*Graphic* Footage Of Maverick The Parrot Death (Logan Pauls Bird)

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43 Replies to “*Graphic* Footage Of Maverick The Parrot Death (Logan Pauls Bird)”

  1. Piplupcupcake says:

    Poor thing, may Maverick Rest In Peace

  2. Mari Oop XD says:

    Ginger Is a cute murder

  3. Mari Oop XD says:

    RIP legend U lived so long we will miss u

  4. Black Forest says:

    Aww…Poor thing! He’s in a good place tho! Just a caring person…It’s okay Logan!

  5. George Young says:

    Loaf tube your awesome u can best
    Shout me out plz

  6. *Autistic_fishstick * says:

    Oh no 😕 u can tell he was genuinely sad and at least he wasn’t being all fake sad but honestly at some point I guarantee he cried

  7. Mia mia says:

    Rest in peace maverick ✌️🙏❤️

  8. Mikael Watts says:

    yay he deserved it for filming a dead body

  9. Tumbling Katelyn says:

    I don’t really like Logan Paul, but I honestly feel so horrible and bad 🙁

  10. Rt Logic Abe says:

    Can I get a shout out please

  11. DanielleTakesPics says:

    He didn't even seem that upset…

  12. Blue Arcade says:

    U slow as hell bruh u dodo

  13. I R I S H says:

    as much as i hate logan paul i have a bird and i cant imagine losing him

  14. SMP2390 says:

    You must train your animals to cohabitate with in eachother so they won't mull each other.

  15. Ellusive _ says:

    Fuck his parrot he’s a piece of shit

  16. KayDence GonZales says:


  17. Zorrow Helgen says:

    welp looks like puppy is going bye bye

  18. jacob says:

    200th dislike

  19. jaden s says:

    I 100% blame the “friends” he left his pets with. They don’t even seem sad. Seriously what the fuck. Why did they even think to keep them near each other and CLEARLY not even pay attention to them. I hate Logan but for fucks sake, this isn’t even funny

  20. shakhir r says:

    Bad acting though, he just pulled this shit to gain more sympathy

  21. Aleki Tenifa says:

    No one cares about ur stupid 50k #gettothepoint

  22. Curly Bulb says:

    If I were in this position I would’ve blamed myself so much for his death. Because ginger was bought for clout and it was all fun and games until someone that meant the world to you got hurt because of your own stupidity. I can definitely relate to this feeling because my pet bird died recently and blamed myself so much and I still can’t get over it.

  23. a potato with salt says:

    Take the L

  24. Lovely cat says:

    Kong now maverick why god why!😭😫

  25. Itsjayed Xx says:

    If my dog ate my other pet il get rid of it

  26. Fluffy Doggie says:

    I’d sell that dog. That’s just my opinion, if a dog I just got ate my best friend I’ve known for 7 years I’d be just so heartbroken. Too heart broken to keep the dog. I wouldn’t be able to deal with that. It’s just my opinion, I am so sorry if you don’t agree but that’s my option and I don’t want hate.

  27. Clout X says:

    Everybody gangsta till Maverick dies

  28. Jay Boi says:

    Screw you you loaf of clickbaity shit this is disrespectful

  29. Cotton With An E says:

    literally just takes Logan’s video and puts a little of himself in it

  30. Apocrypha says:

    Clickbait, dont watch this shit.

  31. Sven The Dog says:

    I don’t like Logan Paul but I feel very sorry about that. May Maverick fly high ❤️❤️

  32. STACI_is_BOSS says:

    I dont like ginger anymore U-U

  33. caden cross says:

    extremely graphic? nice click bait bud

  34. Cringe Central says:

    “I’m the fastest man on the planet.” Bullshit.

  35. Ty Ler says:

    Who cares about a bird anyway

  36. kbamm69 says:

    its not the dog's fault its the stupid people he let take care of the animals…did they really think it was ok for a 100 pound dog and a bird to be allowed near each other?

  37. dat boi mason says:


  38. Gary Parker says:

    Can I get a shout out plz

  39. Jah Boi says:

    I hope every paul dies

  40. Роберт Цатурян says:

    He wasn't even crying and all of this scene of his bird death reveal and the statue for the memory of his bird it looked like he purposely dropped. It's just disgusting how he treats his 7 year known bird like it's some kind of a fucking joke

  41. Atony Prze says:

    R.I.P Maverick the Parrot. You will be missed..🐦⚰️😭 Remember to ways be a Maverick!😭😭😭😭🐦🐦⚰️⚰️🥀

  42. Kaiya Chartier says:

    Dang, Maverik was the best, may he rest in peace along with Kong💖

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