Graphic design, painting, and ceramics: Art & Design at Fort Lewis College

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>>BEN: I started my college career at a big
eastern school. Class sizes were sometimes 3 or 400 people. Sometimes you would never
talk to a professor. Here at Fort Lewis, Class sizes are usually about 20, I know all my
teachers by name, I visit them at their office hours daily if I want to. It’s a lot more
intimate and a lot more community here.>>MICHAELA: I ‘m a graphic design major but
I’ve also been able to take courses in everything from painting and drawing and printmaking
and I really love merging the traditional and the digital. People have a tendency to
get so stuck in digital and I think it’s really unique — being able to bring all sorts of
skill sets to my future career.>>DR. CHAD COLBY: So, we have four different
options within the major and the cool thing is that any student can come and take a class
and decide to major in Art & Design. And the four options are studio art, graphic design,
K through 12 teaching, and business art.>>HARI: One of the great things about having
a small class size is that you actually get a lot of interaction with your instructors
and with other classmates. I feel like that interaction is incredibly valuable. Our graphic
design classes are also taught in a way that kind of mimics what a studio world would be
like. We come in and we do work on the computer with other people, with our instructor always
giving us feedback. I feel that it’s really valuable because we learn the process of designing.>>VIVIAN: Because it’s a small school, or
a small town, it’s easy to do something big and people will see it.>>DR. CHAD COLBY: It’s hard to think of a
class that’s not hands-on in our department. We give them visual problems to solve and
let them get to work and it’s all hands-on. They’re solving problems, they’re making things.
You know, the best way to learn is to do. And so they do. They make. And we’re there
to help guide them. It’s a studio-heavy curriculum, so when they graduate, they’ll have a skill
set that’s both technical and also conceptual, to make a career out of the arts. Which is
a really good place to be.

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