Graphic Design Tutorial: Understanding composition

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  1. EhCanadianGuy27 COD says:

    Skip bs 2:20

  2. kotugirl Weerasekare says:

    Wow this was really eye opening 😀

  3. CAMS Graphics says:

    Shawn thanks again, great stuff

  4. pilanceboil says:

    great video. I appreciate the time and thought you put into it. well done


    Is there any posiblitiy to enable the option to check close caption? Your videos are gold , but sometimes my understanding of english fails. That´s would be very apreciated. Thnks for your atention.

  6. whojr - nothing is impossible if you have the will says:

    Shawn, thank you for explaining balance, direction, depth, tension and harmony in such a clear and concise way.

  7. Skatinima says:

    this is so cool. awesome

  8. Karen P. says:

    I hope you teach for a living, Shawn — you are so easy to listen to and learn from. And your tutorial is so well composed!

  9. Abhi Jith says:

    thanks a lot.thanks for introducing new designers even though Roberto Blake is familier

  10. Adam Parry-Watson says:

    Brill, thanks.

  11. Freddy Fernandes says:

    Thank you very much shawn berry, your videos are really worth watching, i personally learnt lot, may God Bless You

  12. Ryan Ward says:

    This is great, thank you so much!

    Also, you kind of remind me of Kyle Gass from Tenacious D, which instantly makes your videos even more awesome haha.

  13. Vibol Sambath says:

    It is very useful video for designer and artist 🙂 Thanks!

  14. asgfgh says:

    I gave the video a thumbs up at 2:47 because I already know this video will be very helpful. Thanks.

  15. Abdoalahee Saad says:

    love it very easy to understand

  16. Iman Brown says:

    Loved it!

  17. MrSoskiKrota says:

    Hi Shawn, i subscribed to you about 2 years from now and i gotta say that now you r looking so much confident than ever before. Back then i felt like you kinda deserve to feel that way because you really are a great teacher. The ideas that you r trying to teach are simple and at the same time quite deep. I'm glad that you r doing well.

  18. Aldolation says:

    Thank You, Shawn! So Happy I found you!

  19. Hermawan us says:


  20. GraveRave says:

    Awesome work Shawn!

  21. WebSiteMedia says:


    Just wanted to let you know the ripple effect you are having.  

    I posted a link to your " Composition " video tutorial on a forum that I participate in.   The response to your " Composition " video tutorial was very well received and the forum user said it was " extremely helpful ".

    Here is the link == >

    Thanks again, Braulio

  22. rodrigo vicens says:

    Shawn Barry la lleva! Bien Shawn! Thanks a lot for this excellent vidio!

  23. wolvesatnight says:

    Great tutorial Shawn!
    It is always good to see how we can improve our design with composition. Thanks!

  24. Saju Vijayan says:


  25. Santosh Sharma says:

    Thanks Mr. Shawn. You have made us see we were not aware of. This tutorial is truly insightful and helping the designers understand composition. It made invisible visible and strategies to solve it. Thanks again.

  26. Don Artua says:

    An other great useful video Shawn. Thank you for doing em!

  27. WebSiteMedia says:

    Thanks Shawn. Great video tutorial explaining the basics.


  28. Tera says:

    @Shawn Barry @Zachariah Nelson is another channel about design that I follow that you might want to check out and maybe collaborate with.

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