Graphic Design vs. Digital Artist

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so what is graphic design graphic design is a craft of creating visual content to communicate with messages graphic designers use typography and pictures to meet users specific needs and focus on logic displaying elements through a trustworthy visual presence you hint to users that you know what they want to do not just because you've arranged aesthetically pleasing elements that were they expect to find or help them sense their way around but because values here is I display mirrors there's two so what does graphic designers do graphic designers develop ideas for clients that are using websites printed magazines brochures advertisements this professionals help organizations are organizations market products or generate interest in a concept to design they create graphic designers typically work on more than one project at a time so they must have good organizational and time management skills job responsibilities of a graphic designer include creating logos designing layouts presenting designs and reviewing designs for printing how much does a graphic designer earn coming out of college aspiring graphic designers usually have a bachelor's degree in graphic design computer design or a closely related subject this new graphic designers with less than three years of experience reported salaries ranging from 37 thousand dollars to 52 thousand dollars per year those would between three and five years of experience reported salaries with 48,000 to 68,000 per year while graphic designers with over five years of experience experience 61 thousand dollars to 52 thousand dollars per year having experience under your belt and also having done some work with big names or big clients is a really good way to justify a higher rate than other designers likewise the company you're working for deals with high-end brands they will want to ex they will they will well they will want excellent graphic designers this company's attract and keep their designers by paying them extremely well the top paying industries for graphic designers where the federal executive branch and your space products and parts manufacturing according to BLS so what is a digital artist digital artists are expressionist who present their ideas by making illustrations with artistic styles and decorative images any more advanced and technological way those skills does not necessarily make use of textbooks to pick up and learn on how to relate oneself and to another's thoughts and emotions but with their intuitive nature what are those various traits that they acquired digital artists are subjective right brain thinker creative free thinker intuitive oriented communicates with feelings and triggers a mood the artist Nibin illustrator are an animator and may even create artwork in the computer digital artists maybe self thought in which they have a gift for art that they apply for commercial work they may also have an academic degree in graphic art or fine art or in advertising digital artists are more likely to be self employed they work in studio environments with computers and drafting tables with a larger space where they can spread out their art and design work as needed digital artists are often paid for it to create art for a specific project the differences between the two are their expertise both are creative thinkers artists and very versatile but graphic designers are hired to design creative logos and eye catching packages while digital artists are hired to make cool character designs and create fantasy worlds graphic designers are usually not able to make their own creations because the company that hired them wants a certain output from them although digital artists can experience that too they have more freedom in their creations there's a thin line of differences for those who aren't experts in the field

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