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I'm a graphic designer and I use graphics to visually communicate an idea I work on logo and identity systems websites and print designs such as posters books brochures I'm a freelance graphic designer I just I just love the visual aspect of it the idea of you know creating something I always loved creating things I got my education at a four-year school but you could also get your education at a Tech College I chose to become a graphic designer because I wanted something that would keep my interest and be new and different every day and I like to be creative I feel that I'm happy with the money that I can make and the money that I'm starting to make generally you start us like an entry-level designer and then you could work your way up to senior designer or an art director and graphic design is a lot of fun and get to be creative and you can work on lesson some kinds of projects I think design is one of the few careers where you know what you physically produce people can see your passion in what you do

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