Graphic Storytelling Graduation 2019 Teaser

July 26, 2019 posted by


7 Replies to “Graphic Storytelling Graduation 2019 Teaser”

  1. LongLiveMarvel says:

    Title for the thumbnail please!

  2. Edwina Talks says:

    A lot of nice work!

  3. silja lin says:

    My class! 😀 <3 So proud of us <3 <3

  4. Rodrigo Tejada says:

    I wished something like this existed 20 years ago. :') EVERY ONE LOOKED FANTASTIC!! The range is great

  5. Boomer Grace says:

    Name of the music? It's awesome!

  6. Nitin Kumar says:

    Every 3rd second i pause the video and watch the image for 5 minutes. ..😊👍👍👍

  7. Carolyn Cartoons says:

    Really cool art!! I love it all!

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