like cheap lower quality cards

  84. Cheappy V says:

    making jokes is not OK about this

  85. Brandon Mullaney says:

    Nvidia's new slogan: "Nvidia, we're to kill for."

  86. Just don't be yourself says:

    hah, i like how they laugh about a man being murdered, but act all solemn and sad over some goof who died during a gaming marathon, as if that's not one of the scrubbiest ways of dying.

  87. SonofRiggnarok says:

    Nvidia > AMD

  88. General Miao Miao says:

    Reading the title i though someone killed a graphic card.. like over burned it or something.. jeezuscrist can this title be more confusing

  89. Louis rodriguez says:

    What the hell is going on?? I hope you pc guys know these companies don't care about you just your money that's it.

  90. Zoddhand says:

    Typical Nvidia

  91. Goujiki says:

    This is how you know PC gamers are insane. Stick to consoles folks, save your money and spend it on better things than upgrading your video card year in and year out.

  92. A red spy says:

    honestly I don't care if AMD or Nvidia is better I just want a good graphics card.

  93. xxSandt21xx says:

    Two ridiculously beautiful ladies 🙂

  94. Aristocrafied says:

    in holland life equals 16-ish years in the slammer which sounds weird I know.. but I, just as you are, accustomed to certain severities of punishment and to me 9 years sound like too little for the taking of ones, and the ruining of many others lives.

  95. Michael W says:

    Yeah, PC Master Race, huh?

  96. jordan teoh says:

    im going to kill ppl for crazy reasons XD

  97. Lenz says:

    What a ridiculous argument, everyone knows Intel HD Graphics is the ultimate.

  98. Dazza G says:

    Soooo nVidia wins?

  99. TheAwesomeKielbasa says:

    Another reason to never drink beer. Or visit Russia.

  100. adam skiles says:

    of course Number One graphics card is NVIDIA

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